33+ Dream of Levitation Meanings and Interpretation

I remember once going to sleep imagining how incredible it would be to fly ? and waking up having dreamt that I could levitate ?. That’s how potent your subconscious mind really is ?. 

Have you ever had a similar experience? Do you ever wish you could levitate ❔

Dream of Levitation indicates the desire to get successful in all aspects of life ✊. 

However, it could also mean a great deal more than this.  

So ⁉️ Why do you keep stalling? Let’s try to make sense of a dream in which you levitate!! 

What does it mean to dream of Levitations ❓

  • The ability to levitate in a dream may signify a yearning for freedom in real life. 
  • It may represent a longing for freedom, the desire to strike out on one’s own, or the desire to prove oneself.
  • An elevated mental or emotional condition can also be represented through levitation in dreams ?. 
  • The desire to levitate could be a metaphor for wanting the impossible or running away from one’s problems. It may stand for a yearning for independence or want for the remarkable.
  • Dreaming that you can levitate represents your ability to rise over adversity ?. 
  • It could represent your ability to bounce back from adversity or the courage to face and overcome obstacles in your waking life.
  • It could represent a step up on your spiritual path or a link to the heavenly regions ✨.

Symbolism Of Dreaming About Levitation

For some people, dreaming that they are levitating is one of their nicest dreams, but for others, it is one of their worst nightmares ?

Let’s delve a little more into the probable dream symbolisms included within these levitation dreams, shall we ❔ 

We have compiled a list of all the potential symbolic meanings of levitating in your dreams; take a look at it to find out what it could signify for you ?

  • High Level of Expectations

If you have lofty goals for yourself, it makes sense that this dream would appear to you. In addition, it lets you share the good vibes with those around you. Therefore, your associates and companions share your admiration for their skills. 

  • Alienation from the Environment

You don’t feel like you’re a part of what’s going on around you. You suspect you were created to perform something other than what you currently engage in. As a result, you won’t be able to relate to the current state of affairs.

  • Wish to become supportive. 

You may also want to encourage and inspire people around you to perform their best. You lack the necessary characteristics to realize your goal.

  • Gain Control over Life

Your dreams represent the degree to which you are able to direct your life. It can also mean the means through which you have made a name for yourself and gained respect from your peers.

  • Filled with Negative Emotions

Dreams of levitation are common when a variety of bad feelings weighs down one’s life. These feelings manifest as a result of worries and concerns about the future.

  • Determined to achieve your emotions 

If you’re determined to succeed, you might have this dream. You are mentally and physically prepared to put in extra effort and achieve your goals. 


In dreams where it occurs, levitation typically involves a sense of floating free of your body and being unencumbered by gravity. In the dream world, the dreamer can float or glide effortlessly from place to place, defying the rules of gravity.

Spiritual Meaning About Dreaming Of Levitation

Dreams about levitating have significant spiritual meaning. 

Floating above the Earth ? is a metaphor for letting go of material concerns and reaching for enlightenment. It’s a metaphor for breaking free of confinement, pushing through barriers, and seeking enlightenment. The desire for serenity, understanding, or freedom from the burdens of life may be reflected in these dreams ?. 

They inspire others to learn about and develop their spirituality ?️, accept and use their inherent gifts, and make contact with their inner wisdom. Insight, spiritual growth, and a feeling of direction in life can all result from recognizing the spiritual significance of levitation dreams ?.

It indicates that you are making an effort to get closer to God or that you plan to obtain a deeper understanding of your inner self, both of which are spiritual goals ?. 

In addition, it suggests that you are moving into a new stage of your life, striving to improve yourself as a person and looking for solutions simultaneously.

The dream is connected in some way to the fears and hopes that you have for the future ?. 

Levitation is just one of the many dream powers that can be used by those who experience lucid dreams. Thanks to this lever, they can float passively or fly aggressively.

Biblical Meaning About Dream of Levitation

Dreams in the Bible that involve levitation are symbolic of achieving spiritual elevation ?and connecting with the divine. These types of dreams frequently represent a heightened awareness of the journey that the soul is on and the transcending of the restrictions that exist on Earth ?.  

In biblical contexts, levitation may indicate a call to seek a greater understanding of religion ?and purpose, elevating oneself above the cares of this world in the process. 

These dreams have the ability to act as messages from God, motivating individuals to acknowledge their spiritual potential and work towards greater spiritual awareness and greater proximity to the Divine. 

At the end of the day, dreams about levitation in the Bible ? encourage believers to seek a higher level of existence and to live their lives in accordance with the will of God ?.

Psychological Interpretation of Levitation Dreams

It has a tendency to call attention to the natural feelings and emotions that you have. In addition, the meaning of this particular dream is to make clear to you the significance of the part that your feelings play in the creation of your life.

Emotional steadiness is the most important factor to consider while attempting to keep a healthy balance ⚖️ in all aspects of your life. 

These dreams can also provide significant information about your character, family, health, job, and the relationships you have in your life. It motivates you to perform to the best of your abilities with the available resources. 


Dreams often feature otherworldly skills like levitation and flight. Many people have had dreams in which they were levitating or floating.

Levitation Dream Scenarios And Their Meanings 

The following are several intriguing scenarios, from which you can choose the one that most closely resembles your dream ⤵️

Dream about levitating above the ground level.

Dream About Levitating Above The Ground Level

It’s a good sign because the dream is about happiness, feeling calm and at peace, and starting over ?️.

Also, you might be going through changes in your life that mean the end of a certain time or set of circumstances. 

Dream about levitation and feeling fearful.

It’s a sign that you’re going through a rough patch. Someone probably disagrees with you, and that’s making you feel bad ? .

It’s possible that all of these feelings are unrelated to anything specific and are instead the result of a gradual accumulation of pessimism over time.

Dream about levitating higher up in the air.

Dream About Levitating Higher Up In The Air

It means you try to go way beyond what you can do. You might want to try something you’ve never done before.

On the other hand, you might want to make a big change in your life, even if it seems impossible for other people.

Dream of getting crashed while levitating

Having a dream in which you levitate or soar represents the development of a concept into something more solid. Your life is undergoing profound changes at the moment.

On the other side, it’s possible that your resilience, sharp mind, and instinctive inventiveness are all reflected in this story. People are likely to start suspecting your motives as a result of your actions.

Dream about levitating in the space.

Dream about levitating in the space

It is a desire that is shared by a large number of people who have high aspirations for the future as well as brilliant ideas for the present.

Alternatively, it may relate to your potential as well as your capability to be successful even when faced with the most difficult of situations.

Dream about crying and levitating. 

Crying when levitating in a dream may be a sign of emotional overload and a desire to run away from problems in real life.

The desire to float above one’s problems is represented by levitation. The dreamer may be trying to convey the need to deal with internal emotional conflicts and find inner calm.

Dream about levitating over a water body.

Dream About Levitating Over A Water Body

If you have a dream in which you are levitating over an area filled with water, it is a sign that you will have some new experiences. The experiences will be delightful if the water is calm, which is a prerequisite for them. 

On the other hand, you will find that enthusiasm may be a source of inspiration when it is powerful yet does not harm you.

Dream of someone else levitating

It could be a sign of your goodwill towards other people. This dream scenario could reveal your admiration for the person you see levitating. Maybe you aspire to be more like them or achieve all they have achieved.

Dream about levitating above the clouds

Dream About Levitating Above The Clouds

It is a sure sign that you are in an unpleasant marriage in which you and your partner are probably unable to get along with one another or vice versa ☁️.

Dream about levitating rapidly. 

Dream About Levitating Rapidly

In a dream, you needn’t worry about levitating at high speeds. It’s a positive sign that you’ve arrived where you want to be in terms of satisfaction in life.

On the flip side, it portends the arrival of a string of positive experiences that will leave you feeling contented and joyful. In addition, this shows that you are heading in the right direction.

Dream about levitating with ease.

Dream About Levitating With Ease

You have the courage to keep going in the face of various temptations and challenges. You have grown wiser, stronger, and more mature as a result of your experience with adversity.

Dream about levitating with wings.

It’s evidence that your efforts are about to pay off. You must keep going with the same level of energy and focus that got you this far.

You can make it through the rough patches if you keep your focus on the bright future that lies ahead. Have faith in yourself and your abilities at all times, and you will succeed ?️.

Dream about levitation and flying.

Dream About Levitation And Flying

Seeing yourself levitating or flying in a dream is symbolic of the maturation of an idea into something more concrete.

Significant shifts are occurring in your life right now. On the other hand, this narrative may indicate your strength, intelligence, and innate capacity to create. You’re probably making people suspicious of your intentions ?️.

Dream about levitating with someone.

A fresh love relationship is indicated when one experiences this symptom for the first time. In addition, the exceptional individual will teach you to savor each and every second that you get to spend with them ⏲️. 

Dream about levitating with other people.

Dream About Levitating With Other People

It indicates that you wield some sort of power within the context of your surroundings and that you are able to show others the path. It could also indicate that you wish to grow with your loved ones around you. 

Dream about objects levitating.

This alludes to your endearing character, which is where you’ll begin to see positive results. The weight of the world seems to have been lifted from your shoulders. On the other hand, it could mean that you’re about to enter a period of intense effort in your life.

Dream about levitation while running.

Dream About Levitation While Running

It indicates that you are willing to put in long hours of labor in order to achieve success in life, as this is the only way to achieve one’s goals. It also indicates that you wish to slog to achieve a better future for yourself.

Summing Up 

After sorting through the available information, we’ve come to the conclusion that a dream involving levitation represents a want to break free of mundane constraints ?. 

It’s a metaphor for the joy and personal development that come from overcoming adversity and finding your own potential ?. 

Nothing can be said with absolute certainty; therefore, it’s wise to interpret a dream in a way that seems most appropriate given your present circumstances. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Dream Of Levitation:

Are levitation dreams always positive, or can they be negative as well?

Dreams about levitation can have both positive and unpleasant overtones. Positively, they may represent sentiments of emancipation and accomplishment. On the other hand, they could manifest feelings of powerlessness or being out of control.

Is lucid levitation dreaming possible?

Yes, it is possible to have lucid levitation dreams. Lucid dreams occur when the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and has some control over the events of the dream. As the dreamer is aware of their dreaming state, they may purposefully levitate.

Should I be concerned about having levitation dreams?

In most circumstances, levitation dreams are a natural component of the dreaming process and should not be taken seriously. However, if these dreams are causing substantial distress or significantly impacting your daily life, consider discussing them with a skilled mental health expert to examine their potential meaning and any underlying concerns.

Can levitation dreams provide solutions to real-life problems?

While levitation dreams may not provide immediate solutions, they might reveal insight into your emotions and subconscious thoughts. Understanding the symbolism and meanings in these dreams can sometimes lead to fresh insights or ideas that can help with real-life problems.

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