Dream of Paralysis: 15+ Interpretations and Meanings

I recently found out that one of my colleagues suffers from sleep paralysis. NGL, I was kind of shocked to hear about such a horrifying situation. It affected me to the point that I ended up dreaming about paralysis ?. 

Wait! Are you here to read about paralysis-related dreams as well? Hush! ?‍?Thankgod! I am not alone. 

Dreaming of Paralysis often indicates your inability to absorb various challenges and problems that come your way.

Apart from this, such dreams also reflect complications, trauma, financial instability, chaos, etc. Paralysis can be best described as a state in which you can no longer make any voluntary movements. 

Wait for me while I put my coffee into making, and then we shall proceed to know what dreaming of paralysis means⤵. 

What does it mean when someone sees paralysis-related dreams?

  • If you have found yourself in the middle of such a dream where you saw yourself being paralyzed in your bed, then such a dream portrays that there is someone around you who is very manipulative and controlling. 
  • Dreaming about having your leg paralyzed symbolizes that you want to get away or escape from your current situation. 
  • Having dreams relating to having your arms paralyzed is a symbol of freedom and liberty approaching you shortly. 
  • Seeing dreams wherein your upper body is paralyzed then such a dream signifies a state of emotional equilibrium. 
  • Encountering dreams where you see your lower body paralyzed then, such dreams typically means emotional desires and fulfillment. 

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Dreaming About Paralysis Symbolism: 

Having dreams of paralysis and related situations mean various things, both positive and negative, depending on the dream scenario and its interpretation.

However, such dreams usually symbolize depression, upcoming disasters, chaos, complications, financial problems, etc. 

Such dreams also indicate emotional equilibrium, freedom, love, your wish to get away from your current situation, someone you know is being manipulative, suppressed emotions, anxiety, stress, a feeling of being trapped, etc. 

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Did you know??

Sleep paralysis is a real thing and often occurs because there is a malfunctioning of the REM sleep and waking up?. 

The Following Is Symbolized by Paralysis-Related Dreams:

  • Fear of losing control:

You will most likely get paralysis-related dreams if you fear losing control over things. Such dreams primarily lighten your inability to take action or a decision and often reflect your helplessness. 

  • You have lots of suppressed emotions:

Unresolved issues and suppressed emotions are other causes of paralysis-related dreams. Such dreams reflect upon you being trapped or stuck in these situations. The reasons for suppressed emotions primarily include past trauma, unexpressed emotions, and unresolved fights. 

  • Chaos and complications:

If you have lots of chaos and complications going on in your life, then you can dream about paralysis. Such dreams indicate your inability to move forward in complicated situations, as you do not know when, where, and how to move forward. This feeling of the conscious world is often reflected in being in a state of paralysis in the subconscious world. 

  • Upcoming problems:

Dreams related to paralysis also signify problems and challenges that are on their way to your life. Such dreams could indicate family problems, business problems, financial instability, and risk of acquiring a possible medical condition, slow progress, etc. 

  • Financial instability:

If you experience financial instability shortly, you can dream about paralysis. Such dreams usually denote financial setbacks. Alternatively, it can also be concluded that these dreams also point toward the end of a romantic relationship. 

  • Mental stress and anxiety:

If you are under lots of stress and are often anxious, then it is no wonder for you to dream about paralysis. Usually, such dreams are your mind’s responses to the excessive worry that you have been doing. These dreams are a sign for you to acknowledge your stress levels and develop a healthy stress-coping mechanism. 

  • Melancholy:

Such dreams also reflect your feeling of sadness that does not have a particular cause or indicate a potential disease. This dream could also be your subconscious mind’s response to the emotional paralysis that you are having. 

Dreams can be very weird that it is no wonder for you to dream about keys. Fret not, and we have covered almost every possible key-related dream scenario and their interpretations.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Dream Paralysis?

Spiritually, paralysis-related dreams most commonly signify that you have lots of suppressed emotions and are occupied with extreme worries and stress.

Once you start to deal with the fears of the conscious mind will give you a pass to those fears that you only faced in your dreams.  

What Is the Biblical Meaning of Dream of Paralysis?

As per Christianity, dreams related to paralysis often signify your separation from your faith and God. Such dreams are a sign to you that it is high time that you make up your relationship with God now.

It could mean you need to start attending religious events, prayers, and church. 

As per Hinduism, such dreams are often a sign for you that you are facing the consequences as a result of your karma.

Such dreams also portray that now is the right time for spiritual growth. It could also be a reflection of the challenges you are facing on your spiritual path. 

As per Islam, such dreams indicate a decrease in your spiritual strength. Such dreams ask you to align your actions and practices in such a way that matches the teachings and principles of Islam. 

Read on to learn more about paralysis-related dreams and what they mean! ⤵️

Science fact!
Old hag syndrome is another name for sleep paralysis.

Dreaming About Paralysis and Scenarios

Dreaming about seeing yourself become paralyzed:

Dreaming About Seeing Yourself Become Paralyzed

Oh, My God! No! ?

If you have found yourself in the middle of such a dream where you see yourself become paralyzed, then such a dream indicates you acknowledging your errors.

Such a dream also shows that your friends will be in a state of disapproval towards you. 

Additionally, such a dream also means that you will be getting rid of things that have proved to be a burden to you, and as a result, you may also feel lonely for a while.

Alternatively, if you see your whole body is paralyzed, then it means you will be giving up bad habits and would be around your family and friends. 

Dreaming of seeing yourself healing from a paralysis: 

Having dreams of seeing yourself healing from paralysis typically signifies that you are living your life the best despite all the things that have been holding you back. 

And there are chances for this experience to be very emotional for you as you are working against the very thing that is trying to restrict you. 

Dreaming of seeing someone else who is paralyzed:

Dreaming Of Seeing Someone Else Who Is Paralyzed

Dreaming about seeing someone else who is paralyzed symbolizes that you often try to ignore this person because you are afraid of their short temper. 

Alternatively, such a dream also means that you have repressed yourself in some situations. 

Dreaming of yourself being paralyzed and not speaking:

Seeing such dreams where you see yourself being paralyzed and not speaking often depicts that you may encounter some hardships in your life.

Alternatively, such a dream also means that you may experience a cold relationship with someone because they are too busy doubting your potential.

Dreaming about seeing yourself paralyzed while in bed:

Dreaming About Seeing Yourself Paralyzed While In Bed

Encountering such a dream where you see yourself being paralyzed while in bed signifies that someone in your life tends to be very controlling and manipulative towards you. You may think they love and respect you, but the reality is otherwise. 

This dream asks you to look closely at this situation from a third person. 

Dreaming about yourself, just feeling paralyzed

That is so scary to even listen to! ?

Experiencing a dream where you see yourself feeling paralyzed primarily shows that you will be approached by many possibilities and options in the upcoming days. Along with this, such a dream also signifies power and dominance. 

Dreaming of having your whole upper body paralyzed:

If you have found yourself caught in the middle of such a dream where you see your upper body completely paralyzed, then such a dream portrays your state of emotional equilibrium. 

This dream also states that it is high time for you to acknowledge some feminine aspects of your personality. Such a dream also points toward your worries regarding a particular situation. 

Dreaming about yourself being paralyzed in a chair:

Dreaming About Yourself Being Paralyzed In A Chair

Having dreams relating to seeing yourself being paralyzed and in a chair signifies your dependable nature and individuality.

Such a dream also wants you to know that you should find a healthy way of expressing and communicating your feelings. At last, this dream also hints at you ignoring a particular problem or situation. 

Dreaming of having your lower body paralyzed:

Seeing dreams of having your lower body paralyzed primarily puts light on your emotional desires when you are on the way to getting grounded. 

This dream also asks you to make some changes in your life because this dream can also act as a past lesson that you learned which you can apply to some situations in your life. 

Dreaming about seeing yourself staying paralyzed forever:

Dreaming about seeing yourself staying paralyzed forever is a sign of a problem in your life, either with you or with your relationship.

Such a dream also tells you that you have always wished to explore your personality more, but you always end up putting others’ needs before yours, and thus, prioritizing yourself can never be completed. 

Dreaming of your right side of the body completely paralyzed:

Encountering such a dream where you see your right side of the body completely paralyzed is a sign that you may be experiencing some difficulties with your work, profession, or father shortly.

However, if you do not speak with your father anymore, this can be the cause behind such dreams. 

Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreams

Sleep paralysis is when you can’t move or talk for a short time when you’re waking up or falling asleep.

Sometimes, you may see or feel strange things like pressure on your chest. Lucid dreaming is when you realize that you’re dreaming while you’re still asleep.

It’s cool because you can control what happens in the dream and have fun exploring your imagination.

Dream Of your left side of the body completely paralyzed:

Experiencing such a dream where your left side of the body is completely paralyzed is either related to you running out of ideas and creativity or related to your mother.

If you are having some issues with your mother, then you are most likely to get such dreams.

Dreams Where You Cant Move your Body

Dreams where you can’t move, known as sleep paralysis, can be scary. They happen when you’re transitioning between sleep and waking up, causing temporary muscle paralysis.

Sometimes you may also see or feel things that aren’t there. These dreams come from interrupted REM sleep and are usually not harmful but can be distressing. If it keeps happening or bothers you a lot, it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor.

Dreaming of having your face paralyzed:

Wait, what?! ?

If you have been dreaming about having your face paralyzed, then such a dream reflects that you are associated with dealing with something that is below you. Along with that, such a dream also wants you to know about the power of love.

Additionally, such a dream tells you that you are ready when it comes to dealing with some traumatic moments of your childhood. 

Dreaming about having your legs paralyzed:

Having dreams about having your legs paralyzed indicates liberty and freedom. Additionally, this dream reflects your wish to be acknowledged for all your efforts.

Dreaming of having your hands paralyzed:

Dreams of having your hands paralyzed typically portray your emotions. As per this dream, you are someone who recognizes emotions very easily.

Additionally, such a dream also means that you are craving for belonging and getting accepted. 

Dreaming about seeing someone you like being paralyzed:

Seeing such a dream where you see someone you like being paralyzed often signifies that there is a possibility of someone out there plotting against you and trying to ruin your reputation. Additionally, this dream is also known for representing negative feelings. 

Dreaming of your family members being paralyzed:

Dreaming Of Your Family Members Being Paralyzed

That doesn’t sound pleasant! ?

Encountering such a dream where you see one of your family members being paralyzed is generally not considered a good omen.

Such a dream warns you of the possibility of witnessing some challenging situations and frustration shortly. 


And that is it! ?️

Dreaming about paralysis could mean lots of different things, both negative and positive. Most commonly, you are most likely to get paralysis-related dreams when you have lots of suppressed emotions, trauma, mental stress, chaos, complications, financial instability, and fear of losing control, etc. 

Happy, sweet dreams, dear reader!?

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frequently asked questions About Dream Of Paralysis

What does it mean when I see myself healing from paralysis?

If you had a dream about seeing yourself healing from paralysis, then such a dream primarily indicates that you are living your life despite everything that is holding you back or at least trying to hold you back. 

I had a dream about being in bed and paralyzed. What does that indicate? 

Such a dream generally portrays that there is someone in your life who tends to be very manipulative and controlling against you. 

What is the meaning of a dream where the left side of my body is paralyzed? 

Dreaming about the left side of your body being paralyzed signifies that you are out of creativity and ideas. Such a dream is also indicative of your issues with your mother. 

What does it mean to dream about being paralyzed and not being able to speak? 

Such a dream usually portrays that there is a possibility of you facing some hardships in your life. Along with that, such a dream also points toward someone doubting your potential.

I like someone, and I saw them in my dream, being paralyzed. What does that mean?

Encountering a dream where you see someone you like being paralyzed indicates that there is someone out there who is trying to ruin your reputation.  

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