Dreaming of Choking: 20+ Meanings and Interpretation

How frustrating it must be to have persistent dreams about choking. Nothing about it appeals to me.

Every time I have a dream about choking, I wake up with a thud and, sure enough, find myself choking in real life—not the most pleasant sensation. 😢

What does it mean to dream of Choking?

  • A choking dream may represent real-life feelings of confinement, overload, or suffocation 😶‍🌫️. 
  • It could be a symbol of feelings or circumstances that are stifling your freedom 🆓 of expression.
  • Choking in your sleep 😴 may be symbolic of underlying communication issues. 
  • If you’re having trouble expressing yourself or feeling ignored, this could be a sign 🛑. 
  • Maybe you want to improve your communication 🔊 skills, and this is a representation of that.
  • Dreaming that you are suffocating may be a symptom of stress 😰 or anxiety. 
  • If you’re under a lot of mental 🧠 pressure, your subconscious may use dream imagery to help you work through your feelings.
  • Choking can make it difficult to breathe 😷 and lose one’s composure. 
  • As far as I’m concerned, dreaming that you are choking may reflect your anxiety 😰 about letting go of your grip on your personal life, your career, or your relationships.
  • Dreams in which you choke Someone may be indicative of unresolved feelings 🥲 or events from your past. 
  • Feelings and experiences that haven’t been fully processed or dealt with can trigger 🔫 these episodes.
  • Dreams might be affected by exterior physical feelings like sleeping 💤 in an awkward position or having a little trouble breathing while you’re asleep. 
  • Your mind may use these experiences as plot points in your dream 💭, as per me.
  • If you dreamed you were choking, it could be a sign that you need to make some changes 😊 in your life. 
  • It could be a subliminal message 📬 that you need to break free of limiting behaviors, relationships, or circumstances.

Although it is a common dream, the interpretation of its significance might or might not be harmful😣, so I’d suggest that you must not ignore 🫢 it.

It conveys information that could be beneficial to your physical, emotional, or mental well-being.

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Dreaming About Choking: Symbolism

When a person is choking, it signifies that it is extremely difficult to breathe 😭. Therefore, the dream suggests that you are currently dealing with or will soon be dealing with significant challenges and that you yearn for Someone to assist you. 

However, the dream suggests that a way out of the situation will present itself if you seek assistance or if you make a change on your own, from what I feel💯.

This is open to a wide range of interpretations, and it can also have symbolic connotations.

Let’s look into that more ⤵️

You hesitate to seek help

The natural response to seeing Someone choke is to help. When you dream of choking, your subconscious mind may be telling you to get aid.

In my verdict, this dream can also happen when people constantly give you advice and want to help, but you’re apprehensive.🧐

You lack emotions 

Choking dreams is the opposite of real-life choking due to overwhelming sensations. Lack of sensations or incapacity to feel.😅

Lacking emotions might result from not knowing how to express or understand a sensation or avoiding it due to circumstances.

You fear to express yourself

A dream about choking could mean you can’t communicate or understand your emotions.

Similar to the last point, it’s about avoiding expressing yourself because you’re afraid of others’ opinions, as far as I’m aware.😔

You feel hostility towards Someone

Choking on something in a dream might symbolize animosity or negativity towards Someone or something. Perhaps Someone in your environment annoys you with their opinions, recklessness, or jealousy, if I’m not wrong🤐.

Negative ➖ energy disrupts your subconscious since you focus on this feeling and person. The dream advises against hatred of others. It reminds you to prioritize your life over others.

You are reckless

Choking dreams may signal that you make too many decisions without thinking, which might have negative effects.

You may have become irresponsible and made mistakes in your personal and professional life, as I see it🤔.

You are unable to make a decision

Dreams of choking on something you can’t swallow or expel may suggest you need to make a decision but can’t.

In my opinion, this dream can also mean you can’t make rapid decisions because you fear others’ opinions. You may fear that your choices hurt others😞.

You have regrets 

Choking dreams may also signify regrets over past beliefs, ideals, and practices.

Maybe you were conscious of your regrettable behaviors, unfavorable settings, or feelings in the past 🔙. But your poor moves got you stranded 🪢 instead of away from them.

In my opinion, if you want a fresh start in your profession, try something new and different 🥰. But failures made me regret it 🫥.

You feel pressured

You may dream about choking if you feel pressured and overwhelmed in real life.

Choking in a dream means feeling trapped 🥅 and unable to act. It suggests a bleak circumstance or outlook.

Thus, the dream indicates cleaning your mind before continuing commitments and decisions.💯

You have communication issues

Choking in a dream may be a metaphor for difficulties in expressing yourself in waking life or the sensation that your voice 🔊 is being muffled in some element of your life. 

I feel that it could be interpreted as a feeling of helplessness when it comes to properly communicating your thoughts, feelings, or opinions.😌

You are emotionally suppressed

If you have dreams about choking, this could be a sign that you are repressing your feelings. 

You may be suppressing negative emotions like rage 😡, despair, or frustration 😮‍💨 that require you to face them and then let them go.

You feel controlled and restricted 

Choking can also be a metaphor for feelings of being controlled, dominated, or restricted 🚧 by Someone or something in your life. If you feel like you are choking, you may be experiencing any of these things. 

It may be a sign that you need to break 💔 free from relationships or situations that are burdensome to you.

You have a fear of failure

The dread of falling short of goals or falling short of expectations may be the root cause of stifled dreams. 

If you had the feeling that you were being suffocated 😷 in your dream, this could be an indication that you feel as though you do not have enough room to breathe or room to achieve success 🎩.

You are anxious and stressed

Dreaming that you are suffocating might be a sign of anxiety 😰 and stress, especially if the dream occurs frequently. These feelings may come out in your dream if you’ve been going through some stressful situations 💢 in real life.

You lack self-expression 

From what I believe, another interpretation of the choking symbol is the dread of being unable to express one’s actual self, whether as a result of societal pressures 💢, self-doubt, or a feeling of inadequacy.

You are struggling with relationships

If you dream that you are being choked, it may be a reflection of a power 💪 struggle or conflict inside a relationship. 

You may feel as though your wants and needs are being disregarded 😔 or pushed into the background.

You have physical health concerns 

In my opinion, there are instances when physical sensations or discomfort 🥴 might affect one’s dreams. 

It’s possible that the sensations you’re feeling in your throat or chest are being replicated in your dream if you’ve been having any true medical ❤️‍🩹 troubles relating to your breathing or throat.

DID YOU KNOW !? 🤔Dreaming that you are choking on something is a metaphor for being unable to take pleasure in life. You might, for instance, be looking to break out of a mundane routine to try out some new activities.

Spiritual Meaning Of Choking-Related Dreams 

What does Choking represent spiritually in a dream ❓

Well, here’s what I found out about choking and its spiritual meaning. It interested me so much that I couldn’t stop myself from sharing the same with you.

  • In the realm of spirituality, having a dream in which you are suffocating typically represents a reluctance or fear to seek aid or advice. 
  • Additionally, it may be a symptom that you do not comprehend the emotions associated with your environment or that you are hesitant 🥺 to share how you are feeling.
  • On the other hand, as a result of this hesitation, you might also be indecisive or overly risky. 
  • In a similar vein, if you are unable to ask for assistance, you may find that you are unable to cope with your responsibilities 😣 and may even develop feelings of hostility against a certain person or circumstance, from what I believe 😌.
  • Dreams that involve choking are a spiritual indicator that your throat chakra is either unstable, blocked 🔴, or overactive. 
  • Or, as you were looking for your life’s purpose, you came to a spiritual crossroads and were met with frustration.
  • According to the spiritual interpretation of choking dreams, you are having difficulties communicating 🗣️, and this causes you to draw difficulties in your waking life. 

This suggests that you have some sort of issue with your throat chakra.

FACT O’CLOCK ⏰ – If you have a dream in which a ghost is choking you, it is a message to cut poisonous individuals out of your life 🧬. Having a dream in which your child is choking represents the anxieties and concerns you have as a parent..

Biblical Meaning Of Choking-Related Dreams 

My faith is in the Bible, so I will share what it says about choking.

  • To dream that you are being choked, like in the Bible 📑, may represent feelings of confinement and helplessness as a result of external factors. 
  • It’s like being surrounded by an atmosphere designed to stifle initiative and prevent forward movement.
  • It means that you feel as though there is no way out of your current predicament, as per my knowledge🧐. 
  • You feel burdened and challenged to keep going down this road if you’re being compelled to do it. 
  • Choking in a dream represents feeling emotionally suffocated 😶‍🌫️ in real life. Having no ability to express oneself or take initiative.

There is no single interpretation for a dream in which you choke. In a nutshell, it relies on the specifics of the dream’s ‘choking’ experience. The desire to choke another person in a dream may reflect feelings of hostility or disinterest in their viewpoint 👀. 

If you dream about choking, it could be a sign that you’re seeing things from a new angle 📐 or that your current situation is more stressful than you realized, from what I feel 😌.

Psychological Interpretation of ‘Choking’ Dreams 

Well, psychology is the real deal, and it only makes sense that we try to understand what dreams like these would mean from a psyched perspective.

I have jotted down some of the most rational psychological explanations for choking-related dreams💯. 

  • Dreams in which one is suffocating are often triggered by real-life stresses and emotions. 
  • Such dreams can represent feelings of helplessness, restrained expression, or anxiety 😰 about being stifled from without. 
  • As a result of insecurities or the worry of being misunderstood or criticized, they may be difficult to communicate 😕. 
  • These dreams may also represent the subconscious’s struggle to cope with the dreamer’s duties, expectations, or internal issues.
  • Dreams about choking can also reflect concerns about feeling powerless in important personal or professional connections or over one’s own life. 
  • As I see it, these dreams may represent the need for emotional processing and resolution of underlying issues 🤐. 
  • If you want to know what a dream means, you have to look into the dreamer’s previous events and emotional state 😢. 

Individuals can benefit from discussing their dreams with a therapist or counselor to get insight into their psychological interpretations of them and to treat any underlying difficulties.

DID YOU KNOW ⁉️ Dreams that involve choking are a spiritual indicator that your throat chakra is either unstable, blocked, or overactive.

A Few Intriguing ‘Choking’ Dream Scenarios And Their Meanings 

Dream about being choked by Someone 

If I ever have a dream like this, I will jump out of my bed and will be sleepless for the next 3 days! 😞Jokes Apart! 

If you dreamed that Someone was choking you, that person was likely a major source of emotional tension in your waking life.

In reality, you probably experience a great deal of anxiety 😰. So, your dream is your subconscious’s way of bringing to light the tension in your relationship with this individual.

Dream about choking Someone 

If you dreamt about choking Someone, it could be because you have some hostility towards that person in real life.

You may have a personal reason for disliking 👎 this person, and your dream may be an expression of those feelings.

As far as I know, if you dream that this person reveals a secret or some fact, it may be because you want to prevent them from causing confusion and drama.😅

Dream about being choked to death 

If you or another dream character is choking to death 💀, you may be experiencing uncertainty about the future. You’re probably involved in or a part of something that isn’t good for you.

The dream means that you should search out your genuine identity to protect yourself from the mental and physical pain that would ensue from not doing so😣.

You must get your priorities in order and have a more practical understanding of your own needs.

Dream about choking a child 

Very insensitive, but dreaming that you choke a child 🧒 is a sign that others are starting to feel disappointed in you.

This may be occurring because you are not prioritizing your duties and responsibilities. Or, you don’t let people rely on you, which causes them to mistrust you.

If you want to be more successful and well-respected in life, the dream is attempting to tell you that you need to learn to share your abilities and resources with your loved ones.💯

Dream about choking on hair 

Dreaming that you are choking on your hair (GROSS)💇🏻‍♂️ could be a warning that you are shirking your duties.

From what I believe, it’s crucial to keep in mind the many roles you play in life, from parent to friend to colleague to spouse 🥰. If not, negative results could be seen.

Therefore, the dream is a warning not to leave your loved ones behind at a time of crisis 🤗. You never know when it will be your turn to need the help of the people around you, so always make time to be there for them.

Dream about choking on blood

A bad omen is if you dream that you are choking to death from your blood 🩸. It could be a warning that you’re about to face an unexpected or concealed threat that could throw your life out of whack.😢

The people closest to you, such as friends and coworkers, may be your greatest threat.😶

I know, and I get it, that it’s not easy to anticipate betrayal, but protecting yourself is paramount. Stay away from people or places that could endanger you.

Dream about choking on bubble gum 

Choking on gum in a dream represents ignoring your health.🙂

The dream serves as a gentle reminder that the physical body is the vehicle for the mind and spirit. As such, it is your most valuable resource, and protecting 🛡️ it should be your top priority.

Therefore, it is not acceptable to put your health on the back burner because you are stressed about your job or anything else. Take care of yourself on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dream about choking in a dream while hiding from someone 

You may be experiencing feelings of powerlessness and anxiety in real life if you have dreams about choking while hiding from Someone else.

As I view it, the physical act of choking can be a metaphor for feeling overwhelmed or restricted in your ability to freely express yourself. 🧐

Hiding 😶‍🌫️from Someone may be a sign that you want to avoid them or that you want to get away from a situation. 

Dream about choking while being underwater

To have a dream in which you are suffocating while being submerged in water 🌊 , may represent sentiments of being overpowered or smothered by one’s feelings or by the conditions of one’s life.

It may be a reflection of a sense of impotence or an inability to freely express oneself. 

IN MY OPINION – This dream could alternatively be interpreted as a symbol of a fear of losing control or of struggling with a situation that appears to be too complex or difficult to manage. The anxiety that is linked with this dream 💤 can be reduced if one were to investigate these sensations and look for strategies to deal with them👍🏿.

Dream about choking in dreams when Someone breaks into your house 

You may be experiencing feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness in real life, which could be reflected in a dream about choking when Someone breaks into your house 🏘️.

The act of choking stands for an inability to communicate effectively or to protect one’s personal space. 

In my opinion, It’s also possible that the intruder is a metaphor for demands or threats from the outside world that enter your personal space 🌌. This dream may be trying to tell you that you need to take more charge of your waking life, face your concerns, and set clearer limits.

Dream about Choking while Hugging Someone tightly

Dreaming that you are suffocating Someone when you are clutching them closely may represent contradictory thoughts or feelings that are being repressed in a close relationship. 

To my understanding of things, the physical act of choking may be interpreted as difficulty in speaking or a feeling of being overwhelmed😪. 

The choking action gives the impression that the person is having difficulty expressing themselves, which is suggested by the tight hug 🫂. 

Dream about choking while crying 

According to me, this dream may indicate your real-life helplessness or burden. It may signal sad, sorrowful, or overwhelming emotions in your daily life. Dreaming about choking on tears 💧 can be painful. 

Dream weeping also expresses the desire to move on from the past. It can boost confidence, happiness, and success.

Remember that unfavorable dream associations signify a life change. Counsel with dream professionals to understand your dreams.

Dream about being choked in an elevator 

A dream in which you are suffocated in a lift (with/without Someone)⚡ may be a metaphor for a situation in real life that is blocking you from progressing forward or backward.

Guess what? Not all elevator scenes and dreams are romantic! 😆

From how I see it, your employment may be rewarding, but you may be limited in your ability to pursue other interests.

You’d like to pursue extraordinary growth 📈 opportunities, but external factors are preventing you from doing so.

Dream of a spirit choking you 

Your sentiments of suffocation or being overwhelmed by a circumstance in your waking life may be reflected in your dream in the form of an entity choking you. 

I feel that it may be an indication that you feel powerless 😔, that you are experiencing emotional pain, or that you are having difficulty expressing your thoughts and feelings. 

Investigating 🧑‍⚕️ the circumstances of your life and the feelings that you are experiencing may assist you in deciphering the exact significance of your dream.

Dream about choking on objects

According to me, experiencing sensations of suffocation or being overwhelmed in real life may be reflected in a dream in which the dreamer is choking on an object 🧣.

It could be an indication that you are having difficulty communicating 😕, expressing yourself, or dealing with issues. 

It’s also possible that this dream is trying to tell you that you’re afraid of losing control or putting yourself in situations where you feel confined. 

Dream of a child choking 

A child 👶 choking in your dream may represent feelings of helplessness or fear that you are experiencing in your waking life.

You may be concerned about Someone vulnerable or about a circumstance that is beyond your control. 

In my opinion, investigating this dream might help you address some underlying concerns 🤗, such as a need to look out for the people who rely on you.

Dream about choking on food

It is a symbol of the self-loathing mentality you have 🥑. Or, you are confronting the feelings that you have repressed for so long.

It could also mean that you disregarded your ideas or the ideas of others 😣. Maintain an open mind and be willing to give everyone, including yourself, a chance.

Dream about choking on smoke 

If you dream that you are choking on smoke 🚬, it means that you are not ready to confront a situation or person in real life.

I guess that you probably feel threatened by the circumstances and have the desire to run away from them or avoid them 🏃‍♂️.

Put an end to these kinds of ideas and face the challenges head-on.

Dream about something blocking your throat

It gives the impression of emotional suffocation 😷. Either you or another person is preventing you from expressing the breadth of your feelings.

As far as I’m aware, it warns that if you do not effectively express yourself 🤐, it will be detrimental to both you and the connections you have in your waking life.

Dream about a demon choking me 

The presence of a demon, witch, or monster 👺 choking you in your dreams is a metaphor for a person or situation in your waking life that has a bad effect on your mental health.🤯

It is a subtle suggestion that you should sever connections with this destructive influence to mend your damaged psyche. I’d suggest that you maintain your resolve in the face of this individual.🤗

Dream about your son or daughter choking 

Your worries about your parenting abilities and the decisions you make throughout the day are reflected in your dreams 🛌 when your child chokes on something. 

I feel that you are concerned about their physical and mental health 🧠, in addition to wondering if you are a good example for them to follow.

Dream about an animal choking you 

This represents your efforts to distance yourself from a poisonous 🍎 individual and go on with your life. 

Or that you have already taken the necessary steps to extricate yourself from a challenging circumstance when you are awake😪.

Dream about a snake choking you 

If you had a dream in which a snake 🐍 was choking you, it signifies that you are having trouble expressing how you feel about an oppressive person or circumstance. 

In my opinion, it indicates that the problem can be solved, but you should be cautious since Someone can try to mislead you about it😞.

Dream about choking your partner

It illustrates how the unresolvable issues are driving a wedge between the two of you. You shouldn’t let the fact that you have diverse interests ruin your relationship 💔. 

If you truly care about Someone, you should be willing to make concessions so that you may spend more time ⌚ with them and preserve your relationship.

Dream about choking your parent 

If you dream that you are choking your mother 👩🏼‍💼 or father, it is a warning that you never let Someone see how you feel out of respect for them, even while they are doing something wrong, as per my experiences✔️.

Dream about choking Someone repeatedly 

To dream about choking Someone over and over again may be symbolic of your frustration, helplessness, or longing for power 💪 and control.

It may represent buried feelings or tensions that haven’t been addressed. 

Introspection into your connections with others and your feelings may be prompted by this dream 🥰, suggesting that you look at the root of the problem.

Understanding the dream and your feelings requires consulting a mental health specialist.

Dream about choking your best friend

This dream scenario scares me! 

Choking your best friend in a dream may represent frustration ☹️, anger, or suffocation in your friendship. It could be an expression of unspoken feelings rather than a deliberate aim. 

If you and your friend are having problems, it could help to talk 🗣️ about how you’re feeling. Keep in mind that dreams are multifaceted and allegorical; instead of taking them at face value, try to get some understanding of your own from what I feel.

Dream about your best friend choking you 

I think you may be experiencing thoughts of betrayal, suffocation, or the dread of losing a strong connection if your best friend is choking you in your dream 🛌. 

It could be a sign that they need some space from you or that they are anxious 😰 about the connection. 

Understanding the meaning of this dream and keeping the friendship strong may need you to do some introspection and open communication with your friend.

Dream about surviving choking 

If you have a dream in which you are choking, but you can survive or find aid, it may represent your capacity to triumph over obstacles 🪨 in your waking life 🧬. 

The fact that you were able to overcome challenges and find solutions to your dream may be a reflection of your tenacity and resourcefulness, 💯.

Dream about choking in a public setting 

According to me, a dream in which you suffocate in front of other people may reflect feelings of humiliation or a fear of being judged by other people 🧐. 

You may be feeling exposed or vulnerable in a given scenario, and the dream may be a mirror 🪞 of your concerns 😣 about how other people perceive you and how you feel about those fears.

Dream about choking in a social setting

A dream in which you are choking in a public place may reflect emotions of social anxiety or nervousness when you are with other people. 

You may be afraid of being judged 🧑‍⚖️ or of being rejected.

Dream about choking in silent

In my estimation, a dream of being missed or ignored may be reflected in a dream in which the subject is choking on quiet 🤫. 

You may want others to recognize and value your thoughts and opinions 😌, which could signal that you have this desire.

Dream about choking on plants

If you dream that you are choking on natural elements or plants 🪴, it may be a sign that you have lost touch with your basic instincts or that you need to spend more time outside 🌄. 

It could be a sign that you’re looking for more equilibrium and harmony in your life 🧬.

Dream about choking without a visible cause 

If you dream that you are choking and there is no obvious reason for the scenario, it may be a symbol of emotions of helplessness or of being suffocated 😶‍🌫️ in any element of your life. 

This could be an indication that you are experiencing difficulties in expressing yourself or in properly communicating your thoughts and feelings with others, including me.🧐

Dream about choking on tea/coffee

If you dream that you are choking on tea or coffee ☕, it may represent feelings of being overwhelmed or an inability to effectively explain your views and feelings. 

This may be a sign that you need to break from your routine to regain your composure 🤗 or deal with a problem that is causing you stress. 

Summing Up 

The fact that the throat chakra is associated with choking dreams causes the dreamer to be more anxious 😰 than necessary. 

If you are one of them, I’d recommend that you be aware that the messages in your dreams come from God 🙏.

Because your time is essential, you should never give in to feelings of terror. If you started along the path of learning how to interpret dreams 😴, you have no choice but to see it through to the finish.

How about we don’t wrap up this article just yet, fam 🤔? Let’s keep it going and keep it lit! If you have any doubts about any of the interpretations we mentioned or if you’ve had a dream like this and wanna spill the tea, the comment section is all yours and all ours.

Yo, let’s chat💬. 

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