50+ Dreaming of Lightning Meanings and Interpretations

So, a very interesting thing happened to me last night. It was pouring heavily outside. I enjoyed a cup of warm coffee and went to bed.

Interestingly, I kept visualizing myself in several lightning dream scenarios. 

I have been wondering why I saw those dreams. Do you think lightning dreams have a special meaning in our real life? 🌩

What does it symbolize when someone experiences a dream about lightning?πŸ€”

  • Dreaming about lightning can be a sign of motivation and improvement in life, as per my knowledge.
  • It is a major sign of destruction, but that can be both good and bad things in life.
  • It might be a sign of awareness about something unexpected about to happen in your life.
  • From what I feel, it can be a sign of suppressed emotions within you wanting a way out.
  • A flash of lightning in your dreams might be a symbol of you being under pressure.
  • It is a sign that you need closure or fulfillment in life.
  • You might be with someone with bad vibes if I’m not wrong.

Join me on this fun ride of interpreting lightning dreams. Let’s see if we can find some scenarios we can find relatable.⬇️

Dreaming about lightning: Symbolism

Lightning is a symbol of an unexpected turn of events. It also reflects your effective emotions. Also, lightning symbolizes great power and motivation. 

As far as I’m aware, any dream can have multiple explanations based on the person, his life and emotions, the circumstances he is going through, etc.

Know it Now! πŸ€” The average length of a lightning bolt is about 2-3 miles😨

 Let’s dig deeper into the symbolism.⬇️

Destruction and rapid changes

Lightning primarily represents destruction, and it is not always a terrible thing. When lightning hits, it does so everywhere. 😱

So, although there is a possibility of good things in your life being ruined, you can look at it from a different perspective. To my understanding of things, it might symbolize that negative things in your life will be eliminated soon.

Inspiration and strength

Lightning is deeply connected with electricity since both have elements of power and energy πŸ’ͺ. If you look at it positively, it symbolizes a scope for unexpected improvement in your life. You might get to explore your creative side and make or do something new.

The energy of lightning symbolizes more power in your life.

Alertness and rejuvenation

Lighting dreams might be a sign of awareness in your life ⚠️. They might be asking you to be attentive towards the unexpected things about to happen to you.

It might be a way of realizing that you are neglecting something very important in your life. 

From what I’ve heard, some people dream that they are being struck by lightning ⚑. This represents the need to make efforts to rebuild or protect something good.

Stress and tension 

If you see a dream where a streak of lightning appears very fast and then disappears soon, it symbolizes that there is something inside you that needs to be micro-analyzed πŸ˜₯. 

In my view, you might be in that phase of your life where you are constantly tense and anxious about certain things. Think about recent incidents/emotions.

An outburst of emotions 

According to my understanding, this is more relevant for introverted people.

If you are not used to expressing your emotions to other people πŸ’’, seeing a dream about lightning symbolizes that you have a heap of undealt emotions in your heart, and there might be an outburst anytime soon.Β 

Spiritual meaning of lightning-related dreams

Many dream interpreters think that dreaming about lightning is a sign of spiritual improvement. In my opinion, your inner soul is asking you to promote coordination in your life.

You can explore your spiritual beliefs and promote self-care to find inner peace. 

Even the most unexpected and unfortunate events might have an element of goodness in them. They are an indication that you grow spiritually because of your experiences in life, good or bad. 

Also, it suggests that all your tension and stress will find an easy release if you focus on your spiritual well-being, as far as I’m aware. The flash of lightning reflects your inner enlightenment.πŸ’«

Science Time! πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Most of our muscles are paralyzed during REM sleep, so we don’t act out our dreams. 

Biblical meaning of lightning-related dreams

Natural disasters like thunderstorms and lightning are mentioned very often in the Bible. According to Christian tradition, lightning is symbolic of God trying to enlighten the earth. Also, these disasters find a negative meaning in some parts of the text, if I’m not wrong.

Symbol of change

In certain instances of the Bible, lightning is a symbol of great change with both good and bad effects. 

I am quite sure that it is an emblem of God’s power and that we must always revere our Lord for His immense strength that outpowers us all. His power has been conveyed through lightning flashes.

Symbol of something against faith 

In certain Christian principles πŸ›, seeing lightning flashes in your dreams is a symbol that you are doing something against the faith.

In my opinion, you are doing something unholy or morally incorrect, and it’s time to put your thoughts and actions under the microscope. Question yourself and see what you are doing wrong.

Symbol of developing emotion

Many Christian scholars have signified that dreaming of lightning symbolizes powerful emotion developing inside you. You are very sensitive, and you feel a lot of things, good and bad. 

As far as I’m concerned, lightning dreams help you determine how you deal with your difficult emotions and how you respond to certain situations.

Symbol of wrongly expressing power in life

You might be dreaming about lightning because you are wrongly expressing your power and confidence in real life. 

I guess you use your strength to abuse the weaker people around you. If not, this might mean that you are using your power to bring positive change and do good for others.

Symbol of short-term happiness

As far as I’m aware, in certain segments of the Bible, lightning dreams are symbolic of short-term happiness in your life. The flashes disappear as soon as they appear. 

Therefore, even though you are very happy and peaceful right now, it might not last very long. The same goes for your bad times as well.

Here is an article about the interpretation of rain dreams for you to check out as well!

Psychological Interpretation of Lightning in Dreams

Did you know? 🧐

Most of our dreams are related to things happening in our lives in recent times.

According to renowned psychologists, our dreams are interlinked with our everyday lives. People going through certain phases or feeling a particular emotion are more likely to see recurrent dreams of lightning. 

So, in my estimation, if you want to understand the psychological perspective of your lightning dreams, look out for the following factors:

You are struggling with undealt emotions

If you have a burden of unspoken feelings in your heart and they don’t find a way out, this could influence your dreams. 

The more you try to repress your emotions, the heavier your mind and heart become. This undealt burden is reflected in your dreams about lightning and thunder, as far as I think.

You have very short-lived happiness.

In my view, you are happy, but you won’t be for very long. Lightning comes and goes in a flash. 

So, if you see a quick flash of lightning, it might symbolize your short-lived happiness and peace. You know subconsciously that this will happen, and it is reflected in your lightning dreams.

You are making small but consistent improvements in life.

As I see it, you are growing, financially or spiritually. You are focusing on self-care and working with dedication and honesty. 

These good things are reflected in your lightning dreams, which come to you with hope for what you are doing in real life. So, you don’t always need to look at it negatively.

You are seeing major and unexpected changes in your life.

Many things are happening in your life, and you didn’t expect them to happen. This can be both good and bad. To my knowledge, these incidents are changing your perspective, decisions, and emotions. 

The changing of phases finds a subconscious reflection in your dreams about lightning and conveys a spiritual message to you.

You feel strongly about something/someone.

Your genuine and strong feelings for something might also find their reflection in your lightning dreams. 

As far as I’m concerned, you are not expressing what you feel, and these uncommunicated feelings come to you in your dreams. It could be a sign that you need to convey your feelings and do something about them.

Wait, I hope you aren’t bored yet. Neither am I. The fun part is about to start. Let us look at the scenarios now.

Some of them are so weird, I can’t even imagine! Let’s read!πŸͺ„

A Few Intriguing Dreams Scenarios and Their Meanings

Have you recently been having recurring dreams about lightning and want to figure out its meaning? 

Do you sense a connection between these dreams and the current scenario of your work or love life? In this section, we analyze different dream scenarios and discuss the different meanings of these visions. ⬇️

You dream of a lightning strike.

If you see a lightning strike in your dream ⚑️, it symbolizes that something unexpected is about to happen, and you might find yourself in a tough spot very soon. 

In my opinion, certain situations might arise that you are not prepared to handle. You might go through a serious change in your life.

You dream that you are being struck by lightning.

This particular scenario is negative. As far as I’m concerned, it symbolizes conflicting situations, and therefore, you might end up having arguments with your family, friends, or colleagues. 

So, if you see such a dream, watch your behavior and attitude toward other people for the next few months. Avoid any point of conflict if possible.

You dream that lightning strikes a tree.

To my observations, this dream symbolizes that you are constantly stuck in bad times in your life for a while. 

You are having misfortune and negative feelings, and you can’t get rid of them, even if you want to.

It might also reflect your growing concern and insecurity for someone you love dearly ⚑️🌳.

You dream about lightning and thunder.

Dreams about thunder and lightning together are good signs. It symbolizes that you must make important decisions in the coming few days, and they will benefit you greatly. 

You have to decide independently without being affected by anyone else’s opinions or feelings. Stop depending on your luck and take control.

You dream just about lightning.

This simple dream brings you both positive and negative meanings when you are awake. It suggests that while you will see definitive improvements in certain aspects of your life, you might also face difficulties in other cases. 

So, take it as a sign to change your approach and perspective ⚑️.

You dream of lightning and fire. 

This dream signifies that you are soon going to face conflicts in your workplace or with other people. However, just like lightning, this situation will not last for a very long time. 

I feel that it is a constant nudge for you to work on any inconsistency or indecision you have been facing.

You dream of lightning and thunderstorms.

Dreaming about lightning and thunderstorms is a sign β›ˆοΈ that all your worries, anger, and stress-every negative feeling you’ve been having will soon go away. 

In my view, your mind will become free, letting you focus more on your daily important activities.

Also, it might mean that you will soon meet someone very important.

You dream of lightning at sea.

To interpret this scenario, think about the kind of water you see in your dream. If the sea looks murky, it suggests an uneasy mental or financial condition. 

But don’t worry. This storm will pass soon. If you see a bright sea, it is indicative of good luck and prosperity.

You dream of lightning at a distance.

As far as I’m concerned, if you see lightning striking at a distance, it is a sign of good luck. However, that doesn’t mean you can depend on luck and not do anything. 

Hard work matters, and you must plan your way. Even if you have problems, you will have the courage to handle them.

You see a dream of red lightning.

If the lightning strikes in your dream are red in color πŸ”΄βš‘οΈ, it symbolizes loneliness and despair.

The dream is nudging you to rethink your thoughts and actions and how you can change the circumstances in your life. 

In my regards, you need someone who understands you and helps you become positive and hopeful.

You see a dream of blue lightning.

If you see blue lightning in your dream, it has a spiritual meaning. I consider that it symbolizes your need for spiritual guidance and how you must slow down and try to find peace within yourself. 

Spiritual coordination is very important, and you have to learn to take care of your mental peace.

You see a dream of yellow lightning.

If you see yellow lightning in your dream 🟑⚑️, it symbolizes happiness. You are a good person, and you have empathy and gratitude toward everyone around you. 

I feel that you genuinely care for others, and you are always cheerful. Also, it symbolizes that certain people have helped you achieve something great in life.

You dream of lightning and water.

This combination has both good and bad effects. If you see calm water in your dreams, you will soon have good luck. 

Restless water suggests bad luck. For example, you might have a financial loss or lose someone really important. It is a sign of what your future might be.

You dream of someone being struck by lightning.

This dream suggests that you might soon find yourself in a tough spot πŸ‘€ with the person you see in your dreams. 

There may be unnecessary arguments or misunderstandings. Bad things might happen to both of you, and things will not get sorted out very soon, even if you want to.

You dream of your partner being struck by lightning.

This dream suggests that you are in a bad place in your relationship. As far as I feel, you are finding it difficult to trust or agree with your partner on certain points. 

Also, it might be a sign that your partner will face an accident very soon or suffer from a serious health issue.

You dream of your house being struck by lightning.

This dream is obviously a bad omen 🏚⚑️. This signifies that something bad might happen to your house. Also, you might have issues with your family members. 

The conflict will go on for a long time and might have a negative impact on your relationship with your parents, children, or others.

 You dream of lightning striking your head.

From what I’ve noticed, this dream is a good sign. It might symbolize financial gain without much effort or hard work. 

Also, it suggests that you have endless joy and happiness because you have inner peace. You are not overcome by any stress or anxiety, and you are always hopeful and cheerful about everything.

You dream of lightning striking a place but not harming you.

You dream that you are in a field, and lightning strikes the ground 🌬. The entire place lights up, but you remain unaffected. 

This is a sign that you will soon experience love. Someone will come into your life and completely sweep you off your feet with their love and adoration.

You dream of lightning striking a particular object near you.

This is a symbol that something bad will unexpectedly happen to someone in your life. You are shocked by the lightning striking an object, and it somewhat terrifies you. 

Therefore, in my opinion, it signifies that you will get a bad message from someone you love very much, and it will hurt you.

You dream of lightning illuminating a person’s face.

This dream indicates that the person you see gossips or bad-mouths you πŸ—£. They are jealous of you and are constantly trying to portray you as a bad person. 

They might try to ruin your reputation or destroy your friendships by spreading rumors. You must protect yourself from such toxic people.

Which scenario among these did you see yourself in? I can relate to some. Let us keep reading!

You dream of lightning illuminating your body.

This is a bad symbol. If, in your dreams, your own body is being illuminated by lightning, you will experience despair. 

As far as I’m concerned, something will disappoint you to a great extent, or you could possibly receive bad news. So, if you are very expectant about something, control your emotions and be prepared.

You dream of lightning leading to a huge fire.

This dream suggests that someone very special will soon come into your life. You might neglect them initially, but they will soon become very important to you. 

From what I feel, you will get closer to each other because of some differences in situations, and you will have a very special bond very soon πŸ”₯.

You dream of lightning in a very dark sky.

This dream is also a bad sign. It symbolizes misfortune and conflict. You will soon face some difficulties in certain spheres of your life, and it will be hard to resolve them for a while. 

You might get financially tricked by someone or suffer a huge loss in your business.

You dream of lightning striking amid a storm.

This indicates enormous power πŸŒͺ⚑️. Your body and mind will soon release the power and confidence you need to succeed in life. 

Also, since storms and lightning are both symbols of destruction, this dream might be pointing to a loss of important things or growing fear and anxiety in your heart.

You dream of lightning causing damage to something.

In my opinion, this symbolizes a lack of clarity and direction. Your vision in life is not clear to you, and you are constantly distracted by unimportant things. 

For example, you invest so much of your time and thoughts in toxic people that you fail to focus on the stuff that really matters.

You dream of lightning damaging a particular object.

As far as I know, this suggests that you will soon fall in love with someone who may not be very good for you. 

The relationship will probably distract your mind from your responsibilities and goals. So, this might be a sign to save yourself and not forget the important obligations and duties you have ✨️.

You dream of lightning that blinds you.

This suggests that new and fresh opportunities are just around the corner. You will get plenty of scopes to improve your social and financial condition. 

In my estimation, you just have to know when to use your chances to the fullest and put in a lot of hard work and determination into it.

You dream of lightning coming out of clouds.

This dream suggests good luck 🌩. You will soon receive endless joy and prosperity. If you have been facing difficulties, personal or financial, you won’t have to worry about things that bother you anymore, in my honest opinion. 

Also, if things from the past are ruining your mental peace, you must deal with them carefully.

You dream of lightning at nighttime.

This dream suggests bad luck. No matter how much you plan ahead, you won’t be able to escape bad times. 

You will be dissatisfied or upset about certain things. But, instead of feeling devastated or blaming yourself, you must handle the situation calmly and try to find a way out.

You dream of being struck by lightning.

As I can guarantee you, this obviously suggests negative thoughts πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ. You might find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between two equally important people or things. 

Making this decision won’t be easy, and you will not find a solution very easily. You can try sharing your feelings with someone you can trust.

You dream of being scared by lightning.

You see flashes of lightning in your dream, and it scares you. This suggests that you are currently failing miserably in something, and you must make an effort to handle the situation. 

In my opinion, you have to be organized and focused. Make space for your priorities and leave the unimportant stuff behind.

You dream of dark green lightning.

Dark green 🟒⚑️lightning is suggestive of a major and unexpected change in your life, mostly influenced by your selfishness and ego. 

From what I’ve observed, it might also signify that you are powerful enough to handle a crisis without making rash decisions and that you can remedy a situation before it’s too late.

Wait, wait, wait! Just a few more, and you’ll be the expert on lightning dreams, I promise!

You dream of lightning hitting someone you know very well. 

Suppose you dream of a colleague or distant friend being struck by lightning. This suggests that they will go through a major change in their life. 

This will affect their financial conditions, work-life dedication, and, very importantly, relationships. They might find themselves in a rough patch with you as well.

You dream of lightning striking a building.

This dream is a sort of warning 🏒. It suggests that there is some important information that you are yet to collect and that might be very crucial to you. 

If lightning hits the ground for a building in your dreams, that might be suggestive of some good news you’ll receive.

You see lightning in very bad weather.

This is obviously a sign of a very difficult phase of your life. You might soon find yourself in a tough spot. 

As far as I know, things will not go as planned, and you will fail. You will definitely hate these sudden changes, but they will prove to be very useful for you later.

You see a sudden blinding flash of lightning.

A sudden blinding flash πŸ’₯ represents unexpected joy and prosperity that you have yet to experience in life. 

There are plenty of good things waiting for you, and you just have to wait for the right time, from what I can assure you. Don’t be impatient or make any blunders. Just trust the process and keep going.

You dream of lightning illuminating everything around you. 

A flash of lightning in the night sky brightens up everything around you. In real life, this means your feelings and thoughts will contradict your actions. 

Suppose a person is being annoying or offensive to you. You cannot point them out to you because you think it might hurt them.

You dream of lightning between two surpassing clouds.

Two large clouds ☁️⚑️☁️ appear in your dream and a flash of lightning strikes from between them. 

This symbolizes bad luck that will continue to affect you for a very long time. Also, I’d advise you that avoiding complicated situations will be useless. You have to face your fears and deal with them bravely instead.

You dream about a lightning rod.

You see the lightning rod in your house being struck. This is a sign that you are probably going to make a big mistake in the future and that you should avoid taking advice from others. 

Follow your heart and rely on your intuition and understanding while making important decisions.

You dream about lightning disrupting a TV/ radio broadcast.

You are watching TV or listening to the radio in your dream when lightning causes sudden interference πŸ“»

This is a sign that you are working hard for someone else’s benefit and they are using you. You will not receive remuneration for your work, and they won’t be grateful to you.

You dream of a ball of lightning.

A ball of lightning suddenly comes rushing into your house in your dreams. As far as I’m concerned, this symbolizes happiness and prosperity in your family. If it hits a particular object, you will receive endless love and success. 

But if your house catches on fire, it signifies something very close to you is ill.

You dream that you are hiding from lightning.

This dream suggests conflicts with your superiors πŸƒ. You might have disagreements with your boss. 

You will probably not be able to finish your work on time, and no explanation or assertion will be enough.

So, try to be more responsible and diligent in the workplace and avoid arguments, if possible.

You dream about conjuring lightning.

In my genuine opinion, this signifies that you are testing your luck. Being arrogant or careless will be useless and cause you trouble instead. 

Important things might not get done for a while, and there will be certain wrong decisions or actions that you will regret later. So, don’t challenge your destiny or circumstances.

You dream about other people hiding from lightning.

This signifies that you might be doing someone else’s work πŸ‘₯️️. For example, your new colleagues at the workplace are probably not efficient enough to finish the group work on time and so, naturally, the responsibility falls on you. 

Therefore, I feel that your ability and dedication might be misused by people around you.

You dream about other people conjuring lightning.

This dream signifies that you are with someone who is very selfish and arrogant. 

As I can guess, they might look like a friend who wants to help you but is actually trying to humiliate and utilize you for their benefit. Therefore, always look out for toxic people and don’t believe everything you hear.

You dream of an illuminating flash of lightning.

This dream is a negative sign ⚑. It signifies that you are being disloyal or offensive to someone. 

Someone you love very much has probably been hurt or offended by something you say or do, although unknowingly. So, try to be careful with your behavior and actions toward people around you.

You dream of lightning brightening up your room.

To my understanding of things, this suggests that someone very close to you is in trouble. They might be facing financial loss and will be coming to you for help and guidance. 

A young member of the family ends up doing something very embarrassing or unfortunate for the whole family, thus making you feel ashamed.

You dream of lightning illuminating the entire city.

From my expertise, I can assure you that this is a sign a powerful secret of yours will be revealed very soon πŸŒƒ

If there is something you have been hiding for a very long time because you feel guilty or scared, it’s time to deal with it. Otherwise, you’ll end up becoming the talk of the town.

You dream of being woken up by lightning.

You are sleeping in your dream, and the flash of lightning wakes you up. According to what I feel, this signifies that even though you are alert, you are restless. 

You will do or say something you are not sure or proud of. Someone will be offended, but you will not apologize for your misbehavior.

You dream of lightning followed by thunder.

This dream signifies that it is time for you to set your priorities straight ⚑️. You have plenty of things to deal with, and since you are not organizing them well, you are having trouble dealing with them. 

Learn to focus on the big things and leave the trivial stuff behind.

You dream of lightning raging behind clouds in the sky.

If lightning comes piercing through the clouds, it is a sign that in the next few years to come, life will be peaceful. 

According to my knowledge, you will overcome your financial and personal difficulties during this time. All your hard work and patience will finally bear the fruits of endless prosperity and satisfaction.

You dream of recording lightning.

You see yourself recording lightning on a camera 🎀. This is a sign of success, especially for voice artists and singers. 

In my estimation, you will probably soon get a chance to record on tape and showcase your talent. With consistent hard work and good luck, you will soon gain great success and recognition.

You dream of capturing a photo of lightning.

You see yourself clicking a picture of lightning on your mobile or camera. This is a good symbol that suggests that someone very dear to you will acquire something valuable very soon. 

They will probably inherit land or buy a new property. Also, you might get a share in it.

You dream that you are painting lightning.

In your dream, you see yourself painting πŸ–Œ lightning in the sky on a canvas or paper. This symbolizes peace and stability. 

Whatever problems you’ve been having, they will go away, and you will achieve the peace you are struggling for. I can assure you that your physical and mental health will be restored very soon.

You dream of lightning and then of thunder.

This represents upcoming danger. You will probably face something very shocking or depressing. 

Be careful and look out for alarming signs in an unexpected turn of incidents or how people behave with you. You can’t avoid the shock, but staying alert will prepare you to face it without any fear.

You dream of a thunderbird.

Seeing a thunderbird πŸ•Š in your dreams is a symbol of power and peace. If you have been feeling very restless for a while, this dream is a sign that you are about to achieve mental stability, as per my knowledge. 

You will be spiritually elevated and feel inner joy, even if something shocking happens.

You dream of thunder but without lightning.

A big thunder is heard, but you see no lightning bolt in your dreams. This is a sign that certain alarming events might happen very soon. 

However, they won’t affect you to a great extent. Don’t get hyperactive. Relieve yourself from all stress and accept everything very calmly and wholeheartedly.

You dream of lightning with heavy rain.

In my opinion, this dream indicates that you will soon come across something very disturbing and unlucky β›ˆοΈ

You will hear or see something that makes you angry or sad. You will feel grief and distress, but you can’t do anything about it. You just have to wait for the bad times to pass.

You dream of a lightning bolt. 

From what I consider, lightning ⚑ bolts are quick and out of control. So, if you see it in your dreams, it represents destruction. 

Some destructive forces will affect you, and the shock will be enormous. But if you are careful enough, you might be able to handle it well. You have to be calm.

You dream of lightning with a rainbow.

This dream signifies that the troubling times in your life are about to go away. You are gradually settling down and will soon finish all your desired goals and responsibilities. 

Also, this dream indicates you have to be alert and independent 🌈. Even a little negligence will affect you a lot, as far as I’m concerned.

You dream of casting lightning.

This dream symbolizes magical powers. You will control your efforts and decisions, and everything will work out in your favor. 

Certain aspects of your life will improve greatly, and you will be successful in all your endeavors. So, if you are capable and luck favors you, you will be prosperous.

You dream of lightning in different directions.

As I see it, if you dream of lightning ⚑ ️in a variety of positions, it can have multiple meanings. 

A flash of lightning going southward indicates chances of risks and losses in the future; one going northward indicates a chain of difficulties, whereas one in the east or west indicates good luck and fortune.

You dream of lightning falling into the sea,

This dream symbolizes that you have to accept that a war is going on in your heart. You have to know that it has the ability to destroy you and, therefore, must be dealt with immediately. 

There are several energies working inside you, and you must be attentive toward them.

You dream of lightning brightening up the sea.

This is a symbol of awareness. You must have clarity in your life 🌊. From what I gather, there are several undealt emotions, and if you don’t try to find closure, they will affect your mental peace. 

Also, it might signify that you are developing feelings for someone special, and you must let them know.

You dream of lightning out of a clear sky.

This is so simple to understand. Something shocking and disturbing will happen to you. Nobody expects lightning on a clear day, so you will not be expecting the turn of events that are about to happen.

Also, if you can look at it positively, good things might happen, too, if I’m not wrong.

Almost done. I am enjoying every scenario. I just wish they kept coming in!

You dream of being chased by a flash of lightning.

This is a clear sign that your problems and unsolved issues are threatening you πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

You are upset because other people have misbehaved with you, and you fall in trouble for not being able to be straightforward.

You have to accept the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or shocking it is.

You dream of an earthquake with lightning.

Both earthquakes and lightning are violent and sudden in nature, and I guess you know it, too. So, it might be a sign that something troubling will happen and turn your world completely upside down. 

You won’t be able to handle the shock of it initially, but with time, you will get back on your feet again.

You dream of being killed by lightning.

This terrible dream is a sign that you will soon be going through major changes in your life ⚑️πŸ˜₯

Certain situations that are completely unprecedented will arise. In my opinion, you probably will not expect things to turn out this way. So, accepting the situation as it is will be a bit tough initially.

You dream of a very bright flash of lightning.

This dream symbolizes sudden but short-term happiness. You will receive shocking news, but that can be joyous or miserable. From what I feel, you might get unexpected success or fail miserably. 

There might be some unexpected negative changes in your workplace. So, no matter what happens, remain calm and accept every situation wholeheartedly. 

You dream of lightning on a particular day of the week.

Suppose you dream of lightning on WednesdayπŸ“…. To my understanding of things, this might suggest that you must be extra alert regarding what you say or do and not let things lead to conflicting situations. 

Again, this similar dream on a Thursday might mean you have to take care of your physical and emotional strength.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up ✨, lightning is one of the most powerful and mesmerizing natural incidents we witness. Everything happens for a reason, and therefore, if you are seeing lightning dreams, they are definitely trying to convey something to you. 

Lightning dreams can have both positive and negative meanings, as has been thoroughly discussed in this article.

Therefore, your interpretation of the dream will depend on the scenarios you see them in, your thoughts and emotions, and your perspective toward it, as per my knowledge.

But since lightning majorly signifies violence and destruction, in my opinion, it’s better to stay alert and deal with your problems and emotions delicately.

Why am I dreaming of lightning?

You won’t probably see a dream about lightning if you do not connect to it in everyday life. So, it is important to understand how relevant lightning is to you. This will help you gain better insight into why you see a lightning dream and what it means for you.

I am having recurring lightning dreams. Why?πŸ’­

If lightning appears in your dreams rarely, it might not mean anything in particular. But if you have recurring lightning dreams, it’s a sign that a particular message is being conveyed to you. The interpretation will depend on your current life circumstances and perspective and how you accept it.

What emotions will I feel if I dream of lightning?πŸ’­

Does the lightning scare you? Or do you wake up with a fresh feeling? The interpretation of your lightning dream will also depend on your emotions at that particular moment. If you were scared, there was something wrong going on. If you are awoken, it might be a positive sign.

What does my weird lightning dream indicate?πŸ’­

If you have been going through a bad phase in life, the lightning dreams could be an indication of what could happen next. You could either get back on your feet, or things could get worse. So, depending on your life circumstances and everyday incidents, these dreams will have different interpretations.

Recently, my lightning dreams have been getting very strong. Does this have a personal connection to me?πŸ’­

If you have a personal connection with lightning and feel differently about it, these dreams will have different meanings for you. Suppose a very close friend dies being struck by lightning. So, out of your mental trauma regarding the incident, you might be seeing these lightning dreams for a reason.

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