30+ Dreaming Of Witches Meanings and Interpretations

Dreaming about witches is probably one of the most frightening things that could happen to you. No matter how strong you are physically and mentally, seeing such dreams will definitely shock you greatly, and from what I consider, it is natural to be scared or worried. 

Your subconscious mind will be very disturbed. But, interestingly, all dreams have both positive and negative interpretations.

Witches represent magical, supernatural powers that could either strengthen or destroy an individual. 

What does it symbolize when someone experiences a dream about witches?☠️

  • To my understanding of things, dreaming about a witch can be a sign of rejuvenation. It means that you are slowly moving forward in life.
  • Dreaming about a witch can be a sign that you must rethink your choices and decisions because something isn’t right.
  • Dreaming about a witch can be a sign that you need to work on growing your inner strength and peace, as per my expertise.
  • In my opinion, dreaming about a witch can be a warning that something very terrible is about to happen to you very soon.
  • Dreaming about a witch can be a sign that you are having trouble dealing with any past trauma or conflict.

So, a witch appearing in your dreams might not always be a bad omen. 👺

Dreaming about witches: Symbolism

A dream about witches mostly symbolizes transformation. In some cases, it can also be a sign of healing. As far as I’m concerned, there are different ways to analyze the symbolism behind such dreams.

Power and advancement 

Dreams about witches 💪 signify that you have enough inner strength to face conflicts and be firm in the face of adversities. 

In my verdict, you are never afraid to face challenges, but it will only work out when you can express your power properly. 


If you want to decipher the true symbolism of dreams about witches 😈, it suggests negativity. 

From what I consider, it is a sign of the evil things going on in your life and mind right now. As we see in most movies and TV shows, witches are portrayed as evil creatures with bad intentions.

Knowledge and intellect

The supernatural abilities of witches make them brilliant creatures. In matters of smartness and intellect, they surpass even the most intelligent human being. 

So, seeing witches in dreams might be a sign of great power and ability, if I’m not wrong. 

Transformation and upliftment

Witches are powerful creatures with the ability to create and destroy 🩹. 

Seeing dreams about witches might symbolize that you have the opportunity to create great things incomprehensible to any normal human imagination. 

Creation and nurturing

Witches are unpleasant creatures 💭, but their creations might not always be negative and destructive. 

So, as I view it, dreaming about witches might be a sign that you have enormous inner power, and it depends upon you what you want to do with it. 

Spiritual meaning of witch-related dreams

Dreams about witches do have a spiritual point of view as well. A witch is a creature who is very well aware of its intrinsic power and knows how to use it properly. Conventionally, their supernatural powers are considered dangerous and destructive. 

This is because we follow certain beliefs and behavioral patterns.

In my estimation, many people even go for various remedies to ward off the negative vibes of witches. 

There are plenty of ideas available, using which you can remedy the effect of witches on your thoughts and actions, for example, hanging garlic in your house or performing certain religious rites occasionally.

Biblical meaning of witch-related dreams

According to the Bible, witches are common forces of evil. Dreaming about them might be a sign of evil, weakness, and setbacks in life. You might be facing emotional or financial turmoil, as per my knowledge. 

But, based on context and scenarios, these witch dreams may have different interpretations and effects on your life.

The importance of compassion

From what I know, many passages in the Bible vilify witches to a great extent 🫂, but certain sections speak of the importance of compassion to everyone, good or bad.

Seeing a witch in your dream is a reminder from the Divine Being to be empathetic towards humanity. 

The presence of demonic powers

From the old times, witches 👺 were held responsible for the disasters and tragedies faced by humanity.

From the Biblical perspective, dreaming about witches can be a sign that a malevolent spirit has found its way into your life. 

The Art of Deception

Witches are always portrayed to be experts in deception. Therefore, seeing a witch in your dreams might be a sign that someone is trying to manipulate you.

In my opinion, they are hiding their true self from you so that you trust them, and they can extract a favor from you for their advantage 💬.

The suppression of feminine urge

If the feminine energy 💬 within you has been kept suppressed for too long, it might be reflected in your dreams about witches. You have probably neglected your emotions and vulnerabilities to achieve success in life. 

The desire for magic

If you are a highly imaginative person 🪄, dreaming about witches might signify that you want more magic in your life. If I’m not wrong, you want to explore creativity and find magical love and abundance. 

Psychological representation of witches in dreams

Every dream is a reflection of your unexpressed thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it is quite unexpected that every dream has a psychological point of view. This is equally applicable to a dream about witches. 

For psychologists, witches are representatives of people with evil motives. It brings out the negative factors of the person who is dreaming. Your fear of the irrational is symbolized through these dreams. 

From what I can understand, you don’t recognize the unconscious forces acting in your life, but you are always constantly suspicious because they exist and affect you.

These forces guide your thoughts and actions in real life. 

A few intriguing witch dream scenarios and their meanings

Dreaming about witches is not as uncommon as you would think. Innumerable people have such dreams, and the interpretations differ from person to person, as far as I’m aware. 

Depending on the context and what the person is going through then, dreams have different meanings. Let us look at some common dream scenarios regarding witches.

You dream that you are a witch.

In your dreams 🔮, you see yourself turning into a witch and practicing witchcraft. You have to first contemplate the spell you are working on in your dream and see if it has a positive or negative effect. 

If it is positive, this is a sign of power, positivity, and magic, as far as I know. If it is negative, it refers to acts of sabotage. 

You are channeling bad luck and selfish desires. For women, these dreams signify inner feminine changes. 

You dream that you are talking to a witch.

In your dreams, you see yourself having a deep conversation with a witch, but you don’t remember what it was actually about. In that case, you have to try reconnecting your feelings at that exact moment, from what I feel.  

Talking to a witch in your dreams signifies that you must get rid of someone in your life and that you’re willing to do so. But these negative feelings should never develop in your heart. 

Instead, I would suggest you that acting kindly is a better option.

You dream that a witch is speaking to you.

A witch telling you something in your dreams is a bad omen 🧞‍♀️. It is a sign that someone is making plans to hurt you, and you will soon be in grave danger. 

We all have enemies who don’t want anything good to happen to us. Therefore, if you see a witch communicating with you in your dream, it signifies that you must stay alert. 

In my honest opinion, you have to stay away from toxic and harmful people who plan to wrong you. You have to make sure that they don’t succeed in their plans. You have to fight for your protection and honor.

You dream that a witch is chasing you.

You see in your dreams that a witch is chasing you, maybe inside your house. From what I feel, this is a sign that negative energy is about to enter your life and influence your thoughts and actions. 

You will go through a bad phase and will probably fail in any endeavor you take up. Any attempt you make will only lead to disaster. 

As far as I feel, time will work its way, and you will overcome this difficult time. You will eventually be able to achieve your goals and achieve success and prosperity.

You dream that you are chasing a witch. 

If you dream that you are running behind 🏃‍♀️ a witch, then reassure yourself because this signifies positive energy. 

In my estimation, something very good will soon happen to you, and you have to wait for it. You will go through a particular phase when there is only hope and joy in every aspect of your life. 

In my view, this is not only for you but for your loved ones as well. You just have to wait for the right chance and make use of it.

You dream that someone you know is a witch.

If you see a friend or family member as a witch in your dreams, this signifies they are doing something suspicious. You have to be aware of their intentions, especially toward you. 

Whenever you are around them, something doesn’t feel right. You are not sure what it is, but it makes you uncomfortable. 

Therefore, if you have such dreams, I’d suggest that you have to be alert around them and protect yourself from any harm. 

You dream that a witch is standing right in front of you.

You would probably be startled by the sight 🧍‍♀️ of a witch standing in front of you in your dreams. But this symbolizes you are having problems in your life. 

From what I feel, you are under extreme pressure, and you can’t find a way out of it, no matter how hard you try. This dream is warning you to be more aware of the things and people around you. 

You have to concentrate more and be more cautious if you want this bad phase to go away. Pay attention to the root cause of all your troubles if you want to avoid further issues.

You dream that a witch is standing at a distance.

You see a dream where a witch is standing at a somewhat far distance from you. This signifies the possibility of grave danger in the near future. 

You cannot predict what’s going to happen, but you can at least be careful.  I would suggest that you don’t get yourself involved in things that you do not heartily agree with. Don’t communicate with people who give out a bad vibe. 

You dream that a witch is hurling curses at you.

We all love blessings and hate curses, don’t we? So, the last thing you would want is to dream of a witch cursing you 🗣

But interestingly, this has a positive outlook. Such a dream is a good sign because your guardian angels are asking you to work on yourself. It symbolizes comfort and peace. You must check if you are truly well, physically and mentally. 

So, this dream is your subconscious asking you to slow down and reconnect with your inner self. 

You dream that a witch is attacking you.

In your dreams, you see a witch or a group of witches attacking you. This is obviously not a good omen, and it signifies that you are about to face issues in your life, financial or personal. 

These incidents will have an adverse impact on your mind and body, and you will not feel good for a while. If you consider this dream as a warning, you can at least prepare yourself for the upcoming adversities. 

To my observations, you can use your finances wisely so that you don’t face any problems during this phase. Try to minimize your expenses if possible.

You dream that you are killing a witch.

Dreaming about killing a powerful witch is surely a positive sign. It suggests that you are brave enough to face your fears, and you don’t let go without a tough fight. 

From what I feel, if you want to achieve something, you are prepared to go to any extent to succeed. 

This signifies that you use your capabilities to the fullest, and no obstacle in this world can stop you from achieving your goals in life. 

You dream that a witch is giving an apple to you.

Dreaming about a witch handing out an apple 🍎 to you is quite unusual, but it might happen. This dream is a warning that someone is trying to deceive you for their benefit. 

They have evil intentions, but you won’t be able to guess it. They might be very close to you, and therefore, you trust them wholeheartedly. 

Based on what I think, it’s only when they wrong you that you get an idea of their malice, but you can’t do anything anymore.

You dream that a witch appears, sitting on a broom.

The sight of a witch on a broom in your dream suggests that you will soon receive bad news from someone. It could be something personal or professional, but it will have a deep impact on your mind. 

As far as I feel, you will go through some major career changes that you don’t quite want. 

Your expectations won’t be fulfilled, but you will not have the choice of doing something you truly want. 

You dream of a witch’s broomstick.

Dreaming only of a witch’s broomstick has a completely different connotation. It is a sign that you have been avoiding your difficulties, and instead of solving your problems, you choose to stay away from them🧹

It is important for you to find a solution, but you cannot do it until you face your issues straightforwardly. 

Also, this dream could signify that you always try to finish your responsibilities in a hurry. 

You dream that a witch is performing a specific ritual.

A witch appears in your dreams, doing rituals, as we see in the movies. This dream symbolizes the need to seek help and guidance from someone who is wiser and more influential than most people. 

From what I can gather, you are not in a state to rely on your instincts and, therefore, have to trust a higher power. 

You have many foolish doubts and insecurities crawling inside your mind and heart, and you often question your worth and ability. 

You dream that a witch is performing magical rituals.

In my opinion, witches 🪄 have innumerable rituals, some of which are magical. So, if you dream about a witch performing magic rituals, it has a hidden message. 

You don’t have enough faith in yourself, and therefore, even though you have skills and abilities, you fail to use them accordingly. When your talent and dedication are most needed, you shy away and don’t seize the day. 

This particular dream is like a wake-up call for you to start realizing your inner power and find ways to use it effectively to achieve success.

 You dream that a witch is preparing a magic potion.

If a witch appears in your dreams while making a magic potion, take it as a good sign. A potion contains magical healing powers. 

If you have not been feeling well recently and see this dream, it signifies that you will soon enter the healing phase. 

To my understanding, you will recover from your physical and mental weaknesses. Any rough patch that you’ve been going through is about to end. 

You dream that a witch is making a potion in a cauldron.

Dreaming about a witch using a cauldron to make her potion is a sign that it’s time for you to put all your good thoughts together and create something new. 

All your creative skills will find a way out in what you make. In my advise, you must create something that seems magical to you to the people around you. This dream is a sign that it is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and try new, fun things 🔮

You must allow your imagination and innovation to give you new things and add some spice to your daily life.

You dream that a witch is giving you a potion.

If you dream of a witch giving you a magic potion 🔮, it signifies an improvement in your love life. Based on my experience, you will probably soon meet someone who will truly love you and, more importantly, understands you. 

But it has a negative side to it as well. Although this person will express their inner feelings for you and will be physically and emotionally attracted to you, too, you will fail to reciprocate their emotions. 

In my opinion, some mental blockage will stop you from loving them. So, if you know someone has feelings for you, break it off if you don’t feel the same way.

You dream of witch-hunting.

If you see witch trials or hunts in your dreams, this is not a good sign. People around you have veil intentions, and you have suspicions about them. You can constantly feel someone trying to harm you. 

As I can possibly understand, you might also feel like someone will deliberately try to sabotage your actions to put you down. 

Therefore, see the dream as a warning. Before You do or say something, think well, and make sure you are satisfied with the facts you have. 

You dream that a witch is flying around you.

Seeing a flying witch in your dreams is a positive sign. It is a way to look at the positive aspects of your personality. 

You have the potential to overcome the barriers on your way to success, and you never stop dreaming. 

You would do anything to achieve your goals, and you are well-prepared for the struggle. Hurdles will come your way, but they can never stop you from becoming a successful and diligent person. 

You dream that a witch is laughing out loud.

Seeing a witch laughing in your dreams is definitely a bad omen. You will probably receive bad news in a few days. Something at your workplace might go wrong, or you might have problems in your love life. 

In my estimation, you might find yourself having disputes with your family members, and someone very close to you will hurt or offend you. 

For some people, this dream is a sign that someone is trying to harm them. 

You dream that your lover has turned into a witch.

As I see it, this is definitely suggestive of relationship problems. You have a very intimate relationship with your partner, but they are not really as close to you as you think 😈

They are faking their love and concern for you. Don’t be alarmed if they cheat on you or use you for their benefit. 

Your loving partner might actually be the biggest obstacle on your way to success and peace. 

You dream that your best friend is a witch.

Seeing a dream where your best friend has turned into a witch signifies toxic people in your life. Your friends or family members are harmful to you. 

As far as I’m concerned, they are constantly trying to bring you down and stop you from fulfilling your desires.

They take advantage of your love and trust in them and mislead you towards the wrong things. 

You dream that you have met a witch doctor.

A witch doctor primarily focuses on medical aspects of wizardry 🩺. So, if you dream of such a creature, you must implement all your wisdom and knowledge to overcome the problems you’ve been facing. 

This dream positively implies that you possess a creative outlook that helps you experiment with your thoughts and activities in real life. 

From what I’ve noticed, the negative implication is that when you try unconventional methods to overcome your obstacles, it brings trouble for your loved ones. 

You dream of meeting a good witch.

The word witch is generally associated with evil and negativity, but interestingly, you can also come across a good witch in your dreams who is loving and friendly to you. This dream is a good sign. 

As I see it, this implies your inner growth. You are progressing in your social circle, and your career it’s at its peak. With more recognition and honor, you will achieve greater things in life. 

You dream of meeting a small witch.

If you dream of a tiny witch, it signifies that the problems in your life are not as learning as you probably think 🤏

You are not apathetic, and with patience and courage, you will overcome all obstacles. No matter how dangerous your barriers seem to be, you should not be afraid to face them. 

You will tackle them very well if you want to. You are quite capable of facing the challenges life throws at you because you believe in yourself and have enormous inner power. 

You dream of a dead witch.

Seeing a dead or dying witch in your dreams is a good omen. It signifies that you have the courage and resilience to deal with any issues that have been bothering you for a while. 

As far as I’m concerned, unlike many other people, you are not disconnected from reality in your life. You understand the world around you as it is, and you are quite aware of your inner self. 

This dream is a sign that instead of avoiding your difficulties, you have to confront them and face your fears head-on.

You dream of an old witch.

Dreaming of an old witch is a sign that other people are using you for their benefit, and you must stop this from happening immediately 👵

People will criticize or badmouth you. But instead of focusing on their opinions, you must believe in yourself and keep going.

When it comes to fulfilling responsibilities and achieving goals, rely on your capabilities and follow your heart.

You dream that a witch is crying in front of you.

Many people wonder about the implication of a crying witch appearing in their dreams. It signifies that you are on the right path, and if you keep going like this, you will achieve your goals very soon. 

Based on my understanding, you don’t hesitate to work hard, and you can deal with your obstacles quite well. Therefore, all your efforts will bring success and happiness to your life. 

If I’m not wrong, your priorities are very clear to you, and unless something powerful overcomes you, success is just around the corner.

You dream that you are wearing a witch’s dress.

If you see yourself wearing a witch’s dress 👗 in your dreams, it might be a symbol of your wish to be recognized as an efficient and responsible leader in your social circle or workplace. 

I feel that you want others to be under your control, and you like to boss others around a lot. But your intentions are pure because you want to direct them toward good things. 

You dream that you are shaking hands with a witch.

This dream must be interpreted based on the witch’s actions at the moment you were shaking hands with her in your dream. 

If she was threatening or cruising you, it signifies that someone close to you doesn’t want you anymore and will soon try to get rid of you, as per my knowledge. 

It signifies that someone who has always felt a strong sense of enmity and hatred towards you will get over it and want to make peace with you.

You dream of a witch’s crystal ball.

You see a crystal ball in your dreams 🔮. This signifies that you are constantly insecure and doubting yourself. You are going through a bad phase in your life, but you don’t know how to deal with it. 

I genuinely feel that you lack a sense of direction and clarity, and this ignorance affects your thoughts and actions. 

Only they can show you the right path and make sure you overcome every obstacle with ease. They will help you find your life’s purpose.

You dream that the witches are using blood for their rituals.

Seeing a dream that involves witches performing rituals with blood can be a very disturbing experience and cause uneasiness. But if you look at it closely, the interpretation is different and intriguing. 

The key to looking at this dream positively is adaptability. If you can adapt to changes, you will notice significant improvements in different aspects of your life.

You dream that you are getting dressed as a witch.

You dream that you are decking up in a witch costume. This dream conventionally is a bad omen. It expresses your desire to manipulate others 🧞‍♀️

As far as I feel, you can easily play with people’s emotions and are never considerate of other people’s feelings. You are too arrogant to accept that you are wrong, and therefore, you want everyone to follow your path. 

I believe that If you see this dream, you must be cautious about your words and actions.

You dream that a witch is casting a spell.

If you see yourself being bewitched or a witch casting a spell in your dreams, it’s a warning. I shall give you the advice that you have to be very careful with your decisions and emotions. 

Someone is trying to hurt you, and they have very selfish intentions. 

So, if you wish to avoid being used for other people’s bad intentions, you have to watch out for toxic people around you.

You dream that you are meeting with a group of witches.

A dream where you see yourself meeting with a group of witches has a message for you. You are warned to look out for people trying to create unnecessary chaos and disturbance in your life 👥️️

In my opinion, these people will do everything to ruin this harmony and make you feel terrible. 

They are elements of distraction that you would have to avoid, no matter how tempting it is. Focus on the important things that truly matter.

You dream about several; witches at the same time.

Several witches appearing in your dreams is definitely not a good sign. Based on my level of understanding, this kind of dream suggests that you have endless problems, be it in your family, relationships, or at the workplace. 

You are doing something you know is wrong, and if you can’t get rid of it, greater problems await you. 

You have to overcome the temptation of selfishness if you don’t want to get into any trouble. Don’t do anything your heart doesn’t agree with.

You dream that a witch is helping you escape

In my opinion, if a witch appears in your steam and helps you escape from a particular place 🏃‍♂️, it signifies that hypocrites and treacherous people have entered your life. 

According to what I feel, you should not believe everyone around you because they might be trying to gain your trust to carry out their malevolent plans.

You dream about a witch’s hat.

Seeing a witch’s hat in your dream signifies that your social life is escalating. You will soon be going through a very joyous phase of your life. 

According to me, there will be frequent days of celebration and joy as you get to enjoy your life like it was meant to be. 

You will also be celebrating some very special events in your life. Overall, as I view it, it indicates a time of joy and merriment that will last for some time.

Wrapping Up

To conclude ⬇️, your interpretation of a dream about witches will depend on several factors. Most importantly, the scenario you see is how you understand what your subconscious mind is actually trying to tell you. 

Understanding the dream and relating it with your current life events will probably help you plan what you can do to avoid future problems.

As far as I’m aware, these dreams indirectly help you to look out for something bad. 

Also, if good news awaits you, you might also get excited to receive it. The interpretation might fluctuate according to the adaptations you make in life. So, I would ask you to not consider anything absolute.

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