25+ Effects of Happiness on Your Mental Health

Over the past few decades, every research that has been conducted on Happiness and its associated benefits has shown that Happiness makes the heart stronger.

Strengthens the immune system and the digestive system and also increases the average lifespan of human beings.

Keeping aside the physical benefits of Happiness, there are also several psychological benefits of Happiness.

The effects of Happiness on your psychological health.

Happiness curbs stress

Stress not only hampers your psychological health but also affects you biologically. There can be minute to severe changes in your hormones and also lower your blood pressure levels.

Happiness is very useful in tempering these imbalances in your body and enabling you to recover quickly from them. Happiness is the best-suited treatment while going through any stressful phase in life.

Doing the things which make you happy will, for sure, calm you down and reduce every bit of stress-related disorder that you have been going through.

Happiness reduces levels of anxiety

Just like stress, anxiety too can wreak havoc in your life, and besides making you easily freaked out and scared, it can also bring about more hormonal imbalances in your body and reduce your confidence. 

Anxiety can be the result of any past or recent incident or incidences which may have had a big impact on you, and you are still processing how to get rid of those frequent panic attacks which result from anxiety issues. Well, Happiness is your medicine.

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Happiness reduces the frequency of panic attacks

Keeping it relative to the previous point, panic attacks may sound like a very fancy term to many people, but the ones who experience it or have experienced it in the past know what it can do to you.

From severe anxiety, stress, depression, and trauma, panic attacks arise, making you lose control over yourself and your emotions. Such a severe condition must be taken care of by a professional. Happiness, once again, can reduce its frequency of occurrence.

Happiness calms you down as a whole

There can be instances when you feel like freaking out, or you get angry very easily, affecting everything you do at that moment and everyone you interact with.

When you focus on something which makes you happy, and you love doing, which may be eating your favorite flavor of ice cream or playing your favorite video game, that can be a much-needed break when a heated-up moment and that makes you calm yourself down and come back to your original self.

overall benefits of Happiness

Happiness makes you more energetic

It is all in your mind, your will to do something and to avoid doing something else. The zeal you have while you do something you like already makes sure that 10% of your work is done.

This is the same thing when it comes to doing something which you do not enjoy, but you still have to do just because that is important to you in some way or the other. When you are in a happy mood, you will observe that you have lots of energy to pull that task off.

Happiness boosts your self-confidence

One of the best things anyone can do for themselves is try to stay happy. When you stay happy, it benefits you in various ways, and boosting your self-confidence is one of them.

Every time you start working on something new, something which makes you a bit nervous, you will notice that if you are all happy from within, maybe you have had a great week, you will feel more confident and enthusiastic while working, and you would want to do more of it, without fearing again.

Happiness enhances your morale

Happiness gives your morale a drive, a boost, which helps you to be fearless while dealing with anything and everything.

You will notice that when someone has tried to bring you down or something has been hard on you, your morale dies down, and insecurity and trust issues follow.

When someone keeps you happy, or you are happy with whatever you are doing, they will not try to pull you down because they are the reason your morale is still intact.

Happiness makes you more optimistic

When you are happy, you start thinking and acting way more positively rather than when you are down with something. You start solving problems in a much better way and with more ease.

You will often notice that when you are joyful, you will be more optimistic while doing something. You will expect better outcomes and be more positive because you are working hard for it, rather than fear what if the result does not go in your favor.

ways stress is dangerous

Happiness results in you being more attentive

This is something which you might have noticed quite often. Every time you are happy, your mind focuses on things better. Your mind does not wander from one thought to the other and concentrates on the thing at hand.

When you are upset or worried about something, no matter how hard you try, your focus will get disrupted by that thought, and that will result in you not being able to pull off the task at hand.

Try to do things that make you happy, resulting in better focus and alertness.

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Happiness enriches your will-power

Talking about will-power, many a time when you decide to do something which you are not comfortable with, you will observe that the moments you are happy and have a positive mindset, you will pull it off no matter how difficult or painstaking it gets, but to finish that work, you must keep your mindset intact like the moment you had started.

This willpower of yours gets a boost when you are in a happy mood because, at that time, you love to take up newer challenges and obstacles and solve them.

Happiness reduces the impact of past traumas

Many people have had a terrible past, and that has made them traumatized to this day. This can be the outcome of any bad thing or things that are done to them.

When you are happy from within, you rarely allow your mind to wander around those past thoughts again.

You don’t spend time thinking about those phases of your life because you have walked past those, and now you are happy with your present, and this is how Happiness becomes an important combat weapon against any kind of trauma.

Happiness provides you peace of mind.

You will notice that the times when you are happy, your world is no more chaotic and all messed up.

When you are happy, things start falling into their place because you are thinking more rationally and practically rather than freaking out at every small thing, which gets it messed up even more.

When you are happy, you don’t get angry at every little thing and deal with things more calmly than usual. You feel peaceful and less overwhelmed with everything happening around you, and this is what people crave.

ways traumas can be harmful to you

Happiness boosts your creativity

It is quite natural that when you are not in a good mood or you are upset or unhappy, you will not feel like doing something creative.

You would prefer spending your time alone, without someone interfering or you trying to do something by putting in the extra effort.

Yet when you are happy, you feel like giving your creative brains a go. You put your quality time into the things that require you to be creative and different, which works out when you are happy.

Happiness makes you more knowledgeable

You may ask yourself what the relationship between Happiness and knowledge is. Well, there is a subtle link between the two.

Yes, you have to study even when you are sad or don’t feel like studying because you have to pass your exams or other tests, but is it only your academics that makes you more knowledgeable?

When you are in a good mood, you take in things around you, the positive and the negative things, which also provide you with life lessons. This, along with you putting in efforts to learn, makes you knowledgeable.

Happiness enhances better relationships

Happiness and relationships are interlinked with each other, and you can say that they are interdependent.

When you are a part of a healthy relationship, you are happy, and when you are happy, you try to keep your partner happy, and that is what results in a healthy relationship.

When you are happy, you tend to put more effort into your relationship and also calmly try to sort out problems rather than messing up things even more.

Happiness makes you more disciplined

Yes, and this is a fact that when you are angry or perhaps in a very bad mood, you tend to behave very wrongly with others around you, even if they are just trying to help you out. You probably go on to shout at them or abuse them at times.

When you are happy, you understand what others around you are saying because you are calmer. You behave nicely and softly with everyone, and that gives you the impression of being more disciplined and well-mannered. 

Happiness makes you less vulnerable to things that might affect you

Everyone has a weak point. Everyone gets hurt by something or the other, and many times, people use those things against them because that can easily hurt them and make them suffer.

In other words, everyone is vulnerable to something or the other. When you are in a great mood, you will notice that no matter how hard someone tries to bring your morale down or hurt you, they won’t succeed because your mind will not allow anything to affect it when it is all joyful and positive.

 benefits of being mentally alert and physically active when you are in a good mood

Happiness makes you more mentally active

The more active you are mentally, the better you can deal with things around you, and not everyone can master this trait of being mentally active all the time because of the lack of Happiness and positivity.

When someone is happy and feels confident, which comes naturally with Happiness, then he/she can take up every work assigned to them and complete that without procrastinating or giving up easily.

The thought process works well when you are in a good mood, and your plans also get executed or implemented well.

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Happiness curbs procrastination

You usually procrastinate when you are in a happy mood, and you waste your time by just being laidback or doing less important things.

When you are all happy and confident, you will notice that you do not procrastinate. You want to get all the important tasks in your hand sorted, and then you can have more free time for yourself without having to worry about anything else.

When you procrastinate, you boost your stress and anxiety levels and decrease your productivity.

Happiness helps you to combat disabilities and diseases

Yes, Happiness is linked with improvements in your physical and mental health, and not only on a short-term but also on a long-term basis. 

Happiness cannot completely cure your aches and pains, whether physical or mental, but it can surely reduce their impact on your everyday life.

When you are happy, you rarely get time to think about these ailments or disabilities, and when you do so, they do not get a chance to wreak havoc on you again. It is all in your mind mostly.

Happiness helps you to socialize well

You will often observe that when you are unhappy, your mood is grumpy, and you don’t feel like spending your time with anyone else. Even if you do so, you tend to react weirdly, and that might hurt the person next to you.

Keeping yourself happy and your mood brightened up ensures that you are more polite and friendly with others, and that works even for the people you are meeting for the first time. This is how you can socialize better with others, provided you are in a good mood.


From the above points, it can be concluded that Happiness is a remedy for many causes like stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and so on.

All of these can become a big evil in your life if not treated on time, and this is why it is advised to keep yourself happy by doing the things you love and spending time with your loved ones. That way, you can curb the impact of these ailments.

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