100+ Words of Encouragement to evade suicidal thoughts

Sometimes extreme pressure in someone’s life can provoke them to attempt dangerous and stupid things like suicide.

Only some proper words of encouragement and some deep positive affirmations can help them to withdraw their decision. The right motivational words can help them understand the worth of living. 

Here are some encouraging words to evade suicidal thoughts.

-You are more than loved and valued even when you are not able to produce anything good and worthy

-Despite all your unhappiness and morose mood, you will always be loved and nurtured by everyone

-You just do not need to worry as your decisions will be still respected even if you are not contributing

-You have to stop worrying as you might not be productive right now but you will be doing good soon

-You just need to remember that you don’t have to break down as bad times do not stay forever with us

-You are no less than gold to us because you have the potential of not giving in to this situation

-Don’t worry, you can very well pass this situation and do not need to face or choose death for this

-You just need to keep in mind that your strength will never let you take any drastic step like suicide

-Always remember that you are never made for suicide, you have the power to overcome it and win

-Just set this in your mind that suicide is never the right choice for anything, you are stronger than that

-whenever you will feel like killing yourself, just think that whatever you are feeling is not at all rational

-If ever suicide thoughts cross your mind, get to know that they are just symptoms, never a solution

-You just need to know that suicide is never the last thing, there are better ways to overcome problems

-You just need to get it in your knowledge that you are not made for killing yourself, you are much more

-Whenever you feel low, just close your eyes and think that you need to stay alive to solve all the odds

-You just never let yourself die like a coward if in a stressful situation, live and give it a real tough fight

-Whenever you feel messy in life, you just need to stop over-thinking and let your mind find solutions

-If you just choose to stay calm and rational in every situation, suicidal thoughts cannot cross your mind

-You just need to stop immediately if you ever think of killing yourself as things will get better with time

-All you need is to just have a little belief in yourself that you will not choose death over success

-You are stronger even than a rock and you are not breakable at any cost, you are not for dying like a sook

-Come what may never choose suicide as a solution, you deserve much more than that, you need to live

-You must have the faith in yourself that you can change the scenario and need not die

-You must keep in your mind that suicide will only cause destruction but you can change that all

-You should know that you are not born to embrace suicide at any point in your life, just be ahead of it

-You just never give a hug to cowardice like suicide as you are born to solve all the miseries of your life

-Whenever you feel you are tired of your life, just sit quietly and say to yourself, you are the strongest

-Do not think about the rest of the world and just believe that you are unstoppable and the best of all

-You must believe in yourself that there is nothing in this world which you can’t handle with perfection

-I have great trust in you that you can change a stressful condition into a happier one

-You are that kind of a person who cannot be hindered or stopped by anyone as you possess positivity

-You are just a box of optimism and potential and I believe that no situation can put you down

-I have a strong belief that you are such a strong soul that no disaster can break your inner peace ever

-You are just a sea of bravery who can win over any situation by using your might and intelligence there

-I trust you fully that however strongly the storm attacks you, you will be able to overcome it bravely

-You need not worry about your failure any day as I strongly believe no one can stop you 

-All you need just to have a little faith in yourself and you are sure to get through the dangers in life

-You should get to know that you have the flair to cross all the tough hurdles of life without giving up

-You must know that everyone is with you and you need not think about being lonely, keep working

-You just need to stop thinking about your failure and embrace what’s good in you, you are going to win

-Just get to know you can turn the mountains upside down if you wish to, you just need to try only

-You can use your problems to find their solutions and use them on time when needed

-Just have trust that you are going to overcome all the problems in your life gradually and peacefully

-Just take a deep breath and get convinced that there is no better than you in tackling odds

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