85+ Words of Encouragement To Fight Against Depression

Depression is a storm of feelings hitting a person altogether leaving them interested in nothing. 

Whether it is at the beginning stage or clinical, it does need a certain level of attention. 

This attention can really help the person to come out of it at the time or eventually. 

Not caring enough will only push them into the steep cave of darkness where they might never come back. 

Sometimes, the best you can do is the help them with your words. Words can heal, guide, motivate and help people who are in distress. 

Here are some encouraging words to fight against depression: –

-There is always hope even everything around you including your brain says otherwise.

-Sometimes you are going to wake up in the morning and feel like nothing is worth seeking, nothing that really means to you, or nothing you can do. That’s the time you need to talk to someone or introspect clearly, to begin with.

-Sometimes when you fall too steep, it is only the signal that you’re going to fly high in the sky.

-Don’t let anything, anyone, or life discourage you. You are just at the beginning of this journey. Everyone had to start it from somewhere.

-Healing is not a linear process. It is gradually spiraling upward. Also, it is cyclical, so it goes and comes around but only to go again.

-It is okay to feel low, lack motivation, confused, and as you are not moving. Because once you recognize it, you can ask for help.

-Remember, you are a warrior, so you fight! No matter what. Fighting is more important than winning.

-You’re far stronger than anything life throws at you. Persevere, and everything will be great on the other side.

-Don’t be afraid to take another chance on yourself, take another day. Have patience, pull yourself together. You will get the courage for this. Hang on!

-Find your “why” to live and you will see your “how” to live sorted very vividly.

-You’re not just a survivor but a fighter, a warrior. And that’s how you keep your heads up even amidst so much storm.

-Even if all you did today is hold yourself together, fought with what you had, it is enough to make me proud of you.

-Some things happen only to make you stronger on your feet to build a great future for yourself.

-This, everything will make sense once you achieve your peace within. You will see how everything will come around. Till then, hold yourself together.

-You have endured so much pain and loss. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be at your place. But I am always here to talk, to listen, to help, whenever you need.

-Remember this is a lesson for your life. You learn and you will grow to be a better person.

-All the hardship, pain, and failures are going to be part of your life. It’s not that these things are going to go away. But I will tell you this, it will get better.

-We are always here for you. All you have to do is ask for it.

-What happens to you, what life throws at you, isn’t in your control. All the pain you get is inevitable. What you can control is choosing whether to suffer or not.

-Don’t trust yourself too much when you feel you are good for nothing and feeling depressed. Talk to your loved one, and you will see how special you are!

-It is always wise to get professional help, early on,  when you see yourself getting depressed.

-Believe it or not! Being happy or remaining happy is in your hands. It’s your choice to suffer miserably or embrace the pain and laugh it through.

-There are so many people who love you, respect you, and care for you. Never, ever forget that.

-Little by little, one by one and one at a time, you will be able to solve all of your problems.

-I understand these are rough days but you will get through it. You are stronger than you give your credit for.

-Just give yourself another day. Enough tomorrows like this will get you through this.

-You have been an inspiration to me. I really look up to you. And in my dark times, you were always someone that helped me get through it bravely. Now I want you to do that with yourself too.

-Pain teaches you the most important life lessons, so instead of making it a misery of your life, embrace it as part of your life.

-Once you stop thinking too much about it, you will see how everything is in your brain only.

-It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. All these depressing thoughts, overwhelming emotions, this suffering. Acknowledge that you need help and let your loved ones do that for you.

-Do whatever you want to do, like to do to put your mind off from all noises in your head. Take a break!

-You have tremendous potential to be successful in life. There are only opportunities for you. Hold on, and you will see.

-Even if it feels like happiness has forgotten your address, you find your way to happiness.

-Make self-care a part of your life, it is not selfish if that’s what you consider it to be. When you take care of yourself, you can bring happiness to others too.

-You are the most loved person in the world. Always keep in your mind. 

-I can totally relate to the storm of strong emotions you are feeling. You just have too much on your plate. I have been there. Just see through what’s important, matters to you and you can control.

-Remember only this, no matter how bad it looks – life goes on!

-Even if mornings look dull and unmotivated, and you think, nothing you do now can help you get through this. Just laugh. Remember every time you have felt the same but go through it anyway.

-You might be broken but everyone is one way or another. Don’t feel you are alone in this.

-If you are feeling too many emotions at a time, take some time and do something that you really enjoy. Find new things to indulge in without any expectations.

-Be real with yourself. This will save you from any false expectations, lies, and all the fakeness in your life.

-When you are getting everything right, and doing great. Take time to relax and take care of your health, mind, and thoughts.

-The glory doesn’t lie in not failing but is rising every time you fall.

-Surround yourself with the people who really love you, and care about you, especially the ones that are positive and inspirational to you.

-Don’t make yourself feel the way life is making you too. It is just temporary and all lies in perspective.

-If you are worried about winning, you need to know, it is not about winning or losing but how you play the game.

-Forget, and let go of your past, forgive those who’ve hurt you. Only by doing so, can you liberate yourself, and move forward to the future.

-We all have come alone and will leave this world alone as well. The faster you make peace with this, the more independent your happiness will be.

-You need to find happiness in solitude. It is fun to be alone and you can enjoy that.  But being alone is not being lonely.  Once you know the difference, you will be sorted.

-Everything in life eventually gets sorted out. Don’t be sad for the temporary mishappenings.

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