101+ Words of Encouragement For Kids that ignite Positivity

Kids need positivity and encouragement from time to time so they go in the right direction in their life. 

Treating kids or parenting is a very delicate matter, as what you say to the kids at this time of their lives matters the most. 

It is what is going to shape their personalities and all the learnings for the future. 

If it is positive, they will have a better perspective in life to keep growing and be a better person. 

So if you are really struggling with what to say to your kid, here are the best encouraging and positive words to say in different situations. 

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words of encouragement for kids Performing The Task 

-Talk to me about what you want to do 

-We are going to see you do things that you excel at and be great at. 

-You are capable of completing this task

-I can see how much hard work and dedication you are putting into this. 

-We can help you do this. Let us know what you need. 

-We love to see you work through things on your own. We are so happy and proud of you. 

-You have made the right decision with this. 

-You are going to complete this task 

-This is going to be one of your best and most fun works that you will always enjoy more to do. 

-We are so proud to see your desire to learn. 

-Your hard work is going to pay off. All you need to do is have patience. 

-I can see how excited you are to start this work. 

 -It is always fun to spend time together. 

Encouraging Words For Kids For Curiosity 

-It is lovely to see your curiosity about things growing even more with time. 

-The best part about your approach to things is your open-mindedness. 

-You have this sense of skepticism that helps you make more practical decisions. 

-We are always going to help you learn more and more. 

 -It is commendable how good you are at critical thinking at such a young age. 

-We are happy to see your curiosity finding the right direction. 

-Your desire to learn will always overpower your fear of failure. 

-Never get scared of chasing what you truly seek and believe in. 

-You inspire us to learn more and more every day. 

-It’s okay not to pursue anything if you don’t feel like it. 

-We always will be encouraging you to chase your curiosity, whatever truly drives you. 

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Encouraging Words For Your Kid When Struggling

-It’s okay to find out something is not meant for you even after you initially gave everything to it. 

-Hard times come with the teachings that will help you deal with all situations in your future. 

-Remember, all you can do is try your best and leave the rest to karma. 

-You need to trust your instincts and just go with it. 

-Struggle is part of life. If you accept it now, this early in life, you will always be at peace with yourself.  

 -Don’t try to be perfect, nobody is, and it is okay not to be. 

 -Struggling is the phase, and this is only going to pass. Hold on. 

 -You need to persevere through all this struggle to eventual success. 

-It is fine to make mistakes as it only tells you the proof that you are trying. 

Encouraging Words When You Kid Has A Bad Day 

-It’s okay to have a bad day sometimes; everyone has one. 

-You’re not responsible for making everyone happy. 

-We all have bad days, but it tends to work through and even become more -meaningful in our lives. You will see. 

-Tomorrow will be a better day. Just get through this. 

-Take some rest, and do something that you enjoy the most. 

-Whenever you have a bad day, the best thing is to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative things. 

-You can tell me all about your day. I am always here to listen.

 -If things don’t happen the way you planned, just do your best, and everything will be alright. 

Encouraging Words When You Kid Doesn’t Feel Motivated 

-You don’t feel motivated to do things because you’re too focused on the results. Don’t take that pressure.

-You gotta love the process, not the end result; that’s how to do things. 

-It’s fine if you want to take a break and have some fun. We would love that too. 

-If you are trying, you are already winning. Don’t think otherwise. 

-It may not seem to be working out right now, but when you give it enough time, everything will work out just fine. 

-It is okay to find out you are into something as much as you thought you were. 

-You don’t have to do everything on your bad days, just do as much as you can. That’s enough too. 

-Your efforts matter, and rest all you need is a little patience with things. It will come around. You’ll see. 

-Take a day for yourself and do something you really enjoy. 

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Encouraging Words When You Kid Has Chosen Something

-I am so happy that you have decided to do what your heart speaks to.

-Just do what you love to do at this point, don’t think too much.

-We are going to help you in any way possible with this. Just let us know what you need.

-This is great! You’ve found something that you might love to do for the rest of your life. And even if not, it is fine. Enjoy it while you have it.

-It seems like you have found something you truly enjoy and love to do. We would love to see you grow and become great at it.

-You have such brilliant ideas and interesting things to do. When we were your age, we just watched TV all day.

 -We are always going to have your back, whatever you choose to do.

-Your action makes a huge difference to this world. So whatever you choose, make sure you inspire people to do some good.

-Remember,  you can always change your mind about things. You have a long life ahead to do multiple things you enjoy. 

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