153+ Words of Encouragement For Strength

Life is not that easy, sometimes it just gets too tough, and it needs strength to handle.

Words of encouragement are what make you keep going even if the time is difficult. After All, life is all about highs and lows where your resilience is tested and pushed to overcome the challenges.

To make sure you don’t stop and never give up, encouraging words for strength can be helpful. Not just you, but maybe someone around you, a friend, family member, or loved ones might need this too.

Encouraging And Positive Words That Boost Your Strength

-Winning doesn’t give you strength; it’s the struggle that develops the strength, when you refuse to surrender, this is what makes you stronger.

– Everyone in this world has to break, but afterward, those who are strong come out stronger even with the broken places.

– All the adversity you might face in life is what makes you have more strength in you.

– To exert their strength, there are only two ways, push it down or pull it up.

– A truly strong person doesn’t need someone’s approval, it’s like a lion needs to get approval from the sheep.

– When you get criticism. Accept it because that will make you stronger.

– Maybe there are lots of better ways to start, but be a stronger fisher.

– Efforts and struggles that go on continuously will give you strength and growth.

– Instead of surviving, make the mind that whatever comes your way, regardless of the difficulty or unfairness, you will thrive.

– No matter how tough time is, it will end but if you are a tough person, nothing can beat you.

– When things get difficult, it’s meant to rouse, not to feel discouraged from it. The human spirit grows by the conflict.

– Smile when you’re feeling like tearing up. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

– You are strong when no matter how things are going wrong, you don’t give up.

– You are happy and pretty, and there is tomorrow that brings the microbes for you.

– What doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

– Sometimes you understand how much strength you have when you face the greatness and weakness of your life.

– To be the champion, you need to be stronger and more methodical in life.

– Life is interesting as sometimes what gives you the greatest pain is what makes you the strongest version of yourself.

– Like to feel strong, to keep the floor high in mind.

– Even if you are in trouble, gather strength from your strength, grow brave by reflection, and smile in trouble.

– Keep the heart firm, to not let your mind shrink, and to approach what you do, so you can provide what principles unto death.

– Never let anyone take away the voice you have. Be strong and stand up for yourself.

– Not your adversity but your reaction to it determines how your life story is going to develop.

– Instead of judging yourself for success, judge how many times you back up after falling down.

– This is not the time for comfort and ease, but to dare and endure.

– If you can’t fly, run, if you can’t walk, then crawl but do what you can so you can move on.

– Don’t refuse to reduce what makes you change.

– Courage doesn’t mean that you don’t have fear but having the understanding that there is something more important than that.

– Never despair as it shows you are in control and know what is coming. You don’t, that’s why you need to surrender to things with hope.

– No matter what falls on you, keep plowing your head. It’s the only way that keeps the road clear.

– When you are divided, the strength gets weakened too, so unite to be strong.

– You gave this life because you are stronger and can live the way you want.

– What happens to you doesn’t define what you are, but what you choose to become is.

– Instead of holding on to what happened in the past, forgive yourself and start once again.

– When you have doubts about how far you can go, remember how far you came. Everything you faced, battles you won, and fear overcame.

– There is nothing more painful than staying stuck in a place where you don’t belong.

– Don’t want someone to save you, but to stand by your side so you can save yourself

– There is nothing stronger than hope to fear.

– Don’t be afraid to be gutted, let it open you and start from there.

– Instead of avoiding the pain, face it and find strength from it.

– When you love deeply, you get stronger, when you love deeply, it gives you courage.

– What you are is what you attract, not what you want to be. So if you want to be great, be the great one.

– Don’t stop yourself from crying and screaming, but don’t allow yourself to give up.

– If you are one of those and different from others, then don’t ever change.

– When you are weak, you become stronger. When you are afraid, you become fearless.

– Sometimes all you have to do is to face difficulties because there is something you are doing right, not because it’s wrong.

– Work not for applause but for a cause, live life to express what you feel, not to impress others.

– When you wake up, be the determined one and when you go to sleep, be the satisfied one.

– Don’t let anyone judge you, since they don’t know the storm you have to walk through.

– When you finally start seeing your true worth, you find it harder to stay around those who don’t.

– The strongest thing you can do is to love yourself, be the real you, and shine in the way no one believed you could.

– If you feel like crying, go to the bathroom and cry but when you walk, make sure nothing happens.

– A hero is an ordinary individual who has the strength to parent and endure in spite of what kind of obstacles he has to face.

– Don’t be afraid, or lose your strength, believe there is nothing you can’t do when you have the people who are there to support you.

– It’s never too late to become the person you want to be, to hope for the life you feel proud of, and to find who you really are.

– When you put your feet in the right place, stand firm.

– Make sure you are faithful to the small things as those are things where the truth lies.

– With the new day, you have new thoughts and the strength to start something new.

– You don’t know how much strength you have until there is no other choice you have.

– When your mind is calm, you can bring inner strength and confidence.

– When you keep going, life doesn’t get easier or forgiving, but you start to become more resilient and stronger.

 – Don’t push want makes you weak, play with what makes you stronger

– Whatever makes you different and weird, ist what gives you strength. 

– When you convert your weakness into strength, that makes you successful in life. 

– No matter what you dream, if you have strength in you, you can make them trust. 

– The one way that boosts your strength is to do things you have never done before. 

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Strength Words of Comfort for A Friend

  • 1 “You’re strong and that’s amazing – keep going.”
  • 2 “You handle tough times really well.”
  • 3 “Your courage helps you overcome anything.”
  • 4 “Believe in your power – you can do it.”
  • 5 “We’re here to support your strong spirit.”
  • 6 “Challenges make you even stronger.”
  • 7 “You’re tough – stand proud.”
  • 8 “You keep going no matter what.”
  • 9 “You’re like a fighter – keep it up!”
  • 10 “Inside you, there’s great strength.”
  • 11 “Your heart’s strength guides you through tough moments.”
  • 12 “You’ve faced hard things before – you’ll manage this too.”
  • 13 “Your strength gives hope to us all.”
  • 14 “Even when it’s hard, you’re still strong.”
  • 15 “Your strength inspires all of us.”

Short Words of Encouragement and Strength

“Stay strong and keep believing in yourself.”

“You can do it – never give up.”

“You’re really strong, you know?”

“Challenges make you even tougher.”

“Keep shining bright – you’re awesome.”

“Your courage leads the way.”

“You have your own amazing power.”

“Stay positive, don’t give in.”

“Face it all, rise above.”

“Inside you, there’s endless strength.”

“You’re much stronger than you think.”

“Your strength inspires us all.”

“Keep going, keep growing.”

“You’re like a brave warrior.”

“Embrace your strong side.”

“You have amazing potential.”

“Face fear, find your strength.”

“Stay tough, just keep moving.”

“Your strength is incredible.”

“Believe – you’re braver than you think.”

Words of Encouragement and Strength for A Friend

  1. “You’re strong and can keep going.”
  2. “You’ve got a big heart and lots of strength.”
  3. “Your inner strength shines in hard times.”
  4. “Tough moments pass, your strength lasts.”
  5. “Believe in yourself – you can handle anything.”
  6. “You’re like a fighter – keep going.”
  7. “Even when things are uncertain, your strength stays.”
  8. “Your bravery guides you through tough times.”
  9. “You’re amazing – you can do it.”
  10. “When things get hard, your strong side shows.”
  11. “Challenges make you even tougher.”
  12. “You’re not alone – friends and your strength support you.”
  13. “Stay confident – your strength will help you rise.”
  14. “Others see hope in your strength.”
  15. “Every step you take shows your strength and leads to better days.”

Words of Encouragement and Strength in Sickness

“You’re strong, healing is in you.”

“Rest, believe in recovery power.”

“Even sick, your strength shines.”

“Stay positive for getting better.”

“Each day brings wellness closer.”

“Your strength helps you beat this.”

“Take it day by day, you’ll do it.”

“Believe in body’s healing power.”

“You’re brave, on the road to health.”

“Stay strong – you’ll get better.”

“Believe in your body’s healing.”

“Love surrounds you in this journey.”

“Inner strength is your remedy.”

“Better days are on the way.”

“Stay positive, keep recovering.”

“Rest, care make you stronger.”

“Each step to recovery counts.”

“Your body’s strong, keep fighting.”

“Hope – brighter days ahead.”

“Your strength will see you through.”

Funny Words of Encouragement and Strength

  • 1 “You’ve handled Mondays – you’ve got this!”
  • 2 “Life’s a wild ride, and you’re in control!”
  • 3 “You’re like a superhero, even in pajamas!”
  • 4 “You’re tougher than an old pizza crust!”
  • 5 “Family dinners? You’ve got that mastered!”
  • 6 “Life’s a puzzle, and you’re the expert!”
  • 7 “You’re great at managing chaos!”
  • 8 “Chocolate and hugs make everything better!”
  • 9 “Juggling tasks? You’re a champ!”
  • 10 “Life’s funny, and you’re the star – keep smiling!”


Encouraging words are like a boost when things are tough. They remind us to be strong inside. With each kind phrase, we get the power to face problems. Together, we find courage to keep going and be strong.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Words of Encouragement for Strength:

How do words of encouragement provide strength?

These statements provide emotional support by reminding people of their skills, boosting determination, and developing a positive outlook, ultimately empowering them to tackle challenges with greater tenacity.

How do words of encouragement for strength contribute to personal growth?

They challenge limiting beliefs, inspire individuals to step out of their comfort zones, and promote a resilient attitude. Over time, this mindset can lead to increased confidence, improved coping skills, and overall personal development.

Why are words of encouragement important for mental health?

Words of encouragement play an important role in supporting excellent mental health by alleviating feelings of loneliness, increasing self-worth, and fostering a sense of belonging. They can help to overcome negative self-talk and foster a more resilient mindset.

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