127+ Dalai Lama Quotes for For Inner Harmony and Joyful Life

Discovering the Dalai Lama’s quotes is like finding a box of valuable thoughts. He talks about many things like kindness, peace, and how to be happy. His words are easy to understand but have deep meanings. In this article, we’ll explore these quotes and see how they can help us in today’s world to feel better inside and deal with life’s difficulties.

dalai lama quotes on life

-You keep silent and they get their perfect answer. 

-Your battle with yourself is far more significant than your battle with other entities. 

-The simple religion I preach and follow is the religion of kindness.

-Our enemies get defeated when they are cleverly made our friends. 

-Your competition is with your prior self and that is your biggest competitor. 

-No wonder we get judged by our outside, but the true change takes place within. 

-The anger you behold is ought to make you weak. Hence, hold onto compassion and it will provide you strength. 

-When you love, you dare not have any judgment. 

-Goodness spreads when there comes the appreciation of it. 

-This place is filled with successful people. We need more healers, peacemakers, and storytellers hereafter. 

-Getting motivated by love can make a person more courageous and free with their actions. 

-Absorbing minor negativities, taking it onto oneself, and then being over-reactive and oversensitive towards it is sometimes the soil to the roots of pain and suffering. 

-There are two kinds of people. One breed would face tragedies and consider that their end while the other would gather the broken pieces, find their strengths, and emerge stronger. 

-Let the ones you love have wings to fly. If they have reasons to stay, they will find the roots to come back. 

-Humanity stands on the two pillars of love and compassion. Soon when mankind would treat them as luxuries and not necessities, humanity will fall to its knees. 

-Gratitude and gratefulness are qualities that induce respect and appreciation in return. 

-Yesterday and tomorrow are the two days that you have no control on. However, you work on yourself today and the grief of yesterday would banish with the tomorrow turning out better.

-Buddhism preaches Buddhism not for people to turn Buddhist but for them to turn out better.   

-Greatness comes with uncertainties.  Be it the greatest love or achievement, everything involves risk. 

-We can survive without divinity and ruminations but we cannot live without endearment.

-Expectations can make us free to overcome negative feelings and spot stability.

-someone can create a vital impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates a remarkable impression by remaining quite

-If you have selective faith and believes, that is good. But you can carry on without it too.

-To make others happy you have to practice solicitude. If you want to be cheerful execute compassion.

-Your subconscious is tied with our ancestor believes.

-My religion is very simple. My persuasion is gentleness.

-Steps taken by others should not figure out your retaliation.

-Compassion and attachment are genuine religions to me. But to flourish this, you do not need to accept any religion.

-To conquer your rivals, you have to shape them as your companion.

-Not getting your desiring is not the deserving but luck.

-Peace and satisfaction is the aroma brought about by compassion.

-People who seek peace outside with anger filled within just aim for the sun in the night sky.

-When ignorance is in the mind, it is a peace that leaves the soul.

-Living together is fate but happiness or grief is your choice.

-The world revolves in balance. People meant to be in heaven are more than the ones destined to hell.

-I, like anyone of you, am a unique human being.

-Home is emotion-filled with respect and love. The place that provides you these becomes the one for you.

-Your enemy will induce in you the much-needed sense of tolerance.

-When you implement gratefulness, there is a feeling of regard toward others.

-Annoyance or loathing is like a fisherman’s hook. We need to secure that we are not caught by it.

-Cheerfulness does not always come from chasing something. Sometimes it comes from the least expected zone.

-A well-mannered mind leads to joyfulness. And an undisciplined mind leads to torment.

-Rather than thinking about WHY this is happening with you. Think about why this is happening to YOU.

-The procedure to refashion other’s minds is with peace. And not rage.

-Focus on the difficulties from all the corners, and you will turn into a more open-thinking person.

-A lack of translucency out-turn into disbelieves and a deep sense of uncertainty.

-An unbothered brain brings self-assurance and assertiveness, so it’s very necessary for good well-being.

-You cannot attain stillness in the outer world till you acquire peace in yourself.

-Radiate your knowledge. It is the best way to gain immortality.

-Let us make an effort to remember the irreplaceable nature of each day.

-Your target should not be one step ahead of another man. But should be your previous self.

-The main purpose of our survival is to help out others. And if you cannot do it, at least don’t hurt them.

Dalai Lama Quotes on Happiness

  • 1 “You create happiness with your own actions.”
  • 2 “Our lives should be about feeling happy.”
  • 3 “If you want to be happy, be kind to others. If you want others to be happy, show them kindness.”
  • 4 “Being happy is the best kind of health.”
  • 5 “Happiness comes from being kind and caring, not from money or power.”
  • 6 “Feeling calm and peaceful comes from being loving and caring.”
  • 7 “When you act with love, you become braver and more free.”
  • 8 “Loving others makes them and you feel good and brings inner peace.”
  • 9 “Try to be positive—it makes you feel better.”
  • 10 “To do good things, think positively.”

Dalai Lama Quotes on Positivity

-The only temple that concerns can be established within us.

-Just a single small supportive thought in the morning can transform your whole day.

-To convey a supportive movement, we must evolve a positive perception.

-As you inhale love yourself. And as you exhale love all the things present in nature.

-The greatest origin for happiness is not money and supremacy, but warm-heartedness.

-Guess your success by what you had to toss it out to toss it in.

-The perfect conqueror conquers his rage and dislikes.

-Unlatch your sleeves to change but do not let go of your importance.

-If an issue can be clear up it will be. If it cannot be decoded there is no use in bothering about it.

-You to begin with offering first and looking for absolutely nothing.

-You should trust that the greatest source of thanksgiving is within us.

-Go through alone sooner or later every day.

-Grin if you want to see a smile on another face.

-We all have the potential of thought – so what are we missing? If we all have self-mastery, we can change anything we want to.

-Take into your skull that great desires and amazing achievements call for great risks.

-If you imagine that you are not relevant to make a difference, try to take a nap with mosquitos.

-Instead of focusing to criticize others and the society around us, we should first peep into ourselves.

-The problem today is to assure every individual of the value of truth, morality, devotion, and concern for others.

-In our battle for independence, the reality is the only bow and arrow we can possess.

-Evolve the heart. Too much enthusiasm in your nation is consumed for developing the brain instead of the heart.

-It is very unusual or next to unthinkable that an incident can be uninterested from all points of view.

-Recognize the regulations well, so you can smash them successfully.

-Our primordial professionalism is confirmed at every spot that everything is connected. Everything is indivisible.

-It is only the competitor who can honestly teach us to make use of virtues by sufferance and compassions.

-Compassion is the desire of other living beings to be independent of misery. Attachment wants them to possess cheerfulness.

-Understanding is of little benefit if it just remains as a plan. It must provoke how we react to others and should be thrown back in all our concepts and deeds.

-Love is something very valuable. It’s not just a devotional and spiritual subject, not a lookout of ideology too. It is a necessity.

-You must not dislike those who do wrong or hurtful things. But with love you should try what you can to stop them because they are not only harming themselves but also the others who suffer from their activity.

-More sympathetic mind more sense of concern for other well beings is a cause of satisfaction.

-When you understand that you have done a mistake, take instantaneous steps to make it perfect.

-I find ambition in the darkest of days and concentrate on the brightest days. I do not judge the creation.

Dalai Lama Quotes on Life and Money

  1. “Money can’t make you truly peaceful, but it can buy things that make you feel good for a while.”
  2. “Real happiness comes from inside, not from money or power.”
  3. “Focusing too much on money can make your view of life narrow.”
  4. “Feeling okay with what you have is true wealth—money is just a way to get things.”
  5. “Money’s worth comes from how it helps others.”
  6. “Stuff can’t give us deep happiness; it’s something inside us.”
  7. “Having money might make life easier, but it doesn’t make us super happy.”
  8. “Being kind and caring is more satisfying than having money.”
  9. “Money alone can’t make us really happy.”
  10. “Having some money is okay, but it’s important to think about more than just money.”


Dalai Lama’s quotes show that real happiness comes from being kind, peaceful, and content. He teaches us that having lots of things isn’t as important as having a good heart and a calm mind. His words help us understand that being caring and finding a good balance in life are more valuable than just wanting stuff.

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