147+ Words of Encouragement During Hard Times

Sometimes your world may feel like it is crumbling down like nothing really matters anymore. Everything seems to be going down, out of luck or you just cannot catch a break. It becomes really difficult to get things moving again. 

This can happen all the time or every once in a while. And during these moments of chaos, sadness, and anxiety, you need to hear positive words. 

It is because all you can think of is how bad things are and how bad things are going to get afterward. 

So negativity overwhelms you and catches you off-guard, and after then, it is just a rabbit hole of negativity and depression. 

It can happen to you or to your loved ones or anyone around you. It might be happening right now as well. First of all, do not overthink and suggest the same. It is important to bring some clarity to your mind, draw you towards positivity. 

Here are some encouraging words that can help you turn things around and give you thoughts to introspect and get through it. 

Words of Encouragement During Hard Times

-You never know how strong you are until these hard times test your strength, and now you just have to persevere through this.

-Persistence is the greatest strength that you can possess over anything else, in fact, it even works great as a substitute for talent.

-When you face a problem, consider it as an opportunity to excel, so do the best you can.

-Never let yourself think otherwise than only you are alone who are going through this.

-When you hold too tight onto something, it is sometimes the best thing to do at the moment but it also can be the same reason why you are unable to move to the next best thing or something better.

-These dark times are only going to shine your true strength and emerge as a rising star through the lights we all have inside us, waiting to be discovered.

-Always have an attitude to not give up, no matter the circumstances, so no sitting down, grieving, or sulking. Stand up and look around, you will find a way for sure.

-Hardship can be a sign of the change that is coming to your life. So don’t be afraid of the change and difficulty it brings as there is something exceptionally great on the other side for you.

-Planning for the defeat while expecting the victor isn’t wisdom.

-You don’t have the right to pray when it rains as you haven’t prayed when the sun was shining. So, be prepared for the hard times.

-As L . M Montgomery puts it, trying and failing is the next best thing to do after trying and winning.

-Just like any other feeling such as empathy or despair, hope is also something that can be given from one person to another. Seek out for the hope you need at the moment.

-When life throws you to pebbles, you gotta make a house out of it.

-Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but strength and wisdom, as you understand no one can make it to the end alone. Companionship is the key to getting through hard times.

-When you use your pain and hardship as fuel and you will become unstoppable.

-You don’t learn so much from prosperity as you do from adversity. The lessons that come from hardships strengthen your willpower and train you to achieve better.

-As a popular Jewish Proverb says, you shouldn’t ask for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders.

-These tough times are temporary, it never lasts long but it is going to shape you to toughest to your core to last long in the world for sure.

-You need to steer your life in the right direction in the storm of all chaos and problems.

-Think about what you fear the most about your current circumstances, think of the worst thing that could happen in this scenario, make peace with it, and you will see your fear eradicated.

-When you feel like giving up, think of how far you have come. You didn’t come so far to only come this far.

You have everything to cope with your current situation. All you have to do is look through and beyond.

-Tough times only going to bring the best out of you. It’s upon you what to channel, the experience you had, lessons you learned, and all the wisdom you’ve gained or only the temporary pain and damage you see.

-Nothing can shake you up if you are already waiting for the problems to arise, so you can solve them.

-You’ve been through a lot, going through a lot and you will be. But it will be all worth it. You’ll see!

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Words of Encouragement for Him During Hard Times

  • 1 Be strong, you can do it!
  • 2 Hard times won’t last forever.
  • 3 You’re tough and can handle it.
  • 4 Your strength will show.
  • 5 Keep your chin up, it will get better.
  • 6 I know you can do this.
  • 7 I’m here for you, don’t feel alone.
  • 8 Tough moments make you stronger.
  • 9 Take small steps forward.
  • 10 Your strength amazes me.
  • 11 You’ll conquer this challenge.
  • 12 You’re not alone, I’m here to help.
  • 13 Think positive; better times are coming.
  • 14 Trust yourself, I trust you.
  • 15 Your effort will bring progress.

Encouraging Words During Difficult Times

-If you see an obstacle, it doesn’t mean you need to stop or have to, from reaching your goal. Figure out your way to work through, don’t turn around.

-Hard times are either going to make you bitter or compassionate, it is about what you choose.

-The perseverance, strength, and willpower to keep going on and try again and again is nothing but courage, and that’s all you need to get through this.

-Never sit still; always keep moving. When you don’t know what to do, just work.

-Don’t underestimate the power of doing little things consistently. You don’t have to win the war at large. Resolving your problems one at a time, and then one by one, winning little battles will help you survive and thrive eventually.

-When you have the courage to continue, it is a win in itself.

-If you want to reach your full potential, there is nothing in life that you cannot achieve. All you have to do is give it all and do not look back.

-By sitting on your problems, you are going to reach nowhere. Once you start moving around, you will see different solutions coming out your way. /

-The greatest bravado, a human pursuit, is to live through obstacles and fight through all the adversities in your life and get the ultimate joy.

-It doesn’t matter how hard life hits you, it is about how much you can take it and keep moving forward.

-Believe that the life you’re given is so worth living and fulfilling that these tough times seem so huge now for you, only going to be microscopic in a giant scheme of things.

-If you pay attention, life happens, in these tough times only.

-It’s okay to move slow in harder times as long as you don’t stop. Never let a temporary situation stop you, don’t matter how monumental it seems at the moment.

-Life goes on, that’s the three words you need to remember all the time whether you met a humongous problem or a life-changing success.

-Failure is not what you think it is when you fear to end up with. You have to see the broad spectrum of colors in between, so much to embrace.

-Don’t think about something that you cannot change. It is going to drop down all your worries, and lurking anxieties, and burdening stress.

-Endurance, not Enthusiasm you need to get through hard times.

-If you are facing problems in your life, that means you are going ahead in the right direction or at least you are moving. They are guidelines for life to move through.

-When everything is going bad in your life, it is a sign something greater is coming.

-Courage is what will help you get through tougher times in life. It doesn’t have to always be about roaring bravado but also quite a voice inside you saying you will try again tomorrow.

-When you hit your rock bottom, make it the solid foundation of yours to rebuild your life.

-You are going to get everything you seek, deserve or desire. In fact, these hard times are a sign of it.

-When you see things are bad, you need to take comfort in the thought that it can be worse or could get worse always. And when it does, as it does mostly, you find the hope that now it is only going to get better from here.

-Remember, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

-When you consider life as a test and everything as a challenge, it will change your outlook and attitude towards problems, putting you more on the positive side.

-In life, you have to make the best decision with the information you have at the hand and wish for the best.

-Make peace with the fact that problems are always going to be something consistent in your life, no matter what. So better you expect it in the first place.

-Be positive about the way things are right now in your life as everything is going to be alright.

-Use the hard times today to motivate your future and the past ones to motivate you now.

-Seek out the words of encouragement as it can be enough to spark motivation within you to fight the big challenge you have in front of you.

-The most important thing you should do, especially in the tough times, is to let other people know that they are not alone in this.

-Surround yourself with people you love and people who love you, care for you, and are positive.

-Encouragement is essential to give out to the people who seek or need the most at the time to help them grow.

-Don’t just be a criticizer but also an encourager, especially when your loved ones or people around you need it.

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Encouraging Words to Staff During Difficult Times

  1. Let’s stick together and face this challenge as a team.
  2. Even when it’s hard, your hard work is clear to see.
  3. Believe in better days ahead; we’ll get through this.
  4. Your work matters and helps us all, even in tough times.
  5. We’re here for each other, so lean on us.
  6. We know you can handle this – you’re capable.
  7. When we stand together, we’re strong.
  8. Your strength is inspiring to us all.
  9. Don’t forget, we’re here to support you.
  10. Hard times won’t define us – our response will.
  11. We’ve faced tough times before, and we’ll do it again.
  12. Keep going; your dedication is commendable.
  13. Tough moments make us grow; we’re growing together.
  14. Working together, we’ll turn problems into successes.
  15. Your work matters a lot to us – thank you for making a difference.

Words of Encouragement to Overcome Hurdles in Life

-You have the right potential and confidence to get along with anything in life and face them bravely

-You just need to see all the problems as challenges and contests in your life and you will pass them

-You are the one who visualizes challenges as the new ways of learning and new scopes for personal growth

-You must know that whatever adverse happens you can handle the situation efficiently

-You just need to follow your soul’s preaching boldly to get over the difficulties you are facing in your life

-You just stay peaceful come what may in your directions, peace will help you clear out your problems

-You have the absolute power to deal with all the obstacles and hindrances coming in your way bravely

-Your thoughts and abilities are stronger than you think of and have the power to overcome everything

-You have the talent to tackle every hurdle in your life peacefully and successfully and remove them

-You don’t need to fear your obstacles as you are more than just courageous to tackle them coolly

-You just choose yourself to be optimistic, remove all the negative thoughts to make this problem end

-You are more than physically fit and mentally healthy to solve all the tough riddles of your life

-You just need to focus on the things you can control yourself and leave the rest for destiny to solve

-You’ll surely overcome your problems as you can think positive in adverse situations

-You just be gentle and a bit kind to yourself to tackle and overcome all the hurdles in your life

-Your mind and heart is much more decisive and solved than you think and will surely solve everything

-You just rise from your morose mood and keep on working to clear the gloomy clouds from your life

-You have the ultimate strength and enigma to win over every difficulty coming in your way of success

-You just need to maintain your guts to fight over all the problems that are creating obstacles in your life

-Do not break down, just keep your chin up and win all the resistances offered to you by your life

-You just need to keep your cool and retain the patience with you and you are sure to remove problems

-You can win over all the hurdles in your life and overcome them with flying colors in life

-You just need to forget for a moment that life has become hard and take your problems as a challenge

-You do not need to hide from your life, just be brave and give it a tough fight from you and win it

-You can conquer every difficult situation of your life if you just choose to never give up and stay strong

-You just try to maintain the optimism and the inner strength within you and you can remove all odds

-You can bear all the pain with your endurance and have the potential to solve all unwanted problems

-You can eradicate all the odds and hurdles of your life if you just try hard and do your best

-You must get up and stop yourself from crying as you should believe that you can overcome all in life

-You have the enormous ability to give all your problems an u-turn and send them back to their places

-You must treat all the hurdles in your life as an option to develop your personality and grow in life

-Do not think of problems as a threat, trust me you can very easily clean them out of your life efficiently

-You just keep doing what’s possible for you to do, you will discover that you have done the impossible

-You and only you have the potential to cross all the hurdles of your life just by hard work and dignity

-You just keep on focusing on your honesty and your dedication, hindrances will be crossed by their own

-You just continue all the efforts you are putting in to cross all the hurdles of your life, you will surely win

-You just have to give the best and do necessary things when in trouble, things will clear out gradually

-Just follow your heart and you will always see the ultimate inspiration to overcome all your problems

-All you need to just stay calm and bold during life storms, clouds will clear your vision eventually

-You just need to have full faith in yourself during problems, the hindrances will be cleared out

-You are no less than a warrior, so just be fierce and face all your problems with fire in your heart

-Just keep on creating your footsteps and follow them blindly, you are sure to remove the odds

-You must believe that you are more than solved and divine and have the skill to tackle all the odds

-You are no less than a boat, having the extreme expertise to lift your life dealing with all the odds

-You are just a pack of abilities who can deal with any ordeals without failure, so just never worry in life


When things are hard, encouraging words help a lot. They remind us we’re strong and can get through. These words make us feel better and show that tough times don’t last forever. With help and positivity, we can handle anything. They guide us like lights in the dark, showing there’s hope and better times ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Words of Encouragement During Hard Times:

Why are words of encouragement important during hard times?

Positive feedback offers emotional support and can make it easier for people to handle trying circumstances. They serve as a reminder that people are not alone and that their sentiments matter. Encouragement can improve spirits, inspire people to overcome obstacles, and encourage a positive outlook amid trying circumstances.

What can I do if I’m struggling to find words of encouragement for myself?

Keep in mind how crucial self-compassion is. As you would a friend, treat yourself kindly. Remind yourself of your qualities and previous achievements. Reach out to loved ones for support, and if necessary, think about getting professional assistance. Asking for help in maintaining optimism during difficult circumstances is acceptable.

Can words of encouragement really make a difference?

Absolutely, yes. Positive comments can make a significant difference in someone’s emotional state. They provide people a sense of belonging, boost their self-esteem, and give them the inspiration to keep going in the face of difficulty. Genuine encouragement fosters a sense of support and cohesion by demonstrating that individuals genuinely care about and are interested in one another’s wellbeing.

How do I balance being encouraging with not downplaying someone’s struggles?

It’s important to acknowledge their challenges without dismissing their feelings. Use phrases that validate their emotions while still offering hope, such as “I understand this is really tough for you, and I’m here to support you through it.”

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