75+ Words of Encouragement After Surgery

It is unfortunate to be in a situation where your loved one or someone you know has to go through surgery for some reason. 

Most of the time, it involves grave risks but also paves a path to make them better at getting the right treatment. 

And once you know they went through surgery, all they need is a lot of rest to recover and think positive. 

So if you are wondering what to say to someone who is recovering from surgery, here are some encouraging and positive words that can help them.

-I hope you find your strength and motivation every new day to get better and get on with your life.

-We are happy to see you coming through this so well.

-I am sending you these healthy vibes to make your recovery speedy.

-Sending you tons of hugs to cope with all the pain and suffering, so you recover faster.

-I want you to start doing things you truly love once you recover completely.

-Wow, this time you went too far to get our attention! Well, now we all are here. You are going to be just fine.

-We wish you and your family to remain healthy and take care of each other.

-I will pray to god each night for your recovery and well being.

-If you need anything, just let me know, I will be so glad to help in any way possible.

-You know, all this pain and struggle, everything God does, does for a reason. There is a bigger and better plan in the place for you. It’s just a test.

-We all are always thinking about you and wishing for you to get better and back to your feet again.

-Think positive and keep laughing. Let me know when you need us, we will be right there for you to talk and have a good time.

-You may be feeling weak and in pain but all this is going to go away, my friend. You are going to recover faster than you think.

-You’ll be out of this hospital bed before you know it! Just focussing on getting your strength back. 

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Encouraging Words To Say After Surgery To Your Close Friend 

-You really need to focus on getting better because I can’t wait to hang out with you again, my friend.

-We, your friends, are all going to be with you and while you rest, we are going to entertain you with all the gossipy stories you’ve missed.

-I am going to stay with you here as long as you need.

-I am just one phone call away from you. Whatever and whenever you need it, I will be there.

-It’s heartbreaking to see you suffer like this but I am so happy that everything went well, and you are okay.

-I will pray to god for your faster recovery and better health.

-Certainly, I am not a doctor but I do have the healing touch of our friendship. Now you are going to get better!

-Don’t think of it as a hospital stay, but rather more like a spa package with health benefits, a lot of rest, meals, and complete attention.

-Just get better, so we can make fun of you as always and not feel bad about it as we do right now.

-I would prefer my old friend, all walking and talk, happy and excited,  not sulking in the hospital.

-We have decided to go for a little holiday together but you have to not just recover but also achieve the best of your health.

-If I would have been in your shoes, I don’t know whether I would have been as strong as you are. I gotta give you that!

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Encouraging Words To Say After Surgery To Your Partner

-It has been tough for me, living without you. Everything becomes lifeless without you.

-I am missing you a lot. Your hugs and kisses, everything.

-The house seems so empty and lonely without you. It breaks my heart to not see you in our home.

-I am so eager to see you on the other side of the bed. I am keeping it warm, hoping you are coming back anytime soon.

-When I am not here with you in the hospital, all I am doing is thinking about you and the life we have together, the times we spent together.

Encouraging Words To Say After Surgery To A Kid

-You are the strongest kid I have ever seen. Are you sure, you are not some kind of superhero or something!

-Everyone is missing you at the school and we all are hoping you’re going to be back with us as soon as possible.

-Being sick is not cool at all! So you better take all your medicine on time as it is going to make you feel better and recover fast.

-You are going to remember this as how strong and determined you were to face challenges in your life.

-We all are so proud of you for how bravely you fought with this! You surprised us there!

-Don’t worry! A magical fairy is going to come and heal you in the night, in your sleep. So sleep well!

-You have to get better at your favorite show, your chocolate ice cream for dinner, new toys and so much is waiting ahead for you.

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Encouraging Words To Say After Surgery To Your Coworker

-Oh man! The work gets even more boring after you’ve gone. You gotta come back soon.

-It is heartbreaking to see the empty chair beside me. We always have such a good time working together.

-You need to remember, these doctors don’t need your creativity and ideas, on the other hand, we can use a lot of those.

-Everyone at the office is missing you and you’re lame jokes.

-Don’t worry about the work. We are taking care of it. You just focus on your speedy recovery.

-I know you wanted to take a break but don’t you think this was a bit extreme! 

-Just take your time, relax and recover. Get your strength together because we are going to party hard when getting back. 

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