85+ Words of Encouragement to Strengthen Your Faith

There is no doubt that life is quite challenging and busy. With constant pressure and work, the individual can end up forgetting what truly matters.

That’s why it’s important to know that there is a lord and savior watching over you, leading you to the right path and encouraging you through his words.

However sometimes, those faiths can be abandoned, so for those times, you need encouraging words that can regain your faith and make you stronger.

Encouraging Words To Keep Your Faith No Matter What Happen

-Keep your faith, it’s the most amazing thing that tends to happen when you need it the most and are about to give up.

– Your faith is so powerful that it can move the mountain where your doubts can create them.

– Faith is about believing, you don’t know what will happen and when, but you believe that it will happen.

– Having faith doesn’t mean that things will get easier, it will make everything possible for you.

– The hardest time of your life can be the greatest moment, having faith will keep it worthy till the end.

– Sometimes what you think is the best is not what you don’t think, wonder, plan or obsess. Just take a breath and have faith.

– Faith is similar to wifi,  it’s sure invisible but the powerful connection makes you connect with whatever you need.

– Let the faith of you get bigger so it can overcome any fear.

–  To find true peace, you need to understand that whatever happens is under the control of God, not you.

–  When the night happens. It’s when you can see the stars.

– Surrender to whatever this is, and let go of whatever you thought it was, have faith, and let it be what it will be.

– God is always on time, so trust him and let the worries go.

– Those who have faith will have everything.

– Faith is recognizing things that are above you and the senses.

– When you lose faith, you end up losing everything else too.

– Have faith even if you don’t know, keep it till you make it.

– Doubt whatever makes you doubtful, before your doubt starts doubting your faith.

– instead of choosing fear, choose faith and things will be more fun in life.

– There is limited space in your mind, so having worry and faith won’t be enough, choose one that will live there.

– Your faith comes from what you believe and within you.

– Your future is bright as you have faith.

–  Through your hard work,  presence, and faith, you can make whatever your dream come true.

–  To have faith is like to the water, when you sin you don’t hold the water as you will sink and drown, but you relax and let yourself float.

–  when you have faith, you don’t worry yourself about what will happen in the future, you just know everything is in his hand and you do the best, let everything else go.

–  When you believe in yourself, other things fall into their places.

-Have faith in abilities, work hard and there is nothing that can stop you from accomplishing things you want.

–  Faith cant be seen but it can be felt, it’s the strength that comes from what you have done, and hope when you feel like losing and lost.

– Never let yourself feel weak, stand straight, walk proud and keep your faith in things.

–  Whatever you wish to have in life, other things are going to wish for that too. Believe that you have equal rights and accept the idea.

– The smallest seed of having faith is better than having the largest fruit filled with happiness.

– When you have faith in God, no matter what happens to you and what will happen in the future will make you stronger.

– A grateful heart is what makes you great, it’s an expression that defines the humility, and foundation of development such as courage, happiness, love, prayers, faith, and well-being.

– Have faith that not everything goes as you planned, but when you have the faith, there is always a plan for you.

– Believe in God and let him handle things that you can’t.

–  When you keep your faith, you keep the trust and the right attitude, and when you are grateful, you can see God open the doors for you.

– Whatever you ask to the god, you will receive when you have faith.

– Faith and prayers are the vitamins to your soul and without that, no one can live a healthy life.

–  when you have faith you can’t remove the pain, but you have the courage to get through the pain.

– The god makes you endure the pain instead of dimensioning and vanquishing the anguish when you have faith.

– When there is no one else who believes you, be the one for you.

– You are not perfect, ever going to be the one but that’s the great thing, have faith and let the better things happen every day.

-When you have a good support system around, then there is no way you can’t go wrong, believe in yourself and your thing, and let your faith make you strong.

-You can have whatever you wish to, just have faith and keep your feet planted firmly to the ground.

–  Technology is not the thing, it’s important to have your faith in people and do good and smart work.

– always have faith in yourself and keep yourself in, even if you don’t have the talent, or smarts, you can persist and continue doing it until you become successful.

– God has our special talents and ability for every human, when you develop that, believe in yourself and let yourself rise up out of any kind of situation. 

– it’s important that you have faith in yourself and be beautiful if you dream, and don’t tell anyone tell you anything else. 

– Believe in what you have, the faith in your dreams, and let the world see how you shine. 

– The biggest legacy you can pass to the kids is the faith in believing things, not the money or properties. 

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