How to Enjoy Your Alone Time: 51+ Proven Ways

In today’s world, we often think that we are more lonely than our earlier generations, but that’s not the situation. But we aren’t that lonely, we lack the patience to know ourselves better and also do not make an effort to ourselves.

We forget about our mental health by trying to impress others rather than ourselves. We always have a notification popping up on our screen and are busy making connections with the rest of the world but alas not with our own self.

Why Do We Need Time Alone?

We need alone time for several important because It helps us think about ourselves, learn, and grow. When we’re alone, we can focus on our thoughts and feelings without distractions.

This can make us more creative and better at making decisions. Alone time also makes us feel less stressed and anxious. It even helps us understand ourselves better.

When we spend time alone, it can also improve our relationships with others because we become more self-aware and can be better friends and family members. So, being alone sometimes is good for our mental and emotional health.

How to Start Enjoying Your Own Company

Ease Into Alone Time.

It is possible to be a bit uncomfortable when it comes to spending alone time with yourself. So, take it slowly, first try to find out what are your areas where you feel really connected or a feeling of calmness. Then allow yourself to enjoy those activities and after a few months, you’ll get accustomed to them.

Be Your Own Source of Validation.

It does feel amazing to get texts or notifications 24/7. But do think why do you need these sorts of validations from an unknown person. You can self-validate yourself by listening to music and keeping your phones, laptops away from you. The more you’ll be comfortable with yourself the more you’ll think that you don’t need anybody.

Get on Board with Hobbies.

If spending alone time makes you feel bored, then you must catch some hobbies like knitting a dress, painting, etc.

You can also try to learn something new like cooking or watching some movies or baking a cake. Make sure you try these new hobbies without any sort of distractions.

Don’t Check Your Phone.

Make your phone out of your sight. The best option will be you can be in a room where you don’t have any access to your phone. Checking the phone might make things worse as it could make you feel more lonely and left out.

Be Your Truest Self.  

Self-time is all about doing crazy things without any feeling of being judged. The fact of thinking it will make someone feel amazing.

You might hate spending time alone at first but there is another world kind of a feeling when you can dance around every corner of your house wearing your favorite underwear or stream to your favorite cartoon with your favorite snack. 


Go out On the Town.

If you feel like you hate alone time because of sitting at your home blankly, then you probably need a change in your location. You can go for a solo trip to some places totally planned by yourself or can grab a coffee, read a book in the park, etc. These situations still count as a lone time. 

Use the Time to Your Advantage.

Many things won’t be there in your fun lists, unlike chores. But you can spend alone time during the weekends if you find weekdays to be tiring.

Do what makes you feel liberated, it can be cleaning your entire room, reading a book, playing a video game, spending time with your loved ones, etc.

Tell Yourself, ”this Is Good for Me.”

Spend a lot of time with yourself. Try to understand every need and desire that you want in life. By better knowing yourself you will understand what kind of people you want to be around.

When you feel lonely or trying to figure out what is missing in life all that is needed is to know yourself more. 

Use the Time for Self-Improvement.

You might think every day to start writing a blog or practicing your guitar or try to cook some of your favorite dishes, but eventually, it doesn’t happen due to our busy schedule.

To fulfill these you need to have alone time so that you can focus on yourself and try to tick off all your to-do lists.

Work on Your Relationships.

It is easier to spend some alone time when you know that there are people out there who care for you. But it becomes difficult when it’s the opposite.

A lack of connection or being less understood, appreciated can make you feel worse. So, try to build up good relations with people who genuinely think about you.

Enjoy the Ultimate Relaxation.

It is totally okay to do things for others, but it is also necessary to cancel plans, sit back at home and pamper yourself. When you will start taking bubble baths, that will be the moment when you will actually love to spend time alone.

Discover Who We Are.

If you can cultivate the sense of being alone within yourself then it helps you to have a more mature view when it comes to what you want, desire, and your true interests. Spending alone time helps a person to discover his/her own self. 

Care for Your Physical and Mental Health.

It is a need to take out time for ourselves from our busy schedule. The more time you spend with yourself the more relaxed and recharged you will feel. If you neglect your self-care routine then you will often end up being anxious, desperate.

Increase Your Productivity and Creativity.

When you are alone, make sure that you are free from any sort of distractions. The only thing that you need to worry about is yourself.

While working, avoid any sort of notifications, no demanding attention from your better half. This makes you focused and creative.

Control Your Stress.

If you aren’t anxious enough, you won’t feel like thinking of what other people are doing. You don’t have to deal with any social gatherings or social relationships.  The only thing required is spending ample time with yourself, pampering yourself.

Journal Your Thoughts.

Start journaling, keep a diary where you can write all that is felt or bothered. It does feel liberating, and helps to deal with your mental health.

Journaling is the best way to spend alone time. Your journal can contain your personal as well as professional life. 

Make a Self-Care Basket.

Do what you think can make you happy, like put together some time to gather certain things. Dedicate yourself some time and be super engaged in the activity.

Make a list of things which is completely different from the list that we make for our to-do list. This self-care basket can contain a new book, skincare routines, scented candles, etc.

Print Pictures and Frame Them.

Make some time and look at your pictures and observe them carefully by which one gives you immense pleasure. Pick 5-10 pictures, print them and then try to frame them. You can see your loved ones whenever you want to.

Do Nothing.

Sometimes it is powerful to do nothing. Let your mind wander as much it can but that doesn’t mean you start overthinking. Let your mind be reassured knowing that it is absolutely fine to be in that moment.

Schedule It.

There is always a limit to everything. Spending alone time for a year is depressing and also always spending time in social gatherings is overwhelming. For that plan a schedule so that too much of both things don’t happen. We all need social gatherings to be connected to people and also we need alone time to get to know ourselves better. Scheduling time helps us to maintain a healthy balance of social life and alone time.

Eliminate Distractions.

You might feel distracted while switching off your phone or not be able to spend time with your family, but later you will understand the value behind it. Let everyone in the house know that you will be unavailable and also keep your phone in another room. Don’t fool yourself by taking it with yourself and thinking of the fact that you won’t use it.

Shift Your Mindset.

You might think that spending time with yourself might make you waste time. But try to look at the positive side of the situation, don’t let the negative thoughts overpower you when it comes to spending me-time. As you will definitely find a value to it.

Get to Recharge.

When you are with people you are busy trying to impress their egos, laugh, and spend a lot of your energy.

This can be draining at times, for that, recharging your mental health is very much required. This comes while you spend alone and enjoy your own time and space.

Reflect More Often.

Being alone helps you to reflect on yourself more often as we are all busy in our own lives. You only focus on yourself when it comes to alone time, you don’t need to think about other people.

Get in Touch with Your Own Emotions.

Your own thoughts are often neglected when you are surrounded by a group of people as your mind keeps on thinking about what the other person is saying. This doesn’t happen if you spend time alone and have a deeper understanding of your own thoughts.

Start Enjoying It.

You can enjoy your total freedom when it comes to spending time alone, as you don’t need to compromise your desire for an entire group to make them happy. Also, you don’t need an explanation as you can do whatever you feel like and enjoy your own freedom. 


The more you spend time with yourself, the more confident you will become. It also led to independence. You won’t feel anxious about burning your company after you enjoy being alone, also you won’t feel the desire to be surrounded by people always or a constant need to interact with one another. 

Break from Trying to Please Other People.

Life is all about relationships, and relationships do last if they are taken care of and when both the people are happy with themselves. While alone all you need to see is whether you are taking care of yourself. You don’t need to bother about any other person.

Don’t Apologize for Everything.

When you finally achieve solitude in doing what you like and enjoy being who you actually are then you won’t find apologizing for everything.

Also, you don’t need to apologize when you are alone, and attaining solitude does take a lot of time till then people keep guessing whether they are judging, getting offended, or angry.

Get a Little Lost.

Loneliness and spending time are a bit different. Loneliness is when you don’t enjoy your own company but spending time with yourself is the effort to make yourself happy and content.

So, go for a long drive, or to your favorite bookstore and get a bit lost. It is a great feeling where you have ample time for yourself; you don’t need to worry about any specific time or any sort of deadline.

Take Yourself out On a Date.

Go for a movie or at a restaurant or in a coffee shop all by yourself. It might seem awkward and scary at first but you will definitely feel amazing at the end of the day knowing the fact that you actually enjoyed every bit of it.

There won’t be any debates about what movie to watch or what to eat. All would happen according to your own plans.

Take a Boozy Bath.

Take a bubble bath, keep your favorite alcohol, a book, a music box within your hands’ reach, and enjoy it totally.

Spend long hours doing this especially during weekends to freshen your mind and a bit of pampering yourself.

Read a Book in Total Silence.

Lose yourself in the silence by reading a book. A book can be one’s true friend, you can let your mind wander as much as you want them to. It makes your mind broader and understand different perceptions.

Travel Alone.

You should travel alone once in a lifetime. Traveling is a necessity in life. If you don’t do them you’ll be missing out on great things in life.

Traveling alone makes you responsible enough to deal with yourself, be it physically or mentally. It is wonderful to learn alone and to rely on yourself.

Watch Movies.

When you feel lonely you can always watch a good movie. After watching it you can do a bit of research on the content of the movie and also you can reflect on the concepts with reality.

Listen to Music.

Music therapy often helps our mind to be focused, happy and active. If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks then music does help to calm your mind whatsoever.

Play Video Games.

Playing a video game can be a fun time pass as well as entertaining. It helps to release all the stress that you have been going through lately.

Get All Dressed and Enjoy Having Nowhere to Go.

It is truly liberating when you dress up as it makes you fall in love with your own beauty all over again. Doesn’t matter that you have to go to a specific place when it comes to dressing up, you can dress up, put on some makeup at your home and click some pictures.

Be Your Own Therapist.

Spending alone time helps you to settle all your unplanned ideas and helps you to focus on what could be done productively from those unplanned ideas. You can give your full attention to those ideas without being distracted by other people.

Plan and Strategize for Your Future.

It is often required to plan your strategies for the upcoming future, for that to know what your goals are. Explore the goals that would really make you happy. Also, be detailed about your goals so that you can reach heights of success.

Dance Around.

Dance in your own room when you feel like dancing. Every cell in your body will feel energized while dancing. Dance like no one is watching you. It would make your mind wander and also due to the moves you can feel liberated as it can act as a workout mechanism.

Try Something New that You Haven’t Tried for A While.

Go for a solo concert or for the enjoyment of being drenched in the rain. Do what makes you happy and don’t think of whether you’ll be judged due to the activities which you love to do. Enjoy every single thing in life without any guilt.

No Pressure on How Well to Perform.

While alone you don’t have any pressure on how well you need to perform. There isn’t anyone out there to judge you on your performance. There is immense joy in doing the work and experiencing it.

The inner enjoyment is the ultimate, if you are happy with yourself nobody has the right to differ you from any of your goals. You would keep soaring heights and be successful in your own way.

Gear Down, Refresh and Get Ready for The Real World.

As we become older, stress becomes a major part of our life. Life becomes difficult and hectic. So, you need to spend some time with yourself shutting off entirely from the world in order to get well prepared for the world outside.

Get More Things Done.

Getting alone time means you are not interrupted by anyone. So, you can do your work peacefully if required depending on your list. You will come out less stressed and relaxed after completing your work.

Become More Relaxed and Tolerant.

It is often natural to get annoyed and irritated at people. The more annoyed people seem to you the more benefit you will be by spending time with yourself. Although you can’t change other people, all you change is your perspective on them.

After spending useful alone time, you will see that people’s annoyance no longer bothers you, you are more relaxed and tolerant.

Solitude is a key to self-awareness and it opens our eyes to the changes that it can bring in one’s life. It is important to be socially active at a certain age or maybe throughout your life, but the frequency to tackle your mental health should also be an important part of one’s life.

To be well recognized, you need to give time to yourself, not on your mental issues but also to engage yourself in certain theories that are not known to you. 


In summary, learning to have a good time by yourself is important. To do this, you should be kind to yourself, take care of your needs, and explore things you like to do. When you’re happy on your own, it can make your life better and happier.

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