How to Face Confusing Thoughts: 51+ Proven Ways

We think and think, And think and breathe And breathe and think, And breathe and breathe. (Just breathe. Stop thinking.)

This is how we lack clarity, we can’t stand empty dinner plates and hence pour out our feelings, all on the table. And yet we got to bed with indigestion caused by hauntings that keep rising in our chests, of how farther away our words, our emotions, our honesty push the person sitting on the other end of an already long, white-clothed table.

Here are tips to face confusing thoughts.

Be focused. Focus on things that are less confusing, this would help you to be consistent and no repetitive thoughts could appear. Also, would weaken the aura of confusion in life. 

Accept where you are. Accept the little confusion that comes to your life now and then, this is proof that you are expanding. If you are stuck at something or somewhere that is only because you need more information for you to move forward.

Take a deep breath. It’s totally okay when things are not going according to your plan. Taking a deep breath often helps your brain cells circulate blood and clear your thought process.

Be patient. If you are confused, then it’s an indication of change and you need to unfold your journey a little more. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, be at peace and patient if you don’t have answers to your question.

Exercise. Exercise reduces anxiety, it increases the ability to be more focused and keeps your mind in doing the task. If you exercise daily then you can solve your own problems easily.

Practice self-affirmations. It also helps to reduce stress and also improves the ability to solve your own problems. If you can broaden your perspective then you can deal with your confused thoughts and can improve the power of decision making. 

Take a mental vacation. One must take at least 30 minutes of time to relax your mind. Sit comfortably and close your eyes and think of any calm experience, this gives you clarity and reduces stress and anxiety.

Do progressive muscle relaxation. When you find your mind is racing, then calm it down by doing progressive muscle relaxation. By making the muscles tense and then relax after a few seconds.

Write them down. When you face any sort of confusing thoughts then make sure you write them down. Writing has always been liberating, write down what you exactly feel. While writing it down make sure you are honest with yourself.

Study the thought objectively. Do give some respect to your thoughts and think calmly about them. Observe where things are going wrong when you are in a confused state of mind. Start considering alternative perspectives.

Clarify your thoughts. Sort through your thoughts carefully, then connect with your life experiences. You can also take help from your loved ones or by writing it down or by speaking it aloud.

Check the facts. Gather information that you have obtained from your thoughts. Try to question yourself and also try to solve the confusion. Focusing on thoughts helps you to rely on your emotions.

Consider your assumptions. It is important to reach out to your assumptions that fuel your thoughts. Your thoughts might be initially on your beliefs. For that, you can write them down, talk to someone you can trust or the answers lie within yourself.

Think about the consequences. There are many outcomes and consequences that depend on your choices. So, thinking about it can make you comfortable when you make that choice.

Avoid thinking traps. You can unconsciously fall into thinking traps like jumping to conclusions, treating your feelings as facts, thinking about the worst-case scenario. Identify those traps and think about them very carefully and also train your mind by telling yourself that those traps are useless.

Talk to someone else. Speak to a professional or a trusted person. Here from someone who might have faced the same experience. The other person can share his or her views regarding the situation.

Take a break. Make things so that your mind can be engaged in something like cooking, walking. Stay occupied, then your brain can unconsciously work on your problems. When you return to your problem after a long time you might find a different perspective to it.

Go outside. Spent some time with nature. Being occupied with nature helps a lot to restore your mind for reasoning, logic, problem-solving, and task management.

Accept the situation. Always remember that a certain situation is not the end of your life. You will definitely pass through this stage, rather it is temporary. Running from a situation is never a solution. Face it. Ignoring the situation can make things worse.

Try not to panic and relax. Get the difference between being confused and being lost. When you face any kind of situation try to face it rather than running. Humans have this tendency to panic and develop anxiety. Try to strengthen your thoughts and actions and tell yourself that you can face them. 

Find the pros and cons. Taking a random decision when confused is a very bad idea. Look for the bright side and rather stay positive when things go wrong. Look through the possibilities that can solve the problem. You can also make a note and write down the pros and cons.

Talk about the scenario. When you are trapped in a situation that is beyond control then often we feel anxious and our brain couldn’t think properly. So talk about the scenario to your trusted, mature friends and family who would rather be less judgemental and have the capability to come up with some good solutions.

Learn new skills. Learning has nothing to do with age. Never stop yourself from learning something new. As learning has no age. When you feel confused, try to divert yourself from learning something new and by acquiring some new skills, that would help you boost your confidence.

Make a bucket list. Making a bucket list can help you in many ways. It is actually a good step towards your future, it helps you to know more about yourself. It can make you relax and strengthen your thought process.

Read books. Books help a person’s life in many ways. When you are confused, nothing is safer than reading a book. Some biography can help you as an inspiration and can also be an eye-opener.

Stay away from any negativity. Confusions come in life when you don’t have the ability to control the situation or which is quite challenging for you. When all of your thoughts and decisions are negative then it is difficult for you to carry on with life and make the right decision. So, disconnect yourself from any negative sources.

Set priorities in life. When you carry too many things, you often lead to a confused life. Make sure you know your desires and try to control them, change your perspectives and go through what is important in your life.

Don’t just think, Do something. The main problem of being confused is that we just think of the outcome first rather than thinking of how to make things possible. Release your thoughts from such past regrets and start a new one. 

Cycle. This cycle continuously repeats itself. You might think that confusion can come only once in a lifetime but that’s not the case. You should be prepared for such confusion in life. Each confusion in life will help you grow more and more.

Get help. If you want to speed up your progress, then speak to someone who has experience. Often people think that speaking to someone is a sign of weakness, but it’s not true you excel when you share your ideas or seek help from someone or get feedback.

Release. The more you let go of your older self the easier your life will be. The more you try to hold on to something the more you will suffer. Letting go means you are open to new things, new life, new perspective, new views, new thoughts. Life will be beautiful.

Chaos. Confusion is a prerequisite state to have breakthrough experiences, when you are confused it means that something is happening within you. It really doesn’t seem like but once you get to the other side, you will see that something has changed.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Confusion occurs to every one of us, it isn’t a big issue after all. The only thing that is required is clarity which can only be a solution from being confused.  

Don’t put yourself down. Being confused can often be a sign that you are working hard on something. Be patient enough and keep working hard and preserving it will bring great satisfaction.

Busy mind. It is often said that having a busy life helps you from being an overthinker. Confusion is a part of brain learning so if you have a busy life you will be less confused.

Break from reality. Being confused leads to a break from reality. If you face extreme confusion one must consult a doctor as it leads to overthinking. As one lacks the control to think and they think beyond which leads to overthinking and also an anxious mind. People think which are not real and you aren’t sure who you are. 

Disorganized thoughts. These types of thoughts affect mental health drastically in daily life. This would rather lead to difficulty in thinking or making any sort of decision, struggle to speak, socialize, or being someone else that isn’t usually you. 

Stay free of the mind. Try to stay free at least for a few hours every day. Try out yoga, meditation, or exercise which would help you come out of the confused state of mind and would help you make better decisions in life. Always live like you are free rather than a mind full of thoughts.

Realize no decision is a bad decision. Every experience is your decision, when life pushes you to make a decision it becomes even more valuable. There is nothing called a bad decision. 

Develop a deep trust in life. Have a trust in life that it has bestowed upon you, make sure to relax and go with the flow. Sometimes things happen without any reason and out of nowhere. 

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You would definitely suffer from confusion if you are afraid of making mistakes. But if you take life from a different perspective then life is all about having experiences, it’s not about failures. 

Feel the bear behind your confusion. There is fear and insecurity when you feel confused. You open up more when you feel your emotions. The more you fear the more you will lose grip on yourself.

Ground yourself in the present moment. The mind keeps making plans for the future that is unpredictable. There is great wisdom and power when you concentrate on the present moment.

Stop thinking and get into stillness. The best thing you can do is to stop thinking and keep your mind active. Focus on your breathing, distract your mind a bit so that it can feel light.     

Stay in not knowing. Don’t be afraid of not knowing. A clever person eventually understands that all knowledge is still useless compared to not knowing. Life is full of ambiguity, it will always be a mystery.

Don’t wait for the right moment. The biggest mistake why we remain confused is that we likely wait for the right time. There isn’t any right time for any situation. The current moment is the right time. 

Stay away from information overdose. Nothing extreme is good. Little knowledge is also harmful and knowing more is also not required. Just know enough, there is a difference between knowing enough and knowing more.

Confront your default behavior. Our mind is used to making decisions and would likely repeat the decisions over and over. This makes us humans repeat the same mistakes. So, you must think for yourself outside and imagine testing new ideas.

You yourself are your best friend.  Human beings tend to give the best advice but they often don’t apply it in their own life. That is why we become confused when it comes to making decisions in life.

Clear the clutter. Throw away those personal fears that you carry within yourself. The family, friends whose impartial information overload you from thinking that you can’t move on, clear the fog and give yourself a room to breathe.

Choose the path which is not the least resistant. Trying to run away from yourself is never a good solution. The reality is the hardest when our brain loves routine and consistency. When we live our life, we have some goals and we need to stretch ourselves and make decisions.

Consider the fear logically. Take a moment and think about the fear. Think of the worst-case scenario of what could be done if the fear comes to be true. Knowing how to deal with the fear can be a safer option from being afraid.

Distract yourself from fear. Your mental health can be affected if you think about a certain situation over and over again. If you feel worried, fearful, or confused try to distract yourself from doing something else. You can try walking, jogging, and listening to some music.

Do something meaningful. Make sure to do something that could help others or can have an impact on society. This could be a help and you can feel more connected to people.

Focus on finding a solution. Don’t feel helpless while being in a confused state of mind. You might not be able to fix all of your problems but can surely make an improvement. Seek help from others and make sure you work together.

Expose yourself slowly. To combat confusion, try to expose slowly, read about how to face confusion, what is the root cause of it and how to deal with it while facing it. Watch some short video clips of some motivational speaker or a therapist. 

Put it together. Emotions might be complicated, but if you can master these negative emotions then nothing can stop you. Every emotion serves as a purpose, instead of trying to change it try to face it and observe how you deal with it.

Nostalgia. When you don’t know what and where to start, go to a place which you miss the most. It would remind you of certain things that you actually want to but have got lost in this mundane life.

We meet certain people in our lives who are strangers, friends, some strangers to be friends. Life is like a bus ride and the journey begins when we ride the bus. Just like people board the bus they create an impact on us fellow passengers.

But also it is important for some people to exit, to walk down the path that they are destined to, because if people never leave then one would feel suffocated and confused just like a bus can hold a certain number of people. The purpose of the whole journey would neither be worthwhile or smooth.

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