30+ Facts About Dreaming You Must Know

It is possible for dreams to be stress-relieving, fascinating, depressing, and also exhausting. We all dream each night, and it is tough to remember exactly what we have dreamt about. In this article, we will look at some intriguing facts about dreams you ought to know. 

What are the benefits of dreaming?

  • Dreams help us to learn.
  • Dreams help in emotional healing.
  • Dreams provide us with better sleep at night.
  • Dreams assist us in getting rid of fears.
  • Dreams aid in enhancing our disposition and mood. 

The quality of your dreams is affected by the smell

Researchers found that individuals can have better dreams in case they tend to smell better. They are of the notion that it might be a portion of the sense linking the different parts of our brain that are related to dreaming.

Dreams can help our brains to store memories

According to some scientists, dreaming happens to be one essential feature of slumber. It will allow you to save memories by remembering incidents. 

It will also enable you to solve problems and manage your emotions by presenting different scenarios associated with your thoughts.

As compared to men, women tend to have more nightmares

It has been reported by some sleep studies that females tend to experience more nightmares, unlike their male counterparts. The reason for this is that women are more prone to worry than menfolk, especially while slumbering. 

Nightmares can also be caused by certain medications

Our nervous system is affected by the medicines taken by us, and various chemical substances are released in our brains, affecting our thinking process in the long run. Our thoughts can be affected by narcotics, sleeping pills, and so on, and this can result in nightmares. 

It is quite tough to comprehend the meaning of our dreams

If we are in a good mood, we tend to recollect simple dreams. However, if we are frustrated, we often suffer from thoughts and dreams that fluctuate in nature. 

Sometimes, dreams can be quite tricky that allow us to recollect only a part of the dream. 

Culture can affect dreams as well

It is a fact that folks from different traditions and cultures have different thoughts, values, as well as notions. As a result, the dreams experienced by them will depend significantly on their cultural beliefs and values in the long run. 

It is possible to improve the recollection of our dreams

Sometimes, we make efforts to remember the dreams we had the previous night. However, it is mostly not feasible to recollect the entire dream. 

If you want to remember your dreams, try to note the small stuff in a journal. This can help you over time.

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Every single individual is going to dream

You will not find any person that doesn’t dream. In fact, even animals have the propensity to dream. 

However, your dreams tend to fade away when you wake up. These faded dreams can consume a couple of hours each night from your slumber. 

Blind people won’t have visual dreams

It has been revealed by research that inborn blind individuals don’t have visual dreams. The same can be said of those that have become blind at a very early age. 

Nevertheless, people that are suffering from blindness at a later stage will have visual dreams. 

Folks can dream outside their REM sleep as well

It is possible to categorize your sleeping period into two divisions, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REM. Even though your brain is quite active during the REM period, it is possible to experience dreams in either state. 

It is not possible to read or tell the time while dreaming

Try reading something if you are not sanguine, whether you are dreaming or not. Almost every person will not be able to read while experiencing dreams.

The same is true for clocks. It has been reported by lucid dreamers that they cannot tell the time while dreaming. 

Dreams have inspired some inventions

The majority of the greatest inventions on the planet have been a result of dreaming. For example, the concept for Google – by Larry Page, the sewing machine – by Elias Howe, the alternating electricity generator – by Tesla, the periodic table – by Dimitri Mendeleyev, and so on.

Lucid dreaming

Conscious or lucid dreaming is practiced by some folks out there. These people have learned to control their dreams using various strategies, and they are capable of performing amazing stuff such as passing through walls, flying, and even going back in time. 

Premonition dreams

There have been some incidents when folks have dreamt about certain things that occurred to them afterward. In other words, they were able to foresee the future. 

Some famous premonition dreams are Abraham Lincoln’s dream about his assassination, precognitive dreams regarding the Titanic disaster, etc.

REM sleep disorder

Your body is going to be paralyzed during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of your slumber. Nevertheless, on some occasions, individuals act out their dreams.

There have been cases of broken legs, arms, furniture, and even a house being torched. 


Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is something related to genuine nightmares. During sleep paralysis, one is not able to move, and there is a feeling of something evil in the room alongside you. 

In fact, it seems to be 100% real. One experiences sensations of extreme fear and anxiety as well.

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Dreams related to Making Love

This is something that is scientifically called “nocturnal penile tumescence.” Put simply, and you tend to become stiff while slumbering. 

It has been depicted by research that men get erections approximately 25 times while dreaming only. 

Dream Medicine

There are some folks who want to go on dreaming forever without waking up. For this reason, they sometimes take an illegal medication known as Dimethyltryptamine, which is quite potent as well.

In fact, it is a synthetic type of chemical substance produced by our brains while dreaming. 

Incredible sleepwalkers

Sleepwalking is considered to be a potentially detrimental as well as rare sleep disorder. Individuals suffering from sleep disorders tend to venture out for real nocturnal adventures on some occasions. 

Put simply; sleepwalking happens to be an extreme type of REM sleep disorder.

Enhanced activity of the brain

Even though slumber is usually related to something peaceful and tranquil, our brains happen to be more active while we are sleeping than at other times.


This is amongst the most popular Native American symbols out there. It happens to be a loose web that is embellished with sacred objects and woven around a hoop with the purpose of safeguarding a person against nightmares.

Pets dream as well

One cannot deny the fact that animals are also in the habit of dreaming. For example, you must have observed your pet feline or doggy moving their paws or tails and making some noises as if they are chasing something while slumbering. 

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While dreaming, you only see faces that are familiar to you

It has been proved by research that while dreaming, you will see only those faces that are familiar to you in real life. 

Therefore, don’t be surprised in case the strange-looking man sitting next to you on the bus appears in your dreams as well. 

Dreams have a propensity to be negative

Astonishingly, most of your dreams tend to be negative instead of positive. Amongst the top 3 emotions felt by most people while dreaming, mention may be made of sadness, fear, and anger.

Differences in gender

Around 72% of the characters that a man sees in his dreams tend to be men; however, women dream equally about both men as well as women.

Moreover, a man’s dreams are more aggressive. Both men and women dream about themes related to gender equally often.

Multiple dreams every night

The number of REM cycles will ascertain how many different dreams you might experience every night. This number can be as much as 7 in some cases. 

We will dream only during the REM period, and a person usually dreams for a couple of hours every night.

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Not every dream will be in color

Even though it has been reported by most people that they regularly dream in color, about 14% have asserted that their dreams are only in black and white. People more than 55 years of age have reported black-and-white dreams 30% of the time. 

The dreams of men and women are different

The content of the dreams of males and females differ widely. While some men dream about weapons more often than women, females tend to dream more about subjects related to clothing. 

Moreover, the dreams of the females are of longer duration featuring more characters.

It is possible to control our dreams

A lucid dream is one when you are conscious of the fact that you are dreaming even while sleeping. These types of dreams are a combination of REM sleep and consciousness, and it is often feasible to control the content of the dream as well. 

While dreaming, you become paralyzed

Our voluntary muscles become paralyzed while experiencing REM sleep. This is referred to as REM atonia and does not allow you to act out the dreams while slumbering. Your body doesn’t move since there is no stimulation of the motor neurons. 

Some dreams tend to be universal

Even though our personal experiences are going to affect our dreams to a great extent, it has been found that certain themes of dreams are quite common across different traditions. For instance, individuals often dream about being attacked, chased, or even falling. 


FAQs on Things to Know About Dreams

What exactly is a dream?

A dream is a type of thinking which occurs when there is some undetermined and minimum level of brain activation.

How frequently do we dream?

The majority of folks more than ten years of age tend to dream at least 5 to 6 times every night during the phase of slumber known as REM.

I dreamt of being attacked or chased. What is happening?

It is not feasible to say for sure what exactly is going on out there! However, one thing is for sure almost everybody experiences these types of dreams from time to time.

Can Medicate affect our dreams?

It is a fact that the intake of Medicine can make our dreams more frightening and vivid. However, more studies need to be conducted on this topic.

What sort of dreams do kids experience?

Kids become reasonable good dreamers once they pass the 5th grade. Often their dreams are full of fantasies and are less frequent as compared to their adult counterparts.

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