How Financial Success Can Affect Happiness?

At some point in your life, you might have heard people say that they don’t care about money. They don’t care about how wealthy you are; all they care about is your character.

Don’t let such words fool you; money is really important for your well-being and your social status, if not the most important resource.

How Can money Affect happiness?

Money provides you with freedom

Money gives you the freedom to do anything, buy anything, have anything without any restrictions. When someone has enough money, then he/she can live anywhere he/she wants, have whatever they want for lunch and dinner, buy as many cars as they want, take care of their own needs, and so on.

Once you have this kind of financial freedom to do anything you want and have enough resources to not worry about what is going to happen the next day, you will enjoy more happiness.

Money means security

Money is probably the biggest and the best form of security you can have. When you have enough money saved in your bank account, you don’t have to worry about paying your rent, or paying your bills, or just having something to eat. 

Besides providing you both financial and personal freedom, money keeps you away from the thoughts like what would happen if you lose your job tomorrow. When you have enough saved, you stand secure. At least you’d be able to have a stable middle-class lifestyle.

Money secures your emergency needs

Every time there is an emergency regarding anything, may it be you, or someone close to you, suffering from a certain illness, or there is a shortage of cooking gas in your home, or you have to immediately pay off a loan when you have money in your account you don’t have to worry regarding such problems.

There can be an emergency at any time of the day; having money keeps you away from the thoughts that what would happen if you suddenly come across an emergency. 

Money enables you to pursue your dreams

Maybe you dream of building a huge mansion or going to a country you have always loved. Maybe you want to enjoy the thrills and adventures of life or start a new business. You don’t need to worry about chasing such dreams when you have ample money.

No goal or no dream is incomplete when you have that financial stability backing you and your needs up. You can achieve all those goals which you feel will enable you to live a better life.

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Money promotes better standards of living

Suppose you have been staying in a very small and dingy house since childhood, and your parents don’t have the financial stability to build or even rent a better house for themselves and you.

You have always seen your friends staying in much better conditions than you, so it’s your dream to have a bigger and better house and uplift your standards.

Money enables you to do just that, which is why it is so important to work hard to earn well.

Money helps you to help your loved ones

You all have friends or family members who are not that financially stable. They cannot afford all the resources required to lead a healthy and better lifestyle. 

Every time these people ask you for some form of financial help, like giving them a loan they need for their children’s education or anything else, you can’t turn them off because you love them so much.

Then in that case, if you don’t have enough money, can you help them? There lies another importance of money.

Money allows you to chill

It is very important to take a break from work and chill for some time, either alone or with the ones you love. Sometimes you feel like ordering something to eat or going take a trip alone. For all these moments, you need to have money in your pocket.

When you have that secured financial status, you don’t have to worry after buying or ordering something for you or your loved ones; you can just enjoy the moment.

Money enables you to surprise your loved ones

Who doesn’t want to surprise their loved ones and make them happy? When planned and executed well, a surprise can make the other person go over the moon with joy, but to pull off such a surprise, you need to have money.

Once again, money is the solution to your needs. Yes, it won’t assure you how much you can make someone happy, but you can, for sure, plan a great surprise when you have that financial stability.

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Money promotes mental peace and satisfaction

Every time you have enough money in your bank account, you will automatically feel more satisfied and gain mental sanity.

You don’t have to worry about falling into a crisis and having no money to support you. You don’t have to worry about pursuing your dreams right from the very beginning.

A study conducted in 2016 suggested that around 73% of the total number of people tested were not happy or satisfied in their lives because they did not have enough money to support their needs.

Money helps you to bounce back from setbacks

You must have stronger coping abilities when things do go wrong because not every time will things go according to how you assume.

Money will not guarantee that every day will be the happiest day of your life, and it will be all roses and sunshine, but it does give you the power to bounce back from setbacks.

The happiness and the willpower you get when you have money backing you up is extremely important when you have to step back and assess the situation. 

Money allows you to pursue your higher studies

Many times, people want to pursue higher education, whether it is till their masters or they want to do research.

Whatever be the case, if they don’t have money or a stable financial background, they can’t pursue this dream of theirs; rather, even if it’s possible, it’s really difficult.

Even when it comes to taking a loan from the bank, it will not get sanctioned until and unless you have the minimum financial stability, and this is why money is so important.

Money enables you to take care of your health both physically and mentally

When you have money in your hands, you don’t have to worry about your self-care or anything else. You can get to work out in a gym or buy equipment. You can get all the resources needed for your skincare or to better your overall physique.

Similarly, when it comes to your mental and psychological health, if you are suffering from something, you can always consult a psychologist or anyone as such. 

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Money doesn’t prevent you from enjoying yourself during festivals

Festivities are the time people enjoy themselves the most. They wait an entire year for their favorite festivals to arrive, and they sure want to enjoy themselves a lot when they do.

When you have enough money, you don’t need to worry about buying new clothes or decorating your house with lights during the time of the festivals. You can make the most of that time just how you want to when you have money to fulfill your needs.

Money allows you to see opportunities and possibilities better

When you have the power of money and are financially stable, you make better and more confident value-based decisions. This, in turn, enables you to see far more opportunities around you instead of waiting for them to come and knock at your doors. 

There is also a mindset change and a massive boost in your confidence when you have money. You find positives even in the worst of things and make the most of every opportunity hurled at you.

Money allows you to enjoy your relationships better

It is not surprising that 60% of divorce happens because of money. When there is a lack of money transparency, it is quite understandable that you can’t take care of the other person and their needs besides yours.

There is also a lack of shared goals, and this can be a huge reason behind break-ups and divorce.

When you have control over your money emotions, you can better handle your relationships and fulfill the needs of your loved one and you as a whole.

Money provides you a better overall contentment

Various people remain happy and have a smile on their faces most of the time. Does it mean that they have no problems in their life, or they don’t go through bad days? No, they too have such moments in their lives, but their normal mode is that of a happy person.

This happens because they know they are spending their time and money on the things that matter to them and will benefit them shortly.

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Money allows you to experience better health

No money won’t protect you from falling sick or save you from an accident unless you take precautions, but money can surely take care of you afterward to ensure that you overcome the situation by having proper treatments.

Money, as you know, makes you happy, as already discussed, and when you are happy, you tend to take care of yourself better than you used to, and you suffer from sickness and other ailments lesser. You would also stop skipping frequent medical check-ups when you have money.

Money allows you to live guilt-free

Many people suffer from two big money emotions, which usually revolve around fear and guilt. When people lack financial stability, they feel a pang of guilt after spending their money on something.

They fear that their savings will come to an end if they use their money to afford something, even if that is essential.

This is why having a substantial amount of money to back you up and your requirements is essential as it also lets go of guilt and fear.

Money prohibits envious thoughts from arising in you

Most of the time, when someone succeeds somewhere down the line, you envy them and get jealous of their success. This happens with everyone, including you.

Having money automatically benefits you by inculcating gratitude in you. This happens because you usually stay happier when you have money to spend and better find out the positives in everything.

When you inculcate gratitude in your everyday routine, instead of getting jealous of others’ success, congratulate them and feel happier for their achievements. 

Money helps you in times of sudden job loss

Take these times of the Covid pandemic as an example, so many people lost their jobs, and their livelihood came at stake because they didn’t have a lot saved to at least provide them food each day.

Consider yourself blessed if you still have money, even if you have lost your job. You can still manage somehow without having to worry a lot. It is quite difficult to borrow money from someone and then have to return it during times of difficulty.

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Money helps you in limiting debts

Having some amount of money saved as savings can benefit you in times of financial debt. You don’t need to depend on someone to clear your debts for you or even use a credit card for that purpose.

You can make money from your own savings account and use it to lessen the burden o debts on your shoulders.

Savings also help you in emergency situations. In such situations, you don’t have to depend on others for a loan; you can help yourself instead.

Money helps you in financing a wedding

Weddings can be expensive. Even in your own hometown, they can make you empty your pockets, leave aside destination wedding.

When you have quite a proper amount saved in your account, that can help you in times of a wedding which you have to finance like the wedding of your son or daughter, at times your own wedding.

There are many couples who postpone their wedding owing to financial constraints. Feel blessed and acknowledge yourself if you are saved enough for the wedding.


From the above points, it can be concluded that, when you have money, it can be the solution to most of your problems. You don’t have to depend on others and stay under a burden of debt when you can finance all your requirements, and this is why you must work very hard to get your dream job and earn a hefty amount every month.

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