20+ Ways to Find Happiness in Unexpected Places

Happiness is a feeling that you create from within. You may feel happy and jubilant in the smallest of things, or you may not be happy even after doing every extravagant thing in this world.

It is a mindset that you create, and it also lets you have bits of happiness from places where you do not expect it.

You look at the brighter side of every loss, which makes me happy that it is good that you have made a mistake in the earlier point of your life which can be fixed.

How To Be Happy At unexpected places?

Past incidents

You may look at the past, holding onto only the worst possible scenarios. If you start looking at the good side, you will notice that when you look back at your past, it makes you feel grateful and also makes you feel happy. You least expected the emotion of feeling happy from your past.

You realize it is the way you look at things; you are feeling happy because you were able to come out of it or go through all the happy as well the good moments, and this is what matters to you in the present moment.

You overcame and came past all the hurdles, and this shows the courage and urges to overcome anything in your life.

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Treating yourself 

It might be something very small to you, but these are the small instances that make you feel accomplished in your life or feel happy. You may treat yourself for a loss or also for your biggest achievement. This practice just makes you think you, too, take care of your happiness.

It makes you feel that you are responsible enough for taking care of yourself. You are a person who will celebrate and give yourself appreciation and validation rather than expecting it from anyone else.

You get a rush of happy hormones when you treat yourself to something which you have wanted to have for a long time.

Spending time with your pets 

Pets make you happy unknowingly. It makes me feel a sense of comfort. You do not feel alone. It makes you feel alive, and when you devote your time to spend with your pets, you feel loved and cared for. You know someone has got your back in every situation.

You may not be able to converse with them like an actual human being, but they will make you feel a part of themselves.

It automatically induces within you the feeling of being happy. When you spend time with your pets, you feel happy even if you are stressed or having a bad day.

Helping out someone in need 

People evolve as they grow, and everyone has unique traits which make them look into the trait of being kind in a different way. Kindness is something that triggers you to help the ones in need. It need not be something luxurious; it can be as simple as a bottle of water.

It makes you feel that you are one of those who want the world to be a better place. You were a part of helping someone in need.

These emotions and feelings overwhelm you, which makes you have a smile on your face. It makes you think that if you can help anyone, you will surely do. You didn’t know that you could be happy with these two!

reasons why you should be kind to others

Buying something for your parents for the first time

Parents are someone who always adores you and looks after you no matter what situation you are in. You often feel that you need to pay them back for whatever they have done for you, but this doesn’t work in this way.

So whenever you get your first job, you always try to gift them first to just make them proud of yourself and make them feel good for whatever they had done for you. It makes you feel like you have lived up to their expectations.

It makes you have the emotion of growing up and becoming responsible for your life and your career. Parents become so overwhelmed by your actions that you can see the tears of joy in their eyes.

You have a sense of accomplishment, but at the same time, you realize that you need to be a responsible adult as days pass by. You never realized the amount of happiness you would have by this instance.

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Planning a solo trip 

A solo trip is something which you should have at least a couple of times. It does not come under the notion of a vacation, but it is a getaway for you where you free yourself from all the stress, worries, and negativities as you move away from the toxic lifestyle. It lets you breathe peacefully for a moment which helps you in rejuvenating yourself.

When you plan a solo trip, you become confident regarding yourself as you know you are the only one to take care of yourself, and this also helps you learn a lot of things that will eventually help you out in due course.

A solo trip makes you give your mind much-needed rest, and it also makes you relax for some time. It refreshes up your mind and also makes you think creatively about everything around you.

Visiting a concert of your favorite artist 

It might seem a bit too random for you, but these are all about how to find happiness in the most unexpected places.

You may not realize how it makes you happy, but when you do something for yourself, you feel that you do take care of yourself even after taking care of everyone around you.

When you visit a concert of your favorite artist, you feel that you have taken time out for yourself despite having a tight schedule.

This shows you know when to take a break and look after your mental health. Mental health, too, needs to be taken care of as it plays an important part in your existence, and when you look after it feels that you know an essential part of living your life.

You feel that you have grown up and this makes you feel happy about yourself it wasn’t expected that you could be happy by this too!

Vising somewhere with your family 

Spending time with your family is one of the most underrated ways to keep you happy. Family is something that gives to a sense of warmth and comfort, which you cannot get from anywhere else.

It is also important to take your time out for the family as your work. You realize that you need to strike a balance between your work life and your personal life.

When you visit somewhere with your family, you have a sense of belonging, which helps you in thinking that you have managed to balance out everything in your life.

It makes you, as well as your family is happy. Your family feels special and cared for, which is one of the strongest reasons to feel happy.

 Benefits of a solo trip

Going for shopping 

This might not be a reason for your happiness, and you may feel that you are just wasting your money, but this isn’t the same for all.

When you go outside shopping, you not only shop just for the sake of buying, but you shop every time with a different approach, and this shows a lot in how you view yourself.

Shopping does not only restrict you from buying clothes. It also widens your knowledge to buying something such as a stress reliever or spending on the various types of beverages you drink, how to calm yourself. In all sense, it shows how you look at yourself and how you are willing to take care of yourself.

Watching your favorite movie

You might consider this as a very small part of your life, but unknowingly you feel happy by this. When you watch your favorite movie, it enables you to think about your likes and dislikes, which helps you in keeping right about your morals and ethics.

When you watch your favorite movie, it rekindles you memories, and you tend to feel more connected and nostalgic.

A favorite movie helps you in forgetting about all the worries and stress for the moment, and you just let it be.

This creates a sense of relaxation, which unknowingly you have wanted for a long. It makes you go through the same scenes of the movie, but it has a wider approach; it helps you in learning and evolve.

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Going on a sudden date

Spending time with your loved ones is one of the simplest ways to be happy; you may consider this as a normal situation, but this is not the case.

When you go for a sudden date, you feel joyous and jubilant regarding the time you are going to spend with your loved ones. You tend to discuss your life’s problems, and you see that solutions have arrived in just simple ways.

The things you were having difficulty in untangling were solved within a second; you understand the power of understanding and sharing.

You feel relieved by sharing those; these are the benefits of spending time with your loved ones. It not only makes you feel happy but also helps you in easing out all your issues in life.

Random compliments from a stranger 

Compliments are something that boosts your mood automatically. You tend not to expect anything, even from your closest ones, so when you get a random compliment from a stranger, it automatically makes you feel validated.

It makes you think that you are doing well even though you have faced numerous hardships in your life.

When a stranger compliments you, you feel that you mean at least something to some people. It makes you bring back your confidence and face the day bravely.

It makes you feel courageous enough to go through the day and excel at whatever you are doing. It makes you feel happy all the more, which indirectly also boosts your creativity.

benefits of shopping online

Planning for future 

As you grow up, you tend to mature and evolve; you realize that your future plays an essential part in your life. You start dreaming about the place where you would like to see yourself.

You plan your life in the same way so that you can fulfill your dreams. When you plan about your future, you suddenly realize that you have grown up enough to be serious about your life.

You start envisioning the things which you have dreamt about. It makes you feel that you are on your correct path, which makes you hold on to knowledge, ideas, upbringing, and a lot more.

It makes you feel headstrong regarding your decisions, morals, and ethics, which are important parts of fulfilling your dreams.

Academic excellence 

It might sound a bit random to you, but it does make you happier than anything. You tend to put in the effort before your major project or your exam.

You tend to put in your all; then, you do not realize the number of effort you have given and the hard work you have done for it.

When you achieve the grade, point, or number you wish for, it makes you extremely happy, it makes you feel that you are going closer to your dreams, and all the hard work which you have done is finally paying for it.

You feel that you are working in the correct way, which is helping you achieve slowly but steadily all the things which you have envisioned.

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Surprising your loved ones 

Your loved ones can be a reason for your happiness, and a smile on their face also makes you happy.

When you think about your loved ones, you feel that you just want to make them feel happy; you think of the things which can bring a smile to their faces. You want to surprise them with their favorite as it makes you feel connected and feels happy all the more.

When you surprise your loved ones, the expression and the joy in their faces bring you the joy which you may not realize but is a reason for your happiness; when you become a reason for a smile on someone’s face, it makes you feel that you can fulfill all the desires of the people who are important to you which makes you feel responsible and ultimately happy.

Overwhelming feeling after you get your dream job 

You work towards a dream which you have envisioned. You always wanted to end up in a place where you have seen yourself.

.Day by day, you come closer to the dreams you have seen; you overcome all the hurdles and obstacles in your life. It helps you in taking step by step closer to your dream job. When you put in so much effort, you tend to expect to fulfill all your dreams.

When you receive the results from all your dream job, you tend to get a bit emotional. You realize that your efforts have ultimately brought results which makes you bring back your lost trust and confidence in yourself.

It makes you feel that you finally have been able to reach the place where you had always envisioned.

When you come back to your home after a tiring day

It is natural to get tired after a long day at work. Maybe you have had a tiring day at work or somewhere else. Maybe you have had a very hectic time with the people you were with, and all you want now is to get back home and rest.

That feeling of being able to reach home after being all exhausted is something else, and when you lie down on your bed to sleep, that comfort is unmatchable.

You wouldn’t even be expecting such pleasure and comfort after you reach home, so it is indeed a kind of unexpected happiness for you, and you will thank yourself for it.


Happiness comes from within, and it has nothing to do with the situation; you can find happiness in the most unexpected places, and you should be able to take it gladly. These are the instances that prove to be a blessing in your life.

The ways mentioned above on how you will be to find happiness in the most unexpected places. Once you look at things in this way, you will be able to notice that you are finding happiness and trying to be happy in everything you do.

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