Happiness in Pain: 26+ Ways to Find it

Achieving long-lasting happiness is a goal everyone out there can chase after, but the feasibility of this particular goal is questioned by patients suffering from some kind of chronic illness.

Even though chronic pain is ongoing, it is not a spiral toward depression and anxiety, which seems inescapable. You, too, can infuse your life with happiness and positivity.

How to Find Happiness in Pain

Adopt a good sleeping routine and personal hygiene

Alongside making you feel more tired and cranky when you wake up from a night of very disturbed sleep, it also affects your overall health and makes your body more sensitive to pain. 

When dealing with chronic pain, you want to get rid of it rather than being more prone to it; that is why it is very important to develop a healthy sleeping routine that you must follow every day. Start exercising regularly and ensure your sleeping place is cool and comfortable.

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Inculcate mindfulness meditation

Research has proved that inculcating mindfulness meditation into your daily life makes you less sensitive and prone to pain and leads to better sleep and overall mood throughout the day.

Studies have shown that the daily meditation practice can significantly decrease your pain to a lower level.

There were signs of increased SWS and REM sleep in people taking part in mindfulness meditation.

Besides all these, meditation has numerous other benefits which will impact your entire life well.

Exercise regularly without failure

Just like meditation, which improves your focus, concentration, sleeping patterns, and so on, exercise keeps you physically fit and also mentally alert. Exercising increases your oxygen intake capacity and also your blood circulation levels. 

Exercise is especially beneficial in providing you with better sleep at night, which mostly keeps you from being more prone to pain and decreases any existing pain.

Exercising makes you strong from the inside, which helps you fight various diseases and ailments and also making you look sharp and healthier.

Laugh till your cheeks get sore

It is prescribed to everyone, and even they are not suffering from any chronic pain; laughing your heart out can be a solution to many physical and mental ailments.

When you laugh a lot, it releases endorphins throughout your body, which is proven to curb pain to a large extent. 

All you need to do is find out what is it that makes you laugh your heart out and do that more often, if possible, regularly. There is no substitute for a burst of heartfelt laughter.

benefits of personal hygiene

Interact with people who are good for your heart

Every time you deal with chronic pain, the slightest hurt to your heart can make you feel even more emotionally drained.

You must interact and communicate with the people who understand you and show you affection and compassion.

Not everyone is good for your heart, and when you already have an ailment in the form of chronic pain, you don’t want anything else to add to that.

Besides, you can be freer with these people and make suggestions on how to be happier in these conditions.

Make the most of your support networks.

Staying near the previous point, making the most of the support you get from your loved ones is advised.

Start spending as much time as you can with your family members who will stay by your side in every situation, no matter how worse it gets.

Research on the role of family members and chronic pain showed that people with better and more supportive families reported a lesser reliance on medication and lesser pain intensity.

Stop spending your time thinking about what people think about your medical condition.

Don’t stress yourself out thinking what others will think about your medical condition. Stop worrying about how you portray yourself to others after being struck with a chronic ailment.

There is no need to worry about what others think about your chronic pain; it is also not fruitful.

Instead, use this time to take care of yourself and do what will lessen your pain and keep you happier.

The opinion of others seldom matters, only if you wish to give them, and their words, unnecessary importance.

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Accept your current condition.

Not everyone’s life is the same; some may be staying in a huge mansion and having several cars and enjoying the luxuries of life, whereas some may be struggling even to get their daily needs met.

Life is not the same for everyone, and one must, in every situation, accept the present and do the best out of every harsh circumstance.

Remember that life is unpredictable and uncertain, so making yourself realize that not every time it will as your plan is the first step towards making peace with the situation.

ways to accept yourself for who you are

Having health problems is not your fault.

Health means it will deteriorate at some point or the other, and it is quite normal. It is not your fault that you have to suffer from such a chronic illness at this point in your life.

Everybody struggles with their health at some point or the other, and so are you. You already have to suffer quite a lot because of chronic pain, so don’t add self-blame to your list of sufferings and challenges. 

Don’t allow place for any pessimism.

Yes, it is very easy to become hopeless owing to the present situation you are dealing with in your life. It is quite natural to think that things will never return to where they were before such a chronic illness struck you. 

This type of thought process is what you need to change. To recover quicker, you must believe that everything will return to its normal place with time and you will be free again. So, never stop being optimistic.

Understand that others will let you down

Everyone feels let down by someone or the other; it’s their friends, loved ones, or even their family members. You need to understand that even if you are let down, it has got nothing to do with your life. 

Maybe something is going on in their lives that has to do with them letting you down. Don’t let this be another issue that you will have to deal with besides your chronic pain, which is already a huge burden on you.

You should not be angry at your body.

Remember, your body is never your enemy. Your body is who you are, and the more you are angry at it and treat it with hatred and rage, the more you will suffer.

Your body is always trying to support you. It is wondrous in every sense indeed, but it is still vulnerable to diseases and ailments like everyone’s body.

Some can cope better while others cannot. You should not be harsh on your body for this reason; you should treat it affectionately and compassionately.

ways to practice self-love and love your body as a whole

Remember to be grateful to your caregivers.

They can be anyone from your parents to your children, your wife/husband, or a nurse. Always be grateful to them even if you don’t feel that you are recovering quicker.

It is not about the recovery being faster with their help, but their efforts towards you so that you do get better is nothing short of proving to you that you are not alone in this situation; they are also with you.

You will not have to deal with your pain alone, and you have a helping hand.

Inculcate patience in your life; enough of it

Patience is genuinely a virtue, and you know this saying. You will encounter several annoyances and difficult moments in your life. You will have to weather quite a few storms in your life.

If you have patience, you can overcome each of them without exacerbating your symptoms.

Inculcating patience allows you to deal with your chronic pain much better without getting panic-stricken or restless because it is so hard on you.

Your life would not be perfect even if you get your previous health back

One of the major things to become more practical in your approach towards life is not falling into the “if only” trap.

You must remember that even if you become normal, that is, regain your previous health back, your life will not be perfect. You might still face other problems and come across various hurdles in your life.

No one can promise you that your life will be trouble-free after you regain your previous health, not even you to yourself.

Asking for help will not make you appear needy and weak

When you ask for help from someone, you don’t appear needy, nor is it a sign of weakness. You must learn to move ahead of these strange stereotypical concepts and ideas that people have.

Asking for help is a sign of self-compassion, showing that you truly care for yourself on your own.

If you feel that you cannot cope with your chronic pain and other ailments that follow your efforts, you can ask for help from others.

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It’s okay to feel lonely at times.

Everyone in this world feels lonely at times. It is not because of their fault or someone else’s fault, but at times, even though they have everything they need or everyone they want, they still feel lonely, and that’s how a human system functions.

The effects of isolation and loneliness are very hard to cope with, which is why it is advised to keep yourself busy with something important or something you love doing, then the loneliness will not hit you this hard.

benefits of being patient in life

Don’t make yourself feel bad because you are unable to go to work

When you are suffering from chronic illness and have to make chronic pains a part of your everyday life, it is possible to lead a normal life, like someone who is not suffering from any ailments.

Yes, you must exercise if you can, but if your pain is more intense, you can’t even exercise, let alone work.

Taking care of yourself and your needs by staying at home and being unable to go out for work is not a matter of shame. 

Feeling fed-up at times is perfectly alright.

It is alright to be sick of feeling and being sick. The only thing you must keep in mind is that being sick is not your fault, and you must not be harsh on yourself for being sick no matter how freaked out you get. 

Maybe you are sick of constant pain and illness for days. You must keep in mind that it is just a day in your life. Tomorrow might be alright once again; if not, then the day after tomorrow.

Despite your chronic illness and challenges, you are a complete person

Never let anyone try to make you feel that you are not. Even if they do try to make you feel this way, never believe them or let them get inside your mind.

Although you are suffering from chronic pains, you may have a lot of burden on your shoulders. Still, you are a whole person. 

Even if, unknowingly, you are important to many people like your parents and your loved ones, be blessed that you have them, and even after all these, you are still alive and breathing.

Help out others whenever you get the opportunity to do so      

When you reach out to others in times of need, not only does it help you overcome isolation and loneliness and it gives you a welcome relief from thinking and worrying about your health all the time.

Also, when you help others in times of their need, you get help back from them when you require it.

It is mutual and makes you happy and satisfied when you help someone out and make them smile. When you are happy, it releases endorphins which lowers your chronic pain.


Finding happiness in pain is a complex and individual process that requires a shift in perspective and a willingness to embrace discomfort.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the ability to find joy in difficult experiences can lead to greater resilience, personal growth, and ultimately a more fulfilling life.

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