25+ Reasons Why Focus On The Present Will Make You Happier

We have so little peace and contentment in our lives in recent times because we are constantly occupied mentally in thinking about the troubles of our past and the uncertainties of our future. 

Reasons Why Living in The Present Will Make You Happier

Let us look at a few reasons why we should learn to live in the moment and why the present matters.

Feeling fulfilled

Contentment is the key to happiness. When you only live in the present and make the moments count, you shift your focus away from what you have done in the past or the negative impacts it had in your life.

Also, you are not anxious about what will happen in your future and how you will deal with things. You are simply happy with what you have right now, and that is what makes you truly happy.

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Feeling free

Brooding over the time or things that you cannot alter or control now will only tie you up in shackles. Expectations and anxieties will always bring you down, and you will not focus entirely on what you are doing right now.

So, the right thing is to let go of what happened and live a life after truly comprehending the meaning of freedom. Never be afraid to take risks and let the unpredictability of life surprise you.

Letting go of negative regrets

Living in the present moment will stop you from actually living in your past. Therefore, no matter what you did, or what happened to you in the [last time, you will never regret those things.

Having unnecessary grudges can negatively impact your life in ways that are unimaginable to you. Focusing on what’s happening now will let the past experiences and regrets fade away, and you will learn the role forgiving and forgetting play in making us happy.


Never being disappointed

You only live ‘at the moment’. This means you do not expect anything from the future. You just let everything happen in the ordinary course of time. This is a positive thing because you will never be disappointed by anything that comes your way.

Accepting life with open arms and embracing all of it, good or bad, is what will make you completely happy. Anything good that happens is a surprise, and everything terrible helps you to learn a lesson.

Learning to be less worried

Anxiety and mental uncertainty take away most of our mental peace. Constantly thinking about what to do and how to do it will make you worry more and naturally ruin your peace.

The correct approach to this is to have faith in yourself and know that you are quite capable of handling anything that comes your way and need not worry about anything.

You don’t always need to plan everything out and know what’s going to happen next. 

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Having better relationships

When you change your attitude and perspective towards life, you become a more acceptable person to people around you.

Your can-do mentality and your confidence in whatever you do create a positive image before other people.

Your ability to forget about the past and live your life in the present, enjoying the moments, will benefit you regarding the relationships you form. You will be able to handle them better, and they will last for a longer time.

Being more energetic

We waste a lot of our precious time and energy-both physical and mental when we keep worrying about unnecessary things and letting the little things bother us. Not being worried and not having any regrets will help you clear your mind to focus on the essential things in life.

Even if you don’t have any constructive things to think about, avoid focusing on your past. Your mental energy is precious and cannot be wasted.


Being honest

The key to being happy in life is to be confident about yourself and appreciate the importance of honesty. When you are honest with yourself and the other people around you, life becomes more straightforward.

This is because you look at things just the way they are and do not feel compelled to twist things unnecessarily. The present is what appeals to you, and you have nothing to pretend. You never even need to lie.

Being more focused

When you have plenty of mental energy, you can always focus better on whatever you do. The past and the future can never be a distraction for you and avert your concentration. You need to focus on what you are doing right now; that is all that matters.

No matter what work it is, solving a challenging problem, reading a book, listening to music, or simply meditating- you can always do it better when it is your only concern.

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Being more confident

Living in the present and focusing on ‘now’ makes you more confident and wise. You become more self-aware, and you can use your practical knowledge and smartness in your daily life.

There is a shift in your perspective towards every aspect of your life, and everything appears to you more completely and clearly than before. You are never confused or tense about anything at all. This altogether lets you have a more confident approach to life. 

Being more appreciative of everything

Anything you do is done well. Only when you do it will you complete your education and enjoy yourself while doing it. Therefore, you are not just doing it because you have to; you want it.

That makes you a more optimistic and appreciative person, and you learn to gather experiences from everything. Looking at the brighter side of everything will protect you from depression and anxiety and make you a happier person. Being happy is the most essential thing in life.


Being able to enjoy the little moments

In our rush for more, our tendency to plan everything ahead of us, we end up missing out on the little moments in our life that matter more than anything else. This consequently makes us insensitive and rigid.

Rather than reminiscing about how life was ten years back, try focusing on how your life is now and bring out the goodness in it. Or, rather than thinking about what you may have in the future, appreciate what you have now.

Being calmer

Thinking about the past will bring over all the negative things that happened to you. This will make you depressed and irritated. The happiest people are those who never worry much about things and accept everything with a warm embrace.

Negative thoughts cannot bring them down, and they always manage to look at the brighter side of everything. This brings them mental peace and makes them happy. This can only happen when you learn to live ‘in the present moment.


Being able to overcome cravings

Focusing on the present lets, you aim for small targets that you have wanted to achieve for a long time. You have a goal, and you work on achieving it now. This lets you avoid the worries of your past and only focus on the present task.

When you finish little tasks or achieve small goals, it gives you the confidence to aim for higher purposes and helps you to develop extreme self-control over yourself in your life.

Being able to control physical pain

Turning away from any form of pain can have negative impacts on your life. Consequently, resentment, questioning, and doubt adds up to it and end up making you mentally needy.

This increases your suffering and restricts you from being happy. So, the correct approach is to focus solely on what is causing you pain right now and not turn away from it. It would help if you learned to face your weaknesses. The pain persists, but you get better at handling it.

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Never being scared

When we constantly think about our past experiences that have tormented us, it continues to scare us and makes us less confident in whatever we do. Consequently, everything we try to do becomes unattainable.

Whereas, only focusing on the present task without thinking about past failures and setbacks will help you approach the lesson with a new point of view and better dedication. The results will always be much better than you would have generally expected them to be.

Being more skilled at learning

Living in the present moment means your focus and attention lies entirely in what you are doing right now. This means you learn better and faster.

If you want to achieve perfection in what you do, maybe learning to play a sport or an instrument or anything else, it can only be done through complete dedication and efficient use of your mind and heart.

If you keep yourself preoccupied with unnecessary thoughts, it will hamper your learning process badly.


Being able to take everything very easily

Completely dedicating yourself to the present does not always let it take a toll on your mind and forces you to stress yourself. Growing up, our ability to take things and not be bothered by trivial matters is decreased.

Live in the moment, but also let other thoughts about your life shrink in their importance so that what remains unique and rightful is the place and condition you are in right now, and you learn to use it wisely.

Being able to find the root of problems

Living in the present makes the introduction of discomfort very inconspicuous. Therefore, it is easy for you to find out what thought or incident triggered you in the first place, and consequently, you can go to the root of a problem and solve it.

Whatever the issue is, you must learn to consider it a normal part of life and know that it will eventually pass. There is no point in panicking about it unnecessarily or thinking it unsolvable.

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Being able to do things smartly

Often, we unnecessarily complicate tasks only because our mind wanders and we do not know how to approach the task smartly. Once you learn to do that, you can save a lot of precious time and energy.

And, this is deeply interconnected with living in the moment. Because the latter build your mindfulness and gives you an intuitive and real-time knowledge of the wise thing to do. This will help us to look at our problems smartly. 

Being productive

One of the most significant advantages of living in the present moment is that you learn to appreciate the value of time. You start to understand that every moment is precious and that it must be used efficiently.

So, you make sure that every moment in your life counts and you do not waste time doing meaningless things and do not have any real value. Your thought process is more developed in comparison to other people.


Not being scared by deadlines

We usually tend to think of the future from a very early time. For example, if your project has a month’s deadline, you will start working on it from today, and you will consequently panic and overthink stuff.

Therefore, another essential aspect of living in the present means not investing your mind in thinking about what you are not going to act on right now. This will save you from anxiety and the demerits of overthinking.

Not feeling inferior while communicating

This is very important if you want to develop your social communication skills. If you interact with someone in a higher social or educational position than you, it is natural to feel intimidated.

But if you are a person who lives in the moment, you are not bothered by high ambition or social status. You will know that you will reach there someday, too, because you have faith in yourself. Thus, inferiority can never bring you down.

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Living in the present moment is significant and influential among the practices that help us develop into happier people.

It is easy to incorporate into our daily lives and can be practiced very efficiently if we want. The benefits will be visible in our everyday habits and actions, and this is a privilege.


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