86+ Funny Words of Encouragement for Motivation

Life can be challenging sometimes, to overcome the problems and keep yourself going, it’s important to laugh and smile.

However smiling and laughing won’t solve the problem, but having a positive mindset can improve how you see the obstacles, and help in finding the solution.

Also, the funny words of encouragement can give a major boost so you can keep the fire within you keep going.

Humor can be a much more effective way to motivate yourself or someone you know.

All you need is some really good encouraging but funny words that can feel anyone motivated. Well, here you go.

Funny Encouragement Words To Make You Feel Motivated

-If you feel that small things can’t make a difference. Then you should try sleeping with a mosquito.

-Listen, smile and agree to things, but do whatever you want in your way.

-There is nothing in this world which is impossible, even the word itself says ‘ I’m possible.

-If you want to think, then think something big.

-The opportunities won’t come to you and knock on your door. You have to go there, beat that door so it can present itself.

-Life is similar to the sewer, you will get what you put into it.

-When you learn the rules like a pro, only when you can understand how to break it like an artist.

– Even if you feel like going through hell and nothing seems going to be alright anytime soon, it is always better to encourage yourself to move further.

-When you have the ability to do absurd things, then you will be capable of the impossible things.

-People say that motivation doesn’t last too long, however the same is for bathing, that you should take it daily.

-When your account balance starts looking like a phone number, then you can think ‘you’ve arrived’. Until don’t stop.

-When you make bad decisions, you can make good stories.

-When life throws a lemon at you, don’t waste it, squirt to the eyes of someone.

-When you have a clear conscience, it means you do have a bad memory.

-No matter what happens, think like a proton. be positive.

-When you fail the test, it doesn’t mean you can do it again, but now you have 100 ways to do it wrong.

-Don’t think of who will help you get in but rather think who will try to stop you to meet your dreams.

-You are given the little spark of cress. Don’t waste it

-The road that leads to success is dotted with tempting parking areas.

-When you live like each day is your second last, you might sleep well at night.

-When life gives lemons to you, make it lemonade, and find if someone has given them vodka, so you can have a party.

-Don’t miss the opportunities, as most are dressed in overalls and look like work.

-Having a good friendship is like peeing on yourself, everyone might see it, but there is only you who can give it a warm feeling.

-Age makes no difference unless you are a cheese.

-When you are tempted to fight the fire using the fire, remember the fire department uses the water for it.

-Never take life too seriously, you are going to die anyway.

-When you work faithfully for eight hours a day, you will get the job and work twelve hours a day eventually.

-You must pay for the sins you did, if you have already then ignored this.

-When you have an open mind, people will come along and put things in it.

-When you want to look at the past or the future, do it, however, don’t stare.

-When you can have everything, where are you going to put it?

-Be successful, especially when you have to taste in expensive things.

-When you feel happy and smile, it makes other people crazy.

-The best way to kill them with your success, and bury them using your smile.

-Always remember that you are special and unique, like everybody else on this planet.

-It takes less time to explain what you did wrong instead of doing it.

-In need, ask money from a pessimist, they won’t expect that you will return them back.

-Some people are similar to the clouds, they disappear and you get a beautiful day.

-Never let the sense of morals prevent what you are doing is right.

-When you feel like you’re in a tough situation, instead of saying why you are, say try me.

-Instead of making all the mistakes on your own, learn from others. It’s impossible to live so long anyway.

-Do whatever you want as people will create you anyway.

-The mind is similar to a parachute, it won’t work if it’s not open.

-Never behave badly to the nerds, you might end up working for them like everyone else.

-To reach success, the elevator is broken, you are going to use the stairs, take one step at a time.

-The average dog is much nicer as compared to the average person.

-Do not let yourself listen to those people who complain and wheel, the disease is too contagious.

-Bank is the only place where you will get the money when you prove you don’t need it.

-When you want to tell the truth to people, make sure to be funny or they will end up killing you.

-Nobody really grows up, they start to learn how to act like grown-ups in public.

-Haters are just the admires but they are confused who can’t figure out why everyone likes you.

-Hating is like burning your home to get rid of the annoying rat.

-If you are seeking equality with men, you lack ambition in life.

-To steal ideas from a person is called plagiarism, however, when you sit with many,  it’s called research. 

-See the world like a wardrobe, everyone has their own dress and there is only one that fits you perfectly. 

-People make mistakes because life doesn’t come with instruction. 

-Life is like photography, you will need the negative to develop the beautiful clicks. 

-Awesome things will happen when you stop being the miserable cow. 

-Life’s not about finding shelter in the storm but learning how to dance in the rain. 

-Stories of imagination make people who don’t feel upset. 

-Laugh when you can, it’s cheap medicine and effective forever. 

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