101+ Funny Words of Encouragement

There is a saying – laughter is the best medicine. And, however, finding one can be time-consuming. 

So instead of doing that, here is the best funny word that will encourage you but also make you smile when you are feeling down or need something to boost yourself.

Funny Encouragement Words For Work & Life

-I wanted to be somebody, however now I believe it should be more specific.

-The television can be educational, you just need to go to another room and read a book when you turn it on.

-To be successful, you just need two things in life i.e. confidence and ignorance.

-it will take more years to find out if you have a talent for something or not but it might be hard to give up since you become too famous.

-The elevator to become successful is out of order, you just need to use the stairs. Take one step at a time.

-Sometimes I believe I am too clever, I don’t even understand what I am saying someday.

-People say that motivation doesn’t last long, the same goes for bathing and that’s why you need to do it daily.

-If you think you are too small and you can’t make a difference, why not try sleeping with a  mosquito.

-When you make bad decisions, you might end up making good stories.

-When your life gives you tons of lemon,  don’t squirt s someone’s eyes.

-A clean consideration is a sign of having a bad memory

-When you are happy, it drives other people crazy.

-Be and think like a proton, stay positive.

-Don’t worry if the world is coming to an end, it might be tomorrow in Australia.

-you don’t fail the test, you just get 100 ways to do it wrong.

-if you don’t have the little spark of the madness, you might lose it.

-If you let your head become too big, it will break your neck.

-The road to success is dotted with tempting specs for parking.

-The question isn’t who is going to let you do it, the question is who will try to stop you.

-Live your life as its second of the last, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

-Honest victims are difficult to take, particularly if it comes from your friend, relative, family, acquaintance, or stranger.

-Leadership is not the art of getting someone else to do something you want to do, but doing what he or she wants to do.

-People miss the opportunities because it is dressed and looks like work.

-women who seek to be equal to men, they lack ambition.

-If you are not a piece of cheese. Age is of no importance.

-Happiness is sadness, however, it just happened yet.

-Whatever you are doing, do it 100%, unless you are not donating the blood.

-If you are going through hell,  make sure you keep going.

-There is either Do or Do not,  no try is not in the option

-Even if you are going on the right track, you might end up running over if you are sitting there.

-Procrastination is like a thief, it steals time. Make sure to collar him.

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Funny Words Of Encouragement For Uplifting Mood

-You don’t stop playing, because you are old, you are old because you stop playing.

-The best way to feel cheered up is to cheer up someone else.

-The minute you decide to settle for something lesser than what you deserve, you get -lesser than what you even settle for.

-It takes much less time to do the things which are right than explain why you do it wrong.

-What makes you successful is not the achievement but the enthusiasm.

-Don’t afford to waste time on making money.

-The only difference that genius and stupidity have is, there is a limit to genius.

-If you ever want the money, borrow it from a pessimist. they won’t expect that you will payback.

-when you feel like you have no idea what to do but you are doing it anyway but you are doing it well, that’s called inspiration.

-When you have too many good things, it makes you wonder.

-A diamond is merely a lump of coal which performed well when it was under pressure.

-Never be out of your work for tomorrow until you can do it after tomorrow.

– Life is like a sweet, what you are going to get from it depends on what you are going to put into it.

-Learn from what others made mistakes, you are not going to lie that long to make all mistakes in your own life.

-Don’t fly into a  large, you will always make a bad landing.

-Someries doing nothing is a good remedy for you.

-Good things will come to you if you do wait, however, if you work hard, greater things will come to you.

-If you don’t know where you are going, a map Is not going to help you either.

-Nice to your kids, they are the one who is going to choose the rest home for you.

-When you don’t know what you are doing, you are actually at your best.

-Laugh more, so you have more wrinkles when you get old.

-Knowing the rules well allows you to break them much more effectively.

-If you initiate, good things will come to you.

-Don’t let the school do the same with education.

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-The dumbest people are those who claim to know everything.

-Never follow someone’s path unless you are in the woods and lost.

-Follow the philosophy that says fill what’s is empty, fill what empty, and scratch where you feel the itches.

-The best thing you can say about the future is, it will come one day at a time.

-If you arrive late at the office. Don’t worry, you can make up for it by leaving early too.

-When you don’t laugh, you are watching your day.

-Today is tomorrow, you were worried about yesterday.

-Never trust the doctors where you see the office plants die.

-The surest sign of intelligent life exists somewhere else in the universe that they haven’t tried to contact with us yet.

-If you believe that money can’t buy happiness, you don’t know the good shops.

-Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you are not minding it, aging won’t matter to you.

-Everything seems funny as long it’s not you who is going through it.

-Everyone has their purpose, maybe yours is to watch the television

-Happiness when you have a large loving, close-knit, caring family in a different city.

-If you believe that what you had was tough, try the history books.

-The road you take for success is always going to be under construction.

– Food tastes much better if someone else is paying for it.

-Confidence is nothing compared to having 10 % of work and 90% of delusion.

-A day without sunshine is simply night.

-To make sure you are marrying the right person, give them a computer with slow internet to find the person they are in real life.

-There is no fixing if someone is stupid.

-Love can conquer everything excluding toothache and poverty.

-Bargaining means you don’t need a price that can be resisted.

-There are two most common elements that you will find in the universe are stupidity and hydrogen.

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