101+ Best Life Goals for Daughters

Daughters are a stretch of the family and they are expected to grow and inculcate all the good values and education which can help them deal with life.

Setting certain goals for life can sort out things and can also give you a brief idea of how to begin and where to begin.

Some such life goals for Daughters are:-

Parent goals of a Daughter

-Take care of your parents.

-Do not abandon them, never.

-Do not be ashamed of who they are and from where they belong.

-Be a support system for your family.

-Do not make them feel like they are no more needed.

-Make time for them.

-Cook their favorite meals for them.

-Give them their medicines on time.

-Take them out on a weekend.

-Plan family get together – meeting with their kinsmen will surely lighten them up.

-Treat them once in a while.

-Bake cakes on their birthday.

-Make sure you help them out when they need you. 

-Make time for dinner with them.

-Do not shout at them, this should be the last thing you can do to your parents.

-Speak to them – never quit having discussions with them.

-Watch their special movies and series with them.

-Do not tell them that their stories are repetitive and boring.

-Do not be embarrassed because your parents are illiterate or not educated like other parents.

-Do not compare your parents with others. 

-Cheer them up when they are tightened.

– realize them about your presence and that you are no less than a son.

-Be very careful of what you say in anger.

-Do not turn cold against them.

-Keep the parents-daughter bond strong.

-Your parents should feel safe with you and should share things with you. 

-Love them unconditionally because this is what they did when you were a kid.

-Show them promising results of being a daughter.

-Discuss important issues with them

-Ask for their consent before taking any decision about your life.

-Make them believe that they are stable and secure when they are with you.

-Make them glad about the little things they want and which you can provide.

-Always remember it’s the efforts that count, not money – so it’s okay if you can’t afford any extravaganza, just make them feel special.

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Responsibilities of a Daughter

-Take care of their expenses if you are earning.

-See if their health is good – take them on a regular checkup.

-Make them feel at home.

-Try to provide all the facilities to them which you can afford.

-Take care of their needs.

-Make sure they are getting proper nutrition. 

-If you are an only child you have to be extra careful about what you say and how you say it – the smallest difference in your approach can hurt them.

-Make them feel like you are earning for them.

-Love them and feed them well.

-Give them hopes for a better day if they are going through rough times.

-Treat them gently.

-Be very sure that they don’t find themselves as. a burden for you.  

-Take care of yourself as well.

-In a rush to earn money do not forget that you have old parents at home who are waiting for you.

-Take them out when they are bored.

-Make them feel good.

-Take good care of them and love them.  

-Do not put unnecessary restrictions on them – that can turn them off.

-Do not force your decisions on them.

-Try to make them understand the need to change their lifestyle – don’t simply change it.

-Make them aware of the ongoing things.

-Do not let hatred and politics affect their mental health.

Career goals of a daughter 

-Be a focused daughter.

-Set motives and work hard to achieve them all.  

-Let the nation know your goodness.

-Do not settle for average things when you know you can get much better.

-Be extremely confident and hardworking.

-Make your parents proud of your achievements.

-Be a phenomenal woman.

-Do not be dependent on your parents to take maintenance of your expenditures when you are capable of working.

-Earning should be compulsory and not a choice for a daughter.

-Being financially independent will give you the strength to make opinions about what you want in life.

-You surely would never want to be a puppet on someone else’s hands, would you? So, earn for yourself.

-Keep being a better version of yourself.

-Never let your parents down in front of your colleagues.

-Do not force yourself when you are not able to do it.

-Be a responsible employee.

-Keep accumulating new techniques to become a good employee.

-Give credits to your parents for your success – this will be proud of you.

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Marriage goals for a daughter

-Get married only when you are ready.

-Do not go for just any guy.

-Make sure your potential partner is supportive and uplifting.

-If you believe that you are not prepared for this responsibility, say no to the proposal.

-Do not let society’s comment influence your personal life.

-Do jit get married because all your friends are married or getting married.

-Wait for the right time.

-Make your parents understand why you don’t want to get married.

-If you find the right guy, with whom you feel like you are home, then go for it.

-Do know your partner-to-be before marriage.

-Set your conditions about career and other things before getting married.

-It is more reasonable to wait than to settle for anyone and then regret later.

-If you are married, still, you have the responsibility towards your parents.

-You should be an honest daughter and wife.

-Do not demand destination weddings if you are not earning – it can be a pressure for your patents. 

-Do not make the mistake of abandoning your parents when you are in love and want to get married to the guy.

-Try to get their consent for the marriage and if they don’t, try to persuade them, let them know why he is the only one for you.

-Keep your parents your priority.

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