107+ Realistic Goals for Men to Become Better Husbands

Every woman dreams of a great married life and a great husband. However, there are times when things become messy and the relationship gets tangled.

But if we set regular goals that can keep us on track with our responsibilities and help us maintain the spark and happiness in the relationship things become easier. Here are a few goals that all men can set to become great husbands.  

Goals for men to become better Husbands

Vacations Goals 

-Go out every weekend with family 

-Take my wife for a vacation every two months 

-Visit Eiffel Tower in Paris with wife 

-Create a romantic surprise for the wife 

-Go for long drives

-Show her your favorite spot in the city 

-Go for fresh early morning drives 

-Plan spontaneous holidays 

-Spend a weekend in the countryside at least once a year 

-Go for tours around the world 

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Daily Conversation goals for a husband 

-Communicate when to have kids 

-Talk about the issues that are bothering 

-Often ask about the wife’s problems 

-Have a mutual share of thoughts on any issue 

-Talk about a day to day chores

-Take big decisions by mutual discussion 

-Communicate more with action rather than words

-Ask how her day was 

-Describe your day and ask for ways to solve issues at the office 

-Have romantic conversations before going to bed 

-Tell her when you need your space 

-Share about your work life with her 

-Share about your feelings towards your relationship 

-Talk out the issues you think the relationship is facing 

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Happiness Goals 

-Surprise her now and then with presents 

-Buy chocolates while she is angry or having mood swings ‘

-Get her warm coffee when she menstruates 

-Get her ice-cream to cheer her up 

-Watch her favorite movie with her and spend some quality time 

-Buy her the favorite flowers on her important days 

-Remember the important dates of your relationship 

-Give her a surprise by visiting her office at lunch hours 

-Get her the dress she was waiting to buy for her birthday 

-Treat her with self-cooked breakfasts and lunches on weekends 

-Have more date nights

-Create innovative date nights

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Intimacy Goals 

-Less screen more love 

-Share your fantasies 

-Tell her what you love about her the most 

-Kiss her more often 

-Cuddle while sleeping 

-Set a new relationship ritual

-Send sweet text messages 

-Treat all her childhood fantasies with love and affection 

-Give her random love letters 

-Try new things while making love 

-Create the spice in the relationship by trying new techniques of lovemaking 

-Make her feel like the queen of the world 

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Supportive Husband goals

Be supportive of her dreams 

-Let her follow her ambitions 

-Teach her how to get financial freedom 

-Motivate her for doing great in life 

-Let her decide what she wishes to do with her career 

-Appreciate her upon her successes 

-Celebrate her successes in a grand fashion  

-Celebrate even her small victories

-Discuss how 

she sees herself as in the next five years 

-Tell her how can she get better at her job 

-Guide her through the outside world

-Be supportive of her fashion sense 

-Be supportive of her passion 

-Provide her financial support whenever required 

-Treat her with respect and integrity 

-Give ample respect to her job and career 

-Let her decide when she wishes to have a baby and quit her job 

-Always be caring and supportive when she has a breakdown 

-Be affectionate when she makes a mistake 

-Correct her mistakes nicely rather than getting annoyed

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Gratitude Goals 

-Tell her how grateful you are everyday 

-Express your gratitude for the small gestures she does for you

-Send sweet messages to her every day 

-Tell her how blessed you feel and give her a good morning kiss 

-Create gratitude lists for the bond you are developing

-Express your gratitude for the food she prepares for you 

-Take her out regularly as a gesture of love 

Other Goals 

-Mutual decision that in-laws shall have second priority 

-Mutual decision on the number of kids you want 

-Follow one religious’ belief 

-Attain the best health and ideal fitness 

-Learn how to communicate effectively 

-Take mutual action to discipline the kids 

-Create meaningful eye contact 

-Meet often with your friends and give her space 

-Have a common hobby

-Always bring in freshness in the relationship 

-Try something new to strengthen the bond each day 

-Get a baby sitter for an impromptu date night 

-Voice your opinion while respecting her point of view 

-Do not discuss official work after getting home ‘

-Take her more family get together 

-Introduce her to your friends with pride 

-Introduce her to the family members with honor and dignity 

-Laugh more with her and at her 

-Become a part of her silly jokes 

-Plan a romantic weekend every week 

-Tell her about the things you guys agree upon 

-Encourage her more about her career

-Express your feelings clearly 

-Tell her how you feel to be around her 

-Be kind and unwind 

-Give her more compliments 

-Take time and appreciate the way she dresses 

-Take time and appreciate her sense of humor 

-Do not hesitate to tell her how great she smells

-Show love to her more often 

-Divide the household chores 

-Help her with managing the home 

-Write love letters to maintain the spark 

-Text her more often in a day 

-Leave sweet random notes on refrigerator or desk

-Kiss her in public and let her feel blushed 

-Good morning kisses are mandatory 

-Take important decisions together 

-Do all your jobs as a team 

– Discuss with each other everything that you both do 

-Be less bossy 

-Be less dominating 

-Do not be very possessive 

-Talk more about the future 

-Discuss your plans together

-Listen more to her and brag less

-Not get offended by her habits that are hard to quit 

-Find a mid-ground to settle disputes

-Dream to get old together 

-Do not prefer to become rich by going apart and stay poor by staying together 

-Accept her shortcomings humbly 

-Accepting her mood swings


In conclusion, having clear goals is essential for men to grow and succeed in life. These goals can cover work, self-improvement, and happiness. When men set and achieve these goals, it makes them feel more motivated, purposeful, and content. It’s a way to have a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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