101+ Best Life goals which Make You an Honorable Person


Who does not crave honor and fame in life? Surely everyone does! However, the question is, how many of us really work to attain that instead of waiting for it? Very few, what one needs to do is jot down goals that can help them achieve honor and respect.

Some such life goals for gaining honor are:

My career goals to be an honorable person

-Be a successful person!

-Do not let your ethics go in a run to acquire more money!

-Earn money with your hard work and determination!

-Do not be selfish in a rush to be rich!

-Do not go for shortcuts while settling for a career- shortcuts can give you money but not honor in society!

-It is said that a man is known for what he/she does more than who he/she is!

-Take a reputable occupation for yourself!

-Struggle hard because people count on struggles!

-Do not let minor success bring ego in your nature!

-Do not cross the path of others in terms of getting a job and settling!

-Do your business with utmost sincerity and dignity!

-Be ambitious!

-Be smart enough to grab every opportunity that was or is bestowed upon you!

-Help those who need employment-related help – if you are in the position to provide such help!

-Perform your tasks with the utmost dignity and perseverance! 

-You can earn honor by flourishing in what you do along with the team!

-Do not let money make you a materialistic man though!

-Channelise money for good purposes!

-Make good use of your power, position, and authority!

-Take decisions that are in favor of every staff and employee working hard under you!

-You should work as a team- do not make it one-man show!

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Nature’s goal to be an honorable person

-Be soft-spoken and a kind person!

-Always remember that the world needs more kind humans than doctors or engineers, so be one!

-Be a charitable person!

-Society treats that person right who treats other people right!

-Be generous and a loving person!

-Help the poor and needy!

-Do not be ashamed of who you are, what you do, or where you belong!

-Be a responsible human and a citizen!

-Do not be overconfident about anything!

-Treat older generations properly- be polite and humble towards them!

-Do not cheat on anyone!

-Be hardworking and stay focused on your purpose in life!

-Do not be too sweet and an easy guy who can be fooled!

-Be very smart and cunning!

-Do not jump to conclusions after hearing one side of the story!

-Do not partial when it comes to seeing whether justice is being served or not!

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Responsibility goals to be an honorable person

-Take your responsibilities seriously!

-Do not run away from your responsibilities!

-Your parents are your responsibility, do not leave them at their own mercy!

-When you take up any task or project, it becomes your responsibility to do the task with honesty and dignity!

-No one likes them who abandon their family!

-First, be a good human- and everyone should take this as a responsibility!

-Protect the weaker section of society!

-Do not make someone else’s life miserable and difficult to live!

-To keep the environment clean!

-To take the necessary steps to make the people aware of the ongoing events and also to channel their thought processes!

-Do not be a fraud!

-It is the responsibility of every individual to protect each other’s rights!

-To educate society about what is right and what is wrong!

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Service goals to be an honorable person

-Render a good service to society that can never forget your contribution!

-Help the poor and needy!

-Raise your voice when you see wrong being done!

-If your people are fighting for the right cause, then you should join them in their struggle!

-Do not try to be in a good book of everyone- you will end up doing nothing in life!

-Do something great for the upliftment of society!

-Be kind to every human!

-Do not cheat on anyone just to satisfy your hunger for power!

-Do not foolishly follow anyone, first inquire about them, know their intentions, and only then should you be involved with them!

-Do not forget those people who helped you become a successful person!

-Do not get involved in any kind of scams!

-Do not do anything illegal that can tarnish your whole hard-earned reputation in society!

-Be an honest human, businessman/worker, and citizen!

-Do not always see your profits on everything!

-Be useful to your society and humankind!

-Do not commit any crime to earn more money or to have power in society!

-Be helpful!

-To be that rude and arrogant kind of a guy- no one likes such guys!

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Citizen goals to be an honorable person

-Be a responsible citizen!

-Stay aware of the ongoing events in the country and world-you cannot be ignorant!

-Keep up with your spirit of inquiry and scientific temperament!

-Acknowledge your rights and duties towards the nation and the state!

-Keep your nationalism above any political, regionalism, and religious vendetta!

-Do not close your eyes when you see biases and injustice being prevailing in society!

-Do not derive sadistic pleasure out of someone’s discomfort and misery!

-Have the guts, to be honest, when everyone else is being dishonest!

-Do not target a particular community, person, group, or any section of society!

-Raise your voice against the heinous crimes being done on women!

-Sport the right cause!

-No one should be harmed because of your personal reasons!

-Do not be an ignorant citizen!

-Be aware of the new policies and laws being incorporated in the constitution!

-Do not get involved in dirty politics!

-Do not let corruption taint you as well!

-Do not bribe any government official to do your work!

-Take no shortcuts to become successful overnight!

-To promote peace and harmony in the society- this will help you to earn respect and give a clean image to your personality!

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