20+ Good Habits of a Teacher

A good teacher usually has a single determinant which is, are they reaching their students? Whatever a student learns or gains out of what he studies depends more on his/her attachment with the teacher than anything else.

This attachment is usually based on the love and passion the teacher holds for the subject. Here are a few things that a good teacher does differently to stand out.

Good habits of a Teacher

A clear objective 

Whenever we are travelling to a place we ain’t aware of we need a map. A map helps us reach our destination via directions. Similarly, educating students is an unknown path. Apart, from having a good hold over your subject you also need to have a plan.

Curating a plan or method to teach beforehand does not signify a lack of creativity. Having a framework for teaching gives you an idea of how to make the best out of your curriculum.

A sense of motive 

Not all days are exciting and new. Even the best of jobs feel hectic and tiring on certain days. The fact that teaching can feel mundane at times cannot be denied. In such a situation having a sense of purpose keeps you going through the day.

It helps you in keeping the bigger goal in your mind and pushes you through days you feel like quitting.

No requirement for immediate feedback.

A need for immediate feedback is often considered as a need for regular validation. Teaching your students is a difficult job. It may feel like it’s the end of the world when your students walk out of the class without sharing positive feedback.

Irrespective, of how hard you worked on that lesson plan, you cannot expect an immediate result. Building a relationship with your students needs to be nurtured and it takes time.

Knowing when to take student’s feedback seriously.

The most difficult part of being a teacher is to aptly analyze when to pay attention to the opinions of your student and when not to. Not all the feedback of your student is deemed to be important, some of them are just a waste of time.

There is no solid shortcut to achieving when to shut them up and when to patiently listen. However, you can master this by talking to more and more students and spending more and more time.

A positive attitude.

A positive attitude is an important criterion for any field you’re working in. A teacher is no exception. 

Negativity traps your creativity and becomes a place where fear of failure finds its roots. Good teachers have zeal and enthusiasm and they do not look back at past failures as a source of constant demotivation.

Urge to watch your students become successful.

Like parents, even good teachers find their success in the success of their students. They believe in the capabilities of their students.

Along with suggesting ways to sharpen their skills they also create an environment where fear of failure is eliminated. They work hard each day to make their students reach a pedestal in their life.

A sense of humour.

It might sound bizarre that having a sense of humour has importance for a teacher. But trust the fact that the best way to win your students is using wit.

If you ask students about their favourite teacher, the most votes would be for the one who is hysterical.

Authentic praises.

It is good to encourage your students and appreciate them. But, by no means would you want them to consider your praise meaningless.

You must use your words of encouragement judiciously. Do not praise a child when you know there is room for improvement and he has not given his 100%.

Rist taker

Successful teachers are great risk-takers. The ones who push the limit to go farther each time knows how far can they push.

You should keep adding new elements to your classroom in terms of teaching. Bringing new ways of teaching each time will help your students understand how to deal with the failure of risk-taking.


Consistency is the key in any field. It does not imply not coming out of the cocoon and showcase growth, rather it means to stand by your words. Your students have faith in you and can come to you whenever they feel the need of doing so.


Reflecting on your methods of teaching and the outcomes derived from them is very essential. If you do not take out time to reflect on your mistakes you will be a stubborn teacher. Practicing this method will help you eliminate the underlying weaknesses and enhance your teaching skills.

Have mentors

You are never too old to seek guidance. Even if you are a teacher having a mentor of your own will help you in enhancing your skills. Having someone older to help you in reflecting on your methods is a great way of polishing yourself.

Communication with the parents

Any student needs both their parents and teachers to grow into a better human being. For the overall development of your student, you must remain clear with the parents. Build a path where the parents can express their concerns without hesitation.

If both parent and teacher work as a team, chances of the failure of the student are reduced.

Enjoy your work

A teacher who loves their work dissipates contagious positive energy. Even most boring subjects seem alive when you teach them passionately. So, if you are struggling to feel motivated enough or uninspired you might need some adjustments.

It may not be because of your subject but the expectations you hold from yourself. Bringing a balance may bring your love for teaching back.

Adapting to the needs of students.

Classrooms evolve every day and you need to be equally dynamic. You have to change your framework of teaching as they grow older.

Connect the framework of your curriculum to the goals of your student and keep evolving. The same plans will not work with the students as they grow older.

Exploring New tools

With the advancement of technology, every field is evolving. Some functions and resources can be useful for your classroom. There are possibilities that your students might already be using gadgets or technologies that you have not tried your hands on yet.

But, expanding your ways of teaching and adding technology for a better understanding is a great way to push the classroom towards being more modernized. Your students will eventually thank you for the headstart in this field.

Open to change in the classroom

Change brings excitement and a new adrenaline rush to start something. Even rearranging the desks or simple changes as such can bring a fresh touch to the classroom. 

The holistic approach of teaching

You cannot expect someone to learn in a vacuum. You need to know the mental state of your student along with his academic presence. Take your entire student into the account and have a holistic approach to teaching.

Avoid self-inhibition

Do not keep yourself within a wall and set a limit to your ways of teaching. Break the wall and become acceptable towards new ways of learning. That will not only provide self-growth but at the same time help your students to prosper.

Be a master of your subject 

A good teacher should be aware of their subject. And by aware, it means you should be through it completely. You should never stop gaining additional knowledge or changes brought in your subject.

A good teacher is a great learner. Master your subject to perfection so that answer to every doubt of your student is at your fingertips.

Do not be scared by the advocacy of parents.

Some parents often tend to advocate their child’s activities and threaten teachers. In case of complaints or allegations, they end up blaming the teachers. Do not let these things bother you from taking the right decision against any child.

As a teacher, you should be confident about yourself and your teaching methods. Any parent’s interference should not bother you enough to deviate from your ways for any child.

Bring fun to your class

A good teacher should know how to make things interesting in the classroom for their students. When students can see your fun personality they can gel up more easily. This brings a more personalized touch to your bond.

This will also create a warm and friendly environment in the class and make teaching look less heavy and more fun.


In conclusion, a teacher’s habits are really important. They help them help students better. Teachers who care, keep learning, and love teaching make a big difference. They help students learn and grow, and that’s great for the future. So, a teacher’s habits matter a lot!

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