257+ Grief Journal Prompts: Coping with Loss

Sometimes it takes some time for us to come to grips with the feelings we’re experiencing since they’re not always simple to explain. This is especially true for strong emotions, such as grief.

To process their emotions, some people like engaging in physical activity like stretching, dancing, or jogging. Others like activities that are more contemplative, such as art therapy or journaling. 

Journal Prompts for Grief

Having a routine for processing your emotions might keep you from burying your feelings and provide assistance while you’re going through a difficult moment. Particularly journaling may aid in our understanding of how we react to difficult situations like sorrow.

-I experience… when I consider my loss.

-My body is feeling today…

-What does it mean to actively participate in grief instead of just observing it? Explain.

-How does your grief seek your attention when you start embracing sadness?

-Plans for expressing sadness during mourning?

-Your interpretation of turning towards pain.

-How to respond when someone advises leaving pain behind?

-Connection between spirituality/faith and grief?

-Other losses due to the main loss (security, identity, purpose)? Discuss one or two.

-Feelings about overcoming grief vs. reconciling with it?

-Name three potential supportive friends.

-How connected were you to the person/thing you lost? Details of the loss?

-Consider creating new rituals to aid healing. Ideas for commemorating special occasions?

-Does gender affect your grieving process? Why/why not?

-Cultural upbringing’s impact on grieving and mourning?

-Family guidelines for dealing with sadness or loss?

-How has this loss changed your worldview?

-Any other significant losses affecting your grief?

-Your greatest fears since or during the loss?

-Experiences like visions, sounds, or dreams related to the loss?

-Feelings of hate, blame, wrath, or jealousy during grief? How to manage them?

-Current level of depression compared to earlier stages of grieving?

-Accepting grief instead of avoiding it – what can you do?

-Do you judge your grief signs or behaviors?

-Do people around you make assumptions about your grieving reactions?

-Mystical or dream-like experiences related to the loss? Explain feelings.

-How do your grief outbursts seem to you?

-Signs of coming to terms with your loss?

-Keep a journal of actions taken to cope with the loss.

-Does your faith support your peace-making process?

-How has sadness changed you?

-Personal changes post-loss or while anticipating loss?

-Any changes in values due to grief?

-Altered beliefs about God/spirituality due to grief?

-Does life have meaning for you? If not, why?

-Do you feel an obligation to live partly on behalf of the one you lost? If not, why?

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Grief and Loss Journal Prompts

  • 1 Recall a special memory of what or who you’ve lost and how it makes you feel.
  • 2 Describe the emotions you’ve felt since the loss.
  • 3 Write a letter to the lost person or thing, expressing your thoughts.
  • 4 How has your daily life changed since the loss, and is it positive or negative?
  • 5 Explore any regrets or guilt you might have related to the loss.
  • 6 Think about how you’ve come to accept the loss over time.
  • 7 Write about any dreams or vivid memories related to the loss.
  • 8 Consider how friends and family have supported you and if you need more support.
  • 9 Reflect on what healing means to you and your progress.
  • 10 Think about any lessons or insights you’ve gained from the loss.

Writing Prompts for Grief

-How can you honor the death or life of the person for whom you are grieving?

-How will you live your altered life in the most genuine way possible?

-Enter a humorous recollection you have of the person you lost in writing.

-What would you tell your loved one about your day if you could?

-I miss you today…

-Has the person you lost ever been in your dreams? Note down the events in the dream.

-Who makes up your support network?

-Which holiday was your loved one’s favorite? What can you do today to honor and remember them?

-Create a mantra that you may repeat to yourself whenever a wave of sadness strikes.

-Describe three things that always make you feel wonderful, even during difficult times.

-List a few activities you do that you know are bad for your mental health, especially now, and consider how you may engage in them less.

-What songs bring to mind the person you’re missing?

-In ten words, describe your loved one.

-Express yourself in writing to a loved one about anything you desire.

-One thing I want to keep in mind is that: • I need more of… • I need less of… • This experience has taught me…

-Are you at ease seeking assistance? If not, why not?

-What have you been most fearful of after losing your loved one? • List three ways you may show yourself compassion today.

-Jot down a reassuring recollection you have of the deceased.

-What physical health care measures can you take today?

-If there was one thing I could forgive myself for, it would be…

-Do you know anyone else who is grieving? How can you assist one another?

-How have you previously dealt with your sorrow, and how effective were those methods?

-Describe a time when you and the person you lost didn’t get along.

-When I think of my loved one, which feelings do I find the most challenging to explore?

-What emotions do I find difficult to confront? How does this affect the way I’m grieving?

-Where in my body do I experience strong emotions when they arise?

-What step in this procedure is the most difficult for me?

-When I genuinely miss a loved one, how do I take care of myself?

-Have I ever had trouble allowing myself to truly grieve? I wonder why that is.

-What resources do I have available to support me at this challenging time?

-What memories tend to come to mind when I let my thoughts wander? What does that feel like to me?

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-Have any recent dreams or thoughts about my loved one surfaced?

-Which of our shared memories is our favorite?

-What is the funniest moment I can recall involving a loved one?

-What about my loved one will I miss the most?

-What characterized my beloved someone?

-What love-related memory brings a smile to my face?

-What time of day do I miss my loved ones the most?

-Why do certain fragrances make me think of a loved one? What is the scent’s most memorable connection to me?

-What picture comes to me when I close my eyes and think of the person I’ve lost?

-Did I hear a recognizable sound that brought back memories of the deceased?

-What foods, and why, make me think of my loved ones?

-What fabrics or textures make me think of a loved one?

-What would my grief look like if I could give it a tangible form?

-What hue and why makes me think of my loved one?

-Would I change how I said goodbye if I could go back in time, and what would I change?

-What would I say if I had a brief opportunity to talk with them again?

-When have I ever sensed the presence of a loved one?

-What guidance would my loved ones provide me if they were present with me to help me move on from losing them?

-What difficulties did I encounter today?

-What have I learned from those difficulties?

-What did I feel good about today? (This may be as easy as a hot shower, a cup of tea, a conversation with a buddy, or even a good weep.)

-What actions do I intend to do tomorrow that I believe will aid in my recovery?

-To whom do I feel I can turn when I’m in need?

 -What specific assistance would I like to request? Are there any obstacles that might prevent me from achieving them?

 -How can I allow myself to believe that I merit such assistance?

 -Am I aware of any other mourning people? How can I support them in any way?

 -I vow to myself that I will do the following because I deserve it. • These are the things that could help me feel better.

 -Even if it’s difficult for you to achieve that happiness right now, write a list of the things that bring you joy.

 -What scripture from the Bible gives you comfort?

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Writing Prompts for Grief Journaling

  1. Write about a special memory with the person or thing you’ve lost.
  2. Share your feelings in a letter to them.
  3. Describe where you are in your grief journey (e.g., sad, angry, accepting).
  4. Write about a song, book, or movie that reminds you of your loss.
  5. Explain how your body feels when you think about your grief.
  6. Tell a story about someone who has supported you during this tough time.
  7. Write about any regrets or guilt you have.
  8. List activities that make you feel better and explain why.
  9. Describe a future where your grief is less painful.
  10. Write about the things you’re grateful for, even amid your grief.

Journal Prompts for Processing Grief

 -What upcoming event are you most dreading?

 -What manifestation of God’s will have you witnessed this week?

 -What worship tune is comforting you or assisting you in processing your loss?

 -What has recent information about your beloved been revealed?

 -Where is it difficult to travel right now? Where can I find comfort?

 -In what ways has God spoken to you this week?

 -What do you miss that no one else may understand?

 -What is your greatest challenge? How have you relied on God during this battle?

 -How has loss impacted your self-confidence?

 -What is your biggest worry right now?

 -Mornings are difficult because….

 -Evenings are difficult because…..

 -Is that fear founded in reality, or is there a lie underlying it? How does God’s truth disprove a falsehood if you can recognize it for what it is?

 -How are you physically feeling? What is making you physically feel better while you deal with grief?

 -Where do you now feel weak? What evidence do you have that God is vital in your weakness?

 -What has someone said to you that has been the most beneficial?

 -What is the cruelest thing somebody has ever said to you?

 -The Bible is rife with lament—crying out to God in your suffering, in your confusion, in your exhaustion, and then placing your confidence in God. Write your own prayer of regret to God, expressing your faith in him despite your suffering.

 -What choice do you need to consider and work through? Write down the decision’s worries, difficulties, unknowns, and advantages and disadvantages.

 -What about grieving has surprised you?

 -Where do you now see joy?

 -What is now causing you to smile?

 -How has God specifically met your needs this week?

 -Do you have any remorse? How do God’s omnipotence and mercy enable you to deal with these mistakes?

 -Write down seven things you have to praise God for today.

 -What secondary losses are you suffering from? List them all out and express how much you have lost.

 -What areas do you need assistance with? How can you get assistance?

 -How are you extending grace to yourself at this time?

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 -How does stress affect your eating, sleeping, health symptoms, and other aspects of your life? How are you going to deal with that stress?

 -What kind of rest are you giving yourself as a space for grief?

 -How have your friendships been impacted by this loss? Has it become deeper for some people or become more difficult for some? What can you do to keep the relationships that matter the most alive?

 -Which customs do you wish to keep?

 -Is there a concrete way you may pay tribute to your loved one?

 -What are you now hoping for?

 -What concern do you have right now that you can offer to God?

 -What has God been teaching you during this grieving process?

 -For whom may you offer prayers while you travel the path of loss?

 -What lesson(s) has God taught you via your experience with grief?

 -If you could share anything about yourself with a loved one right now, what would you say?

 -Is forgiving someone a necessary step in your grieving process? Do you need to ask for your own pardon? Make a written request for forgiveness.

 -What area do you need to make progress in? Tell us about that location and beg God to intervene.

 -How does the impact of a tidal wave of sorrow feel? How are you handling those powerful waves of grief?

 -What term best describes the difficulty of your grief? Why?

 -How has God’s assurance of paradise affected your sadness or you?

 -How do you deal with rage while you’re grieving? What do you believe to be facts concerning the cause of that rage, and what do you believe to be lies from the enemy?

 -How is God comforting you in your sorrow via His Word? What has particular Bible chapter been most beneficial?

 -If you were to sum up, your loved ones in ten words, what would they be?

-What are you sincerely grateful for in the midst of your sadness and loss, which are problematic?

 -What accomplishment, little or large, can you celebrate today?

 -If your buddy was experiencing the same level of sadness as you are, what advice would you give her?

 -Who has supported you throughout this challenging time? How do they assist?

-God records every tear you shed and stores them in a bottle. When is crying the easiest? When is crying difficult?

-What do you think about the future? What assurances did God give about your different outlook?

Journaling Grief

  1. Describe your feelings today. What emotions are you experiencing?
  2. Write a letter to your loved one who has passed away. What would you say to them?
  3. What are some happy memories you shared with the person you’re grieving? Describe one in detail.
  4. List three things you miss the most about your loved one.
  5. How has your daily life changed since their passing? What challenges have you faced?
  6. What are some coping strategies that have helped you deal with your grief?
  7. Write down a mantra or phrase that brings you comfort during difficult moments.
  8. Reflect on any dreams or significant signs you’ve had related to your loved one. How did they make you feel?
  9. Describe a supportive friend or family member who has been there for you during this time.
  10. What are some goals or hopes you have for your future as you continue to heal from your loss?


Grief journal prompts are like helpful tools for dealing with sadness and loss. They make you think about memories, feelings, and ways to feel better. These prompts help you heal and accept what happened. They show that everyone’s journey through grief is unique and takes time.

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