21 Bad Habits To Avoid In Public Queue

Often we come across people who are not aware of the right etiquette of standing in a public queue. They tend to showcase annoying attributes and disturb others.

Here is a list of habits for one to avoid in a public queue. 

Being a sneaky snake

Stop waiting for the next available spot in the public line. Do not try to take someone else’s place by diverting their attention or other friendly gesture. This is considered to be awful. Do not take someone else’s spot sneakingly.

They must have spent their valuable time from their daily routine to follow the rules and maintain the queue.

Queue Jumping

We often see people jumping the queue to be ahead in the line. Queue jumping is the practice of pushing into the queue to get served before your actual turn. This should be completely averted. It is an unfair way of taking precedence.

You are taking someone’s chance which they would have got after waiting for an exceptionally long hour.


Jumping while standing in the queue can be injurious for everyone standing in the queue. You ought to be careful standing in the queue.

Jumping may end up creating a commotion if you trip and fall on the person standing ahead of you in the line. It may end up in some serious injuries as kids and old age people also stand in the queue. They might not be able to retain balance.


Pushing while standing in a line is pathetic. You may end up physically hurting someone. Elderly people are also standing in the queue. Pushing might end up hurting them severely.  Avoid such habits, it makes you look childish and ill-mannered.

Being in a hurry

It frequently occurs that you are in a hurry and the queue is long. But you should not make other people uncomfortable and panicky because you’re being late.

Plan your schedule according to the fact that you may take up some time in the queue. Do not hurry everyone around you because of your mismanagement.

Talking loudly in the public queue

Have some pity over people around you, and either learn to speak softly or don’t speak at all. Think of the poor souls who have had to face a horrible day.

It may so happen that you are one of those insane loudmouths who just don’t know how to turn the volume down. In this case, you will be one annoying person whom everyone would want to leave as soon as possible. 

Taking more space than necessary

There are other people too standing with you in the same queue. Well, sorry to break your self-centred bubble, but you don’t own the place, which is why it called a ‘public place’ and not a ‘private’ one.

You need to work on this habit because the place has a limited place to form a queue and you cannot take up all the space. Stop standing there like you own the place.

Blowing your gum

Chewing gum or blowing gum can be a really bad idea, especially in public. Some people simply can’t resist the idea of blowing out the gum.

Avoid blowing gum, or better, chewing gum altogether in a public setting, like school, work, bus, restaurant et al. But if your life is incomplete without chewing the gum, then kindly do it in your home. Chewing gum in a public queue might irritate the ones watching you. Even the sound of regular chewing is annoying.

Nose picking

Nose picking in the public queue is a disgusting habit to do just as it is to watch. Every time you stick your finger in the nose to soothe an itch or extract irritating mucus, you just as well irritate those around you.

You are also placing germs in your fingernails which will ultimately end up on your smartphone screen or other objects you touch! Instead of your finger, use a handkerchief or some tissue, or lest people begin distrusting your hygiene.

Mucus snorting

Doing it in a public queue may disgust the people around you. Yes, mucus is probably a good thing for your bodies but how you choose to deal with its excesses is in public is the problem.

When at pain to clear the accumulation of phlegm in your nasal passages, use a tissue or hanky. Do not snort and swallow your dirt when in the company of other people. It is gross and disrespectful.


This is the worst thing you can do while standing in a public queue. No matter how frustrated you are you cannot choose to shout or show your anger on the others standing in the queue. Screaming at them would only reflect your unhealthy manners. 


This has been said over and over but many smokers still have no clue why they should stay away from the general public when smoking. The health effects are known universally and there is no need to explain much. Just stop it!

You should never smoke while standing in a public queue. It disturbs the individual who has trouble dealing with smoke. There are people of all age groups in the queue and this may affect the kids mentally as well as physically.

Do not stand in a queue under the influence of alcohol

Alcohol takes control over one’s cerebellum. The person not only loses his balance but also his ability to precisely think.

If you stand in a public queue under the influence of too much alcohol it will trouble everyone around you. You would end up creating havoc even if you do not want to. Some people may also have trouble with the smell of alcohol. Avoid going in public if you are under the influence of alcohol and cannot think straight.


Constantly looking at someone in the queue or passing frequent glances to them would only make them uncomfortable. Do not stare at someone while standing in the queue, the person may find you creepy. Looking once or a casual greeting is fine but staring at them is usually annoying.

Being overfriendly

Having a general conversation with someone in the line is okay. Exchanging a few words is considered to be basic manners. But constantly talking to someone may irritate them. The person may not be interested in talking to you and find you annoying.

Remember you are just in a Public queue with random strangers do not start looking for friendships. Not every place is an opportunity to befriend new people.

Start Singing

There are many bathroom singers in this world, it’s cool and comfortable singing in the shower. But irrespective of whether you have a good voice or bad you should not sing in a public queue. That is not a place to showcase your talent. 

Grooming yourself

Grooming yourself is one of the disgusting behaviours of people in public places. A public place is not the time to be fingering your ears for wax or checking your nostrils for excessive hair growth, if there is an urgent grooming matter which needs to be dealt with, kindly excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. 

Throwing wrappers

You must have noticed many people dropping wrappers on the ground while standing in the queue. Such behaviour is not only a negative impression but it is also affecting our country and our society. 

Many people eat chocolate wafers and through wrappers on the street, such behaviour is affecting our society which is indirectly affecting us.

Start wearing makeup

There are some ladies, who love to wear makeup wherever they are. Makeup and grooming should be done at home.

The public queue is not a place for your touchup. People feel uncomfortable, just because people are sober doesn’t mean you have the right to do anything anywhere, be careful with your actions and behaviour in public places.

Yelling at kids

Some mothers just don’t realise that they are travelling or they are walking on the street. Even if they are standing in the queue they just start yelling at kids and some even spank. Be careful about your actions and behavior. Because you have no idea how sensitive your children are.

Yelling at them or spanking them in public can make them embarrassed. Hence, avoid yelling at kids especially in public places. That not only irritates the public but your child too.

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