25 Habits to be Avoided to Build a Strong Physique

Almost everyone wishes to have a perfect body, but there are a few who can really achieve it. It takes a lot of practice, patience, and effort to build a nice and attractive physique. But there are some bad habits that one must avoid to gain the best results.

Avoid these bad habits to make the body of your dreams.

  • Not Warming up  before Workout

If you don’t warm up before your workout, you increase your chances of getting injured. Moreover, warming up before training increases blood flow to muscles. It also aids in reducing the heart’s stress by slowing the heart rate.

Also it increases the body temperature for optimum flexibility and efficiency. So, Warming up is definitely advised before a workout.

  • Notstayingsufficientlyhydrated

Water helps in regulating your body’s temperature. It helps to transport various nutrients to the muscles to give you energy. It also helps in removing wastes from tissues by dissolving waste in it.

Thus staying hydrated allows us to perform our best while working out. Water also lubricates our joints. So it is very vital to stay hydrated before and even throughout the workout.

  • Not Eating enough

The energy that you require to give your best in gym or training comes from the food you eat. Not eating enough food before you workout will result in the generation of insufficient energy.

As a result of this, you won’t be able to put up your best during your training. Sufficient food provides ample energy and prevents fatigue.

  • Eating heavy just before training

It is advised not to have any meal Just before workout or training. If you do so, then your stomach will use a lot of energy for digesting the food.

Body deficit in energy will make u feel tired, and hence you will not be able to give your best in training. So make sure you have a pre-workout meal an hour before you hit the gym.

  • Overdoing Exercise

Exercising too much can cause some severe problems to your body. You might end up losing your muscle mass as it will be used by the body  to produce more energy. Also, over-training can lead to disruptive sleep patterns, fatigue, poor eating habits, and depression.

You may also damage organs like the heart, brain beyond repair. So it is advised never to do overtraining.

  • Wearing smelly clothes

Wearing smelly clothes to the gym is something you should never do.  It is a  very unhygienic habit that one should give up at the earliest. No one will come forward to help you if you stink. Moreover, wearing stinky clothes might cause skin allergies. So better wear clothes that are thoroughly washed, clean, tidy and have no disturbing smell on them.

  • Wearing incorrect footwear

Your choice of Foot Wear can determine your chances of working safely or without any injury. You should avoid wearing the same pair of shoes to the gym with which you attended the disco.

Footwear for athletics is different from footwear for weight training. It is advised to choose footwear according to the needs of the activity.

  • Skipping workouts

Skipping or not performing specific exercises or activities is a terrible habit. Once you get this habit, then it becomes challenging to get rid of it.

This is due to the sudden shift from a hardworking phase to a careless and comfort-loving phase. So try to avoid walking this slippery slope of avoiding workouts, or you might find yourself at the beginning point losing all you have achieved.

  • Forgetting your Towel

 After a rigorous workout, you are most likely to sweat, and a Towel might be your magic wand keeping you dry. Carrying a towel with you allows you to wipe your sweat, reducing any chances of persistent smell due to effort.

So it helps you stay fresh and prevents any skin allergies due to bacterial growth when work gets accumulated on the pores of your skin.

  • Lifting too Heavy

It is advised not to lift heavy weights beyond your capacity. If you do so, you might end up getting severe injuries. Lifting heavy weights can lead to joint damage, tissue breakage, and sometimes even lead to ligaments’ tearing.

This habit can also lead to postural deformities that can be beyond repair or healing. So lift heavy under supervision or don’t lift heavy at all.

  • Always performing the same exercise

It is very necessary to create a workout plan with varying exercises. Practicing the same exercises daily might make several muscles overbuilt and underbuilt. Thus you would not be able to take the benefit of having a proper workout. Hence it is essential to change your exercise routines with time to develop your entire body efficiently and adequately.

  • Too many gaps in between exercise

Taking too many gaps or breaks between exercises and workouts is not a good habit. Too many breaks reduce your heart rate, which is not beneficial for you during your training. It is essential to have an elevated heart rate during exercises to burn calories. Hence it is crucial to limit the number and the duration of breaks you take while performing exercises.

  • Not keeping dumb bells back properly

Never Leave your dumb bells and other weights lying down after you have finished using them. In this way, someone might fall over them and get severe injuries.

So keep the dumb bells and other weights back to the place from where you picked them. In this way the gym is in order and accidents can be prevented to a great extent.

  • Not cleaning seats after use

Sometimes you pass on your sweat to the seats and benches in the gym, even though you are using your towel. Then you should wipe  the chairs or bench you have used before moving on to the next exercise.

You may also ask the official responsible for tending to sanitize the seat if you find it pretty wet. In this way, you keep your surroundings clean and reduce any chances of transmitting any bacteria or germs.

  • Performing without proper knowledge

Practicing without knowledge of gym instruments is very dangerous. As a result of this habit, you might end up getting hurt or badly injured. It is essential to have knowledge about various machines in the gym. 

This ensures your safety while working out, and you might not get any injuries and go back home safe. So always remember this and use instruments that you are well aware of.

  • Doing more Isolation exercise

Excess to isolation exercises is not beneficial at all. Our body uses various groups of muscles to perform multiple activities. Performing isolation exercises to focus on a single muscle might hinder the development of other forces that work with it.

To develop a better well-defined physique, one should not perform excess isolation exercises to burn more calories and end up having better results.

  • Holding your breath

Following a proper breathing pattern while performing exercises is essential. A lot of people have a poor habit of holding their breath during weight training exercises. Breathing regulates our blood pressure and helps us grow strong.

If you exhale during the most challenging movement of your workout can help you grow stronger. Hence a proper breathing pattern is essential for the development of strength.

  • Throwing your weights

It would be nice if you never get habituated with throwing your weights after you are done exercising with them. Throwing weights harms the floor on which you walk and might end up becoming dangerous.

Throwing your weights with a jerk after being exhausted might cause strains or sudden joint pains, which might hinder your workout routine. Also, it creates unwanted noise, which might not be well appreciated.

  • Not focusing on form

While you are working out in the gym or exercising at home, you should always pay attention to performing it in the perfect form. If you perform your exercises incorrectly, you are most likely to get joint injuries, muscle strains, and cramps.

Sometimes you even won’t recognize the damage you had done to yourself due to practicing exercises in an incorrect form. By that time, these injuries would go beyond recovery. Hence it is asked to focus on the perfect form to get maximum results.

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