20+ Habits to Build a Healthy Relationship

To make a relationship work it needs more than just love. Love is the first step towards being in a relationship but after that, it needs care, time, attention trust, and many more to make the relationship work

Some habits that will help you build a healthy relationship are:

1.Cook for each other

Cooking for each other is the purest way to showcase your love and care towards the person. Cook his or her favorite dishes and have them together.

Buying food and cooking food are two different ways of expressing your love, and hence spare time and cook for one another. Dishes need not be more in numbers, just anything with love.

2.Go on dates

Do not make your relationship boring, plan dates. Dates can be of any type as per your convenience, whether outside or just in your room.

Watch movies and cuddle each other. Talk about random things, enjoy each other’s company. Once in a while planning a date for refreshment and a good time is a good habit.

3. Talk to each other

This quite an underrated habit that needs more attention. The communication gap causes most of the problems in the relationship.

Something that is bothering you or hosting you about your partner or anything, talk it out. Keeping mum about everything and pilling up things will create more problems in the future.

4. Express your feelings more often

Be expressive, especially boys, there is no shame in expressing the way you feel.

If the person means to you, you better express it and make them feel like they are special before it slips away from your hands. Why be hesitant in speaking your heart out to the person you live with the most? 

5. Do not ignore each other

This is the worst habit that almost ruins a beautiful relationship. Being busy is a different thing and ignoring the person for the entire day is a whole different thing.

The person needs your attention, they need your care and so make time for each other. Ignoring texts and calls is the worst thing to do.

6. Give space to each other

Do not stick around each other all day and night. Give each other the desired space and freedom.

You have to be there for each other without actually sticking to each other the entire day. Random calls and texts are good but talking the whole day and texting every time is not a good habit.

7. Plan surprises for each other

Surprising each other by giving them a surprise visit or sending some random gifts tends to make the person feel good.

Gifts that are not too expensive can also do, you just have to make your partner feel good about being in a relationship with you.

8. Do not compare your partner with some other person

Comparing each other is the worst thing to do. Do not make your partner insecure about their position in your life.

Everyone is different and has different ways of expressing it. Appreciate what and who your partner is and make them feel like they are irreplaceable.

9. Take care of small things

Taking care of small details about your partner is a really sweet gesture of showing how the person matters to you.

Small things like his or her favorite dessert, favorite flavor ice creams, which color tie suits him the most, and so on.

10. Do not be busy on your phone when you are with your partner

Another irritating habit is being glued to the phone especially when you are with your partner.

This habit can make him or her feel like they are not that important. At least when you are around each other give them the time and attention they deserve instead of wasting your time surfing your phone.

11. Do not keep talking about the third person

Continuously talking about the third person can sound very irritating sometimes.

Concentrate on yourself and your partner, discussing another person Is okay sometimes but being obsessed about it is wrong. Why talk and discuss about some other person when you have a lot to talk about each other? 

12. Go for a long walk or drive

Go out of your room, take fresh air along with your partner. Going for a drive or a walk is like removing the crease from the paper.

Make time for these small things when you want your relationship to stay exciting and healthy.

13. Do your work on your own

Do not spend on your partner for everything and anything! Wash your clothes on your own, iron your clothes, change the tire, pay the bills.

Do not overburden things on one person, try sharing things equally, and help each other out with those things.

14. Do not force your thoughts on each other

Having different thoughts is good, but when you start saying things like I am right and you are wrong this is where things go completely wrong.

Accept each other as intelligent beings capable of having different thoughts. Respect each other’s thinking, of course, you can try to correct them when they are wrong but there is a way to do that.

15. Keep motivating each other

When you know you are only there for each other you better make it worth it. Motivate and encourage your partner in things where they need your encouragement.

Say things like I am proud of you, this can really boost a person’s morale and self-confidence. Do the little things from your side.

16. Do not promise things you can do

Do not just say and promise things when you are not sure about them. Like plan and say yes to an outing only when you can spare time for it, canceling at the last moment can break your partner’s heart.

Just say things that are within your reach, do not unnecessarily hype things when you can’t.

17. Do not be a burden on each other

Your partner can already have a lot to deal with, do not add more things to him/her. Be a support system of each other not like a burden.

For example, pay your bills, contribute to household expenditure, recharge your plans on your own, do not keep all these things on one person, split things.

18. Meet more often

Meeting each other once a week or twice a week can help your partner and you feel good about being in a relationship.

Physical presence is very important to make a relationship work, even when you are in a long-distance relationship try to meet once in a month or so.

19. Hold each other hands

This is so an undervalued gesture! Holding each other ‘s hands is the purest and cutest gesture. Hold hands when you are out for a walk or even when you are at home. Holding hands means giving the person the surety of being for each other.

20. Appreciate each other efforts

You should bring this into the habit. Appreciate the small and big efforts your partner is trying to do for you. Appreciate them for being there for you, for taking care of you, for not letting you go in tough times.

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