25+ Habits that Can Hurt The Happiness In Your Life

Many times, the main perspective of a human being’s life becomes the constant pursuit of happiness.

People make choices and do things they feel will benefit them and lead to their well-being but seldom do they realize that many times such decisions only increase their anxiety levels and despair.

People get into bad habits, which disables their chances of achieving long-lasting contentment.

Some Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Happiness

Not acknowledging what you have

Every day that you wake up and draw a breath is an opportunity to do something fruitful to make the most out of your day.

It doesn’t matter how difficult the circumstances or the situations in your life are; you must be grateful for everything and every instance of your life, even if they are negative.

You waking up every day is the opportunity to serve others, work towards your ambitions, and find every little joy in your life. Stop being a couch potato and enjoy every moment.

Comparing yourself with others

When you constantly compare yourself with others, it is of no good to you. Rather, it leads to dissatisfaction in your own life. All of you are often tempted to compare yourself with others, which mainly results in making you more unhappy.

It is quite easy to look at someone and their life and term that as perfect, but you often forget that everybody is supposed to be unique in their ways.

Comparisons are unfair; everyone has talents and capabilities, so it is not good to compare yourself with others.

Developing a non-optimistic attitude

Yes, it is not always possible to have an optimistic mentality and a positive approach towards life.

Many a time, an incident or a particular situation breaks you down, and you lose confidence in yourself. This makes you develop a pessimistic attitude, and you portray that in front of everyone around you.

When you are optimistic, you automatically have a much more positive outlook on your life and everything that is happening in it. So, quit being pessimistic and inculcating optimism in your life.

Having a laidback attitude

Many people have a lazy approach towards everything they do. Whether it is something very casual or something of high weightage, they feel that opportunities will come and knock at their doors and till then, they can just sit on the couch and enjoy something on the television.

It is probably the worst habit one can cultivate in their life. Being laidback and lazy regarding everything in your life can lead you to a lot of problems and make you a failure altogether. 

ways to inculcate optimism in your daily life

Being a procrastinator

Procrastination is among the worst habits you can include in your life. When you procrastinate, you leave the most important works for the last moment.

Many of you may feel that doing the tasks at the eleventh hour enhances your productivity, but in fact, it only increases your anxiety and stress levels.

When you keep the important tasks for the last moment, you fail to give your best, and while you are rushing, you make crucial mistakes. Procrastination must be substituted by balancing the various tasks at hand.

Letting a fear control you. 

Fear is something that arises due to some deep-rooted trauma, or it can be a natural thing.

Everyone living on this planet is afraid of a particular thing, but the main problem arises when you get so scared that you let that fear control you, and you stop doing even the things which you love.

You will notice that the fear which had started as a tiny bug slowly goes on to control your life and snatch the happiness from you; it makes you devoid of all the glee and joy your life had, making you have a dull attitude, which also reflects from your personality.

Trying deliberately to control which you do not have in your hands 

When you want to control something, it automatically leads you to an obsession which is an extremely unhealthy side. Trying to deliberately control something makes it a negative side of yours which is extremely toxic and takes your mental peace and happiness.

You will notice that when you are deliberately trying to control something, you will always have the feeling of not being able to do anything, which will harm your confidence level and make you question thereby regarding every decision of yours.

Fixing all your possessions 

You should remember that kindness and be humble go a long way, and the same goes for your possessions. It is always good to look after them but not to the extreme point where you put a name tag on all your belongings.

This makes you portray a selfish self of yourself and makes all the people go away from you. It will eventually create a void within you that takes away all your happiness and make you bitter from within. It creates a negative aura around you, due to which it even affects your life.

ways to stop criticizing yourself

Being your worst critic 

You know very well that in this world, you need to motivate yourself and take care of yourself to survive the upcoming days. You should always strive to be your best in everything, and this does not refer to being your worst critic.

When you have put your best but still criticize yourself, your confidence goes down. It makes you question whether you are capable of doing anything in your life and also breaks your belief in yourself. It makes a rocky path for you and makes a happy life a utopic dream for you.

Focusing too much on the past or the future 

Past and future are two things in your life that are not in your control; the more you think regarding these things, the more it will become difficult for you to focus presently.

When you revisit your past, you bring up your mistakes and harp so much on it that you lose your trust in yourself.

The same goes for the future; when you think excessively about the future, it lets you into a trance where you doubt your capabilities. You start losing your focus which ultimately takes you away from the future you dreamt for.

Never acknowledging yourself

You must learn to acknowledge and appreciate yourself even for the smallest of achievements.

They don’t have to be huge magnitudes of success like getting your dream job or marrying the lady of your dreams.

It can start with learning to wake up early, make your bed, learning to make coffee, and every little thing as such.

The more you avoid appreciating yourself, the lesser you can live your life to the fullest, as you depend on others to appreciate you and motivate you.

Letting yourself be controlled by hatred

It is quite natural to not like or love everything or everyone in this world. You might hate a particular food, or a particular animal, or even a particular person, more than what the others do.

Every time you come across this person, you feel that hatred stored deep inside you trying to come out, and you eventually burst out your anger.

This can have a grave impact on your life. Learning to forgive others and letting go of all hatred is essential to a peaceful life.

signs of ungrateful and unresentful people

Being ungrateful 

You know the secret to a happy life lies in being grateful even to the worst moments of your life.

The situations can be hard on you, but they teach you a lot of lessons. When you look at difficult circumstances and obstacles from such a perspective, they will appear like a diamond amongst all the coal.

The lessons you learn from these and even from the people who do you wrong can benefit you in the future, so never stop being grateful.

Not giving a compliment to others around you.

Research has shown that people who portray acts of kindness usually feel more satisfied and contented with their own lives and their deeds.

When people compliment others, not only do they brighten up their moods and their day, but they also give their happiness a boost.

When you compliment others, you will be surprised how happy it makes you in return, apart from making the other person happy. Just make sure whenever you are complimenting someone, be respectful and honest.

Not acknowledging the moments that make you unhappy

Just like happy moments, people go through moments that make them feel unhappy and unpleasant.

Such moments exist in everyone’s life. Instead of running away from such situations, or forcefully trying to make yourself happy, try to live these moments the way they are supposed to be lived. 

You must acknowledge these moments, too, as these will make you feel hurtful and also help you understand what you need to recover from such moments if they occur again.

Not keeping a journal.

You don’t have to be a literary genius to keep and maintain a journal every day. Journals are a great way to make plans for your next day, analyze your thoughts, execute all that you have in mind. A journal makes you more organized and less messy.

It is very simple; all you have to do is just jot down a few points before going to bed at night, and your to-do list will have everything to be done the next day. 

benefits of journaling

Not getting plenty of sleep.

No matter how badly the modern lifestyle and society tries to divert you towards less sleep and more work, always keep in mind that an adequate amount of sleep is essential towards a healthy lifestyle and for all the vital functions to take place properly in the body.

If you feel that you are wanting more sleep in the morning and your entire day is ruined just because you lacked ample rest, it means you need more sleep. 

Letting others influence your life

You should live a life on your terms. The more you let others influence you and take important decisions on your behalf, the more you will lose your grip on your life.

Yes, at times, everyone needs someone to advise them and help them out while making some life-changing decisions, but not every time should someone influence your decision-making.

Also, your ability to take your own decisions and responsibility for your actions diminishes while you let others do things for you.

When you don’t forgive others

Forgiving others doesn’t make you appear submissive or weak. It is a power not everyone can inculcate. When you forgive someone who had done you wrong, you lessen the burden that is, or rather was, on your shoulders. 

You don’t have to spend each day staying in the same guilt and thinking the same things, the way someone had hurt you or had offended you. Not only does this decrease your overall burden, but it also makes you appear way more powerful.

When you let a certain mood affect you

Suppose due to a certain reason you were unhappy during the morning. Maybe it was something that had hurt you immensely and made you very angry. If you allow this certain mood to take over your entire working system, you will waste your entire day.

Even those little moments of enjoyment and glee will go down the drain if you let this emotion overcome your senses. You will be unknowingly bursting out anger on everyone, even if they only want to make you happier.

You don’t smile often.

Many people have a notion that the more they smile, the more unhappy moments chase them. They feel that the happiest of moments are followed by unhappy and unpleasant phases.

Smiling is a two-way road. When you are happy, you smile, and when you smile, it enables your brain to release the happy hormone dopamine, which calms you down significantly.

This doesn’t mean that you go around with a fake smile on your face. Every time you feel low and down, try cracking a smile and see what happens.

You don’t exercise regularly.

Exercising is not only beneficial for your physical health but also for your mental health, like reducing anxiety and depression-related symptoms and boosting happiness and self-esteem.

You don’t have to be hard on yourself, just that you must exercise little amounts every day to ensure you stay fit, healthy, and of course, happy.

The regular you exercise, the better you can curb stress, anxiety, and other such disorders and enjoy a healthier and more joyful lifestyle.

benefits of exercising regularly


From the above points, it can be concluded that happiness is a virtue that is solely in your hands.

It can’t be controlled by any external factors until and unless you allow yourself to get affected by them.

When you follow all the above-mentioned steps and avoid doing what hurts your happiness, you will be able to lead a much more joyful and enjoyable life.

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