23 Powerful habits to Follow on Saturday

What happens between Friday night and Monday morning plays an important role in everyone’s life. To keep going, one should have some good habits to follow. Some of these are:

Here are Powerful habits to Follow on Saturday

Wake up early

It is important to have a sleep routine, no matter if it is a weekday or a weekend, one should follow a definite sleep pattern. You will have a kick start to your day if you wake up early in the morning and go to bed on time.

Pursue a passion.

One must take out time from their busy schedule for hobbies. It helps in relieving stress and promotes creativity. Adding hobbies during the weekend can play an important role in taking one’s mind off work and starting fresh.

Spend time with friends and family. 

Having dinner together with family and friends or sitting for a board game together on a Saturday evening is never a bad idea as it helps one to interact with the near and dear ones.

It would add to one’s happiness and helps them take a break from a long corporate week. It improves your mental well-being and relationship with them.

Prepare for the upcoming week

Taking out some time and working on your plan for the next week is never a bad idea. It is important to have weekly goals so that you are acquainted with what to do next. Keep a to-do list ready for your next week. This practice enables you to be on time with your tasks and would ensure that you do not lag behind.

Learn something new

It is important to learn something new every day, no matter a weekday or a weekend. Learning is a part of growing up. Learn about personal development, what’s going on around the world or some latest trends.

Spend some time alone

 Being surrounded by people for five days a week can be difficult at times. It is important that one spare some time for oneself and cherish being alone.

Perhaps, morning coffee on the balcony is never a bad idea. It helps one rejuvenate and revitalize mind and body, enhance emotional intelligence etc. it could even make one better at solving situations or problems.

Get plenty of sleep

Though sleep is a vital component, we tend to ignore it and often choose work to oversleep. It is important that one use the weekend and have plenty of sleep so that they are fresh and all set for the upcoming week. Having inadequate sleep leads to major problems like illness, irritation, lack of concentration etc.

Don’t binge-watch TV

 Watching TV for an hour or so is good. But binge-watching a series on Netflix makes one unproductive and lazy. It is also regarded as a time waste. Rather, the time spent watching a series could be used for reading a good book or talking to someone about things that help in one’s positive growth.

Don’t indulge yourself in multitasking 

 It may sound very fascinating to do all the pending work you have during the weekend simultaneously but that may reduce your effectiveness and efficiency. Hence, it is important that one takes out time for every task and does it with perfection.

Prioritize what’s important

Since we often prioritize work over other things during weekdays, it is important to do the opposite during the weekend.

Taking out some time for other important things may help one to live a balanced life. Sitting with someone for coffee and not talking about work, or going out with friends can be taken into consideration.

Exercise and meditate

 Exercising or meditating can help one relieve stress, improve productivity, it may add to your good mood, etc. it helps one relax their mind and body. Going out for a walk or simply walking in the park can also be a part of one’s exercise.

Enjoy the outdoors.

Taking out some time and enjoying nature should always be a part of one’s weekend routine. Going for a walk during the weekend or maybe going to the countryside is always refreshing and enhances one’s mood.

It helps one increase productivity, relax without thinking about work and makes one more creative.

Embrace JOMO and forget FOMO

 It is rightly said that there is no better place that one can be rather than being where they are. We often have the fear of missing out on things, which leads to anxiety.

It is important that we practice the joy of missing out rather than fear of missing out. It would help us concentrate more on ourselves and less on people and the world around us.

Take time to reflect on your growth.

It is important that one takes out time to reflect on the lessons learned during the previous week and think about ways to improve them. There cannot be a better time than weekends to think and jot down the learning, writing a short journal can work the best way.

Spend time with some successful people

 It is important for one to be associated with people that contribute to their personal growth and success. It is important to look for people with a positive mindset, one who works with zeal, is optimistic etc. one should make an effort to not be associated with people of a negative mindset.

Lookout for innovation

At times, one should disconnect with the world around and take out time during the weekend and look for ways of innovation, in the field of their interest. One should never be content about things and look forward to new ways of doing the same. One should not focus on the result but keep on innovating.

Loosen yourself from your strict schedule occasionally.

 it is a healthy habit to not stick by a strict schedule for the weekend but to let loose and do what one’s heart desires. Maybe party Friday night and sleep for long hours during the weekend.

It helps one enjoy and be more social. Also, having fun at times leads to the secretion of some good hormones in the body that helps one reliever stress and relax.

Engage yourself in some form of physical activity

There is nothing better than rejuvenating yourself via some hardcore exercise. Engaging in some physical activity burns out mental stress. It also keeps you physically fit and mentally active. Including exercises on your weekends energizes you for a boring week ahead.

Relax actively

 This might sound like an oxymoron but active relaxation simply means practising meditation or engaging in relaxing techniques. Stay away from passive relaxation like surfing the internet or watching TV.

Express gratitude

Gratitude is something that one should practice every day. It is an attribute of successful people. A free day as Saturday can be used to volunteer for your community and do something positive.

You can volunteer for a food drive in an orphanage or maybe visit shelter homes or spend some time feeding animals on street.

Create family traditions.

Having a family ritual of sitting together on Saturdays for a board game or any outdoor game helps build a strong relationship with each other. You can also sit together for a family dinner or lunch or may cook together to spend your Saturdays together.

Take advantage of your Saturday mood.

Often we fail to enjoy our weekends because we are more anxious about them passing really quick.

We keep ourselves tied up meeting deadlines even on Saturday which makes our weekend similar to any other day. Avoid the habit of keeping yourself busy even on weekends and enjoy the Saturday mood. 


Disconnect yourself from emails or social media. Take out some time that is free from any sort of devices and indulge yourself in some outdoor activity. You can choose any activity which does not require you to look at the screen. This will help you recharge your battery.

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