20 Habits to Improve Physical Health

Physical health can be understood as your physical body being free of disease or disability, being able to live comfortably and to do the things that you want to and to do things that you want to.

ways how you can improve your physical health.

Eat slowly

When you are eating fast, the body releases ‘fullness hormones’ that pass a message to your brain that you have eaten and should stop. Eating slowly will reduce the release of such hormones and eventually help you build a good appetite.

Drinking more water

With varying age, the human body is made up of 60% water. Drinking more water helps in regulating your calorie intake, energizes your muscles, also helps in keeping your kidneys healthy and keeps you hydrated. 

Reading nutrition labels

Loss of weight is considered to be the first step towards a physically healthy body; hence having a look for the total amount of calories that a product contains can help. Reading nutrition labels on products helps you in analyzing and regulating your calorie intake.

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Reducing consumption of sauces

Sauces lead to the consumption of more calories as they are rich in different kinds of flavors and spices. Reducing its consumption will also help you appreciate your food more as sauces tend to subtle some of the flavor of your food. 

Have a body composition scale

Instead of a simple body weight scale, a composition scale helps you in recording and analyze your progress better. The scale measures your body’s weight, muscles, fat, water and bone density. 

Research a diet

According to your health goals and lifestyle, a diet should be one that complements the same. So, before starting a new diet, look for the pros and cons of the diet. Your diet should be the one that helps you in the long run rather than achieving a short-term goal. 

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables helps you stay healthy and reduces the risk of dying by 42%. Keep a cut fruit in your small Tupperware and bring it to your workplace; you can have it either after your lunch or whenever you feel hungry.

Working out 

The reports of Active Health (an initiative by the Singapore Sports Council) suggest that adults should engage at least 2-3 hours of physical workouts in a week. Working out refreshes your body, helps in the good circulation of blood, and keeps you energetic. 

Start your day with a stretch

Stretching is another activity that keeps your physical body right; according to the letter published by Harvard Health, stretching keeps the muscles flexible and maintains our range of motion. It reduces the risk of strain, muscle damage, and joint pain. 

Quit smoking

To quit smoking is a very challenging thing to do, but it’s one of the life-changing decisions you would take. Support groups, nicotine therapy, and exercise are some ways in which you can get rid of this addiction. 

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Sign up for a run

At your workplace or home, set up a race together with your colleagues or friends, choose a category of your fitness level and train yourself. This would eventually lead to a great fitness level and help you cardiovascular health improve if you continue the practice. 

Join a gym 

Signup for a gym. Find a gym nearby to your area, and walk or jog to the gym. A healthy physique requires physical training and hence gyms are the best place for the same. Daily dose of exercise will keep you fit and ready in life for further challenges. Weight training in the gym 

Use a fitness tracker

Get a fitness tracker and count on your daily run, the calories you burned, your heart rate, and the distance covered during your workout. It will help you track yourself better and at the same time, suggest you to increase or decrease your workout as per recommended health indicators. 

Sleeping Schedule

6-8 hours of sleep is considered the best for a normal adult. Studies show that people sleep fewer than 7 hours have a 12% greater risk of dying prematurely. Also, make sure that your sleep time and dinner have at least a gap of 2 hours for better digestion and bowel movement. 

Smile and laugh more

Laughter is considered the best medicine; it not only improves your physical health but also keeps your mental health right. Laughing stimulates our heart, lungs, and muscles, thus keeping them inactive.

Choosing a nap over coffee

A 20-30 minutes nap over caffeine helps you boost your energy level, which positively influences your productivity on a daily basis.

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Meditation not only helps in mental peace but also helps in keeping your body healthy. Starting a meditation might be difficult for beginners, a meditation app might be a good choice.

Care for an animal

Getting your children a pet will not only give them a mate to play with but also develop immunity against certain allergies. 

Fall in love

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things for a human. This is because our brain releases some happy brain chemicals, dopamine, oxytocin and, serotonin, endorphins.

Keep a journal of daily wins

Professor Mehrnaz Bassiri in her TEDx said that writing your diary daily would help you appreciate your small wins and would boost your Mental health.

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