21 Habits helps you improve your Eyesight

Technological advancements have led us into a life where we are surrounded by several devices that adversely affect our eyesight. But did you know that you can improve your eyesight by adopting a few healthy habits and altering your lifestyle?

Here are the habits that can help you improve your eyesight.

Feed good food

 You must develop the habit of taking foods that are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The foods that you should take must be rich in beta carotene and lutein since they are great to repair the eyesight.

You should also incorporate food such as sweet potatoes, papaya, butter, cod liver, apricot and blueberries in your diet. This healthy habit will work as a boon for your eyesight. 

Get adequate sleep 

Another useful and great habit that you must incorporate in your life is to get an adequate amount of sleep. Sleep is great for overworked eye muscles and helps them to relax completely. 

Remain Hydrated 

Drinking the right amount of water is a must for your eyes. If the eyes get dry too often this is a sign from your eyes to drink water.

Inadequate amount of water also makes the eyes tired and blurry. 

Get some exercises for your eyes 

One of the healthiest habits that you can develop for your eyes to improve the eyesight is by getting exercises for your eyes.

You should place your hands together and keep the palms joined and rub them slightly together to create heat. Then place these warm palms on your eyes and relax them.

Do not allow any light to enter your eyes and perform these exercises especially when you are under the effect of blue rays for a long time. 

Fall in love with Orange 

One of the easiest and healthiest habits that you can build to improve your eyesight is by incorporating foods that are rich in beta -carotene and have an orange hue to them such as carrots and oranges.

They promote the health of the eye and also helps in correcting vision. Do not take in Omega 3 that is found in cold fish and nuts. These fatty acids are great to keep your retinas healthy and also prevent your eyes from further deterioration. 

Say no to sugar 

You must build the habit of saying no to foods that contain a lot of sugar. This sugar is bad for your eyesight. The more sugar you take the worse your eyesight becomes. 

Say no to smoking 

Another important habit that you should develop to keep your eyesight proper is to abstain from smoking.

Smoking is related to increased risk which leads to the development of age-related degeneration of muscles and also leads to optic nerve damage and cataract. This habit can bring back life to your eyes. 

Trick the eyes 

You must build the habit of focusing on an object that is at least 20 feet away from your eyes for a minimum of 20 seconds for every 20 minutes. You will be surprised to know how better you feel about your eyes. 

Dim the computer screen

 Another great habit that you can develop to relax your eyes while working on the computer is to lower the brightness of the screen.

This reduces the amount of blue light reaching your eyes and damaging it to less extent. This is one of the best habits that you can develop to improve the eyesight. 

Eat Bilberry

 Another great habit to incorporate in life is to develop the habit of incorporating bilberry fruit in your diet.

It is an antioxidant and has great nutritional properties that increase the blood circulation in the eyes and also protects it from damage. 

Stop depending on your glasses 

One of the important habits to develop is to stop depending on your glasses. You must take off your glasses as often as possible to promote unassisted vision and this will naturally increase your vision and help you see better.

Use safety wear

 There are airborne hazardous particles present in the air. You must always put-on safety eyewear to protect your eyes from such particles.

Sports such as hockey and racquetball can also lead to injuries therefore, you must develop a habit of wearing safety wear whenever and wherever possible. 

Wear sunglasses 

Get yourself just the right pair of shades to protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. A lot of exposure to UV rays can increase the chances of getting cataracts and can also lead to muscular degeneration.

This habit can protect your eyes from severe damage and will keep them safe for a long time. 

Visit the doctor regularly 

Another habit that must be developed by everyone is to visit the eye doctor at regular intervals. You must get an eye exam to keep a check on the status of your eyes.

This helps to protect the eyesight and also helps you to see your best. 

Take time off from the computer screen

 One of the best habits that you can build to protect your eyes from getting severely damaged is by taking your time off from the computer screen at regular intervals.

Focusing on the computer screen for too long can lead to eye strain and can cause trouble in focusing. Therefore, you must take off your eyes from the computer screen at regular intervals. 

Do not rub your eyes 

You must avoid rubbing your eyes too often. This habit is very bad for your eyesight since our eyes are very delicate.

Rubbing damages, the blood vessels of our eyes and thus damages our eyesight. You must avoid this to protect your eyes from damage. 

Do not read while travelling 

Many people have the habit of reading while they are on a go. You should try to avoid this as much as possible.

When you are reading while travelling you are putting your eyes under tremendous strain since the eyes find it difficult to focus. 

Do not try to read small alphabets on the phone 

Smartphones have gradually replaced our books. And it often happens that we are unable to read the minute characters on our phone but stress our eyes to read them anyhow. You must abstain from this habit of yours.

Try not to strain your eyes as much as possible as this will protect your eyes from damage in the long run.

Do not study in low light 

Many people have the habit of studying at dim light. You must avoid this at all cost. This habit of yours puts your eyes under tremendous strain and this leads to the gradual weakening of the eyesight.

If you are using mobile phones in a room that has no lights then you are preparing your eyes to worsen with time. You must use smartphones in the proper light. 

Eat green leafy vegetable 

One of the best habits that you can include in your life is to add green leafy vegetables to your diet.

This is the best habit that one can incorporate in their daily routine for better eyesight. 

Eyewash routine 

Another great habit that one can develop is to include a habit of washing eyes regularly. You should fill your mouth with water and wash your eyes with fresh water.

This habit will work wonders on your eyesight and help you improve your eyesight to a great extent.

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