19 Habits that will increase your IQ naturally

We all want to become intelligent and get better at what we do. But is it possible to become intelligent by applying just a few habits in life? Yes, it is.

Only a few people are born geniuses, however, you can also become a genius if you make a few positive changes in your life and inculcate these positive life-changing habits which will make you intelligent.

Here are Habits that will increase your IQ naturally

Have an open mind 

Intelligent people are flexible to learning. They wish to learn from everyone and anyone. Your intelligence will automatically increase when you have an open mind to new ideas and innovations.

Although the ideas may seem repetitive and nothing unusual but keeping an open mind to it will help you learn better about the same thing. 


People who are geniuses have a great observation and absorption power. No invention got its inspiration from something that already did not exists.

Think of aeroplanes, ships and other technologies that we use today. They all were a result of the observation that led to the development of one thing which eventually got better.

Nature always teaches us something or the other, therefore one must be very observant. 

Read about new things daily

 One of the best mental exercises is to tread daily. You must make it a habit to read about something new daily which will eventually help you to broaden and sharpen your mind. This habit enhances the behavior of the individual.

People who are readers are seen as the creators who understand the past, build the present and live in the future. Reading will help to accelerate the solution finding capability in an individual. 


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools and habits that one should master to release new ideas and deep knowledge about oneself.

This habit helps to relax the brain, build calmness and peace. It is a natural booster of IQ if the brain is trained properly. This helps you to get rid of fear, worry and anxiety. 

Practice Fasting 

Can Fasting help you to boost your intelligence? Yes, fasting from food is a great habit to boost your IQ naturally. This is one of the great habits that can help you accelerate your reasoning.

A lot of heavy food in the stomach can make you feel very tired as well as weak. The majority of the time you spend in feeling tired and resting. Thus, eating less food can definitely become an intelligence booster. 

Drink a lot of water 

Water is known as the Universal solvent. The majority of the human brain contains water, around 70%. Therefore, if you are dehydrated this can lead to shrinkage of your memory and can even cause loss of memory.

Thus, your brain will not function properly if you consume the right amount of water every day. With the correct amount of water in the brain, the brain is sure to function properly. 

Take adequate rest 

If you continue to work all the time and take no rest you are sure to become tir3ed and dull. It is not an ideal thing to work the brain 24 hours a day and for the entire seven days in the week.

It will lead to the breakdown of the body and thus you will not be able to find solutions for your problems. It is very important to give proper rest to your bed so that it can develop creative ideas and solve the necessary issues. 

Ask Questions

 One of the best ways to learn is by asking questions. This helps to build confidence. It is quite normal to ask relevant questions regarding the topic which is under study. This is what intelligent people do.

It is always advisable to get into conversations with your friends and teachers and learn from their experiences and gain from their knowledge

Take proper nutrition

 Proper nutrition is what intelligent people always keep a note of. Eating heavy food can surely reduce your IQ. You must know which food needs to be eaten when.

Take the right number of vegetables and brain food at the right proportion and let the diet work wonders on your IQ building process.

Eating lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables can boost the brain cells of your body and is capable of triggering high reasoning. 

Exercise the muscles 

Exercise is not only capable of building the body muscles but is even great for building the brain muscles.

Exercising increases the excitement and motivates you to think in the proper direction. This helps to increase productivity and even your performance. 

Solve Puzzles 

One of the great ways to increase your brain cells is to solve problems like puzzles, rubrics, sudoku and crossword.

Puzzles for the brain can help you in logical thinking and enhances your problem-solving capabilities. This is great for your professional as well as personal life. 

Read News 

Another great way to exercise your mental capabilities is by reading the news. 

When you catch up with the latest events you must talk about it with your friends and family. This will enhance cultural awareness and will add knowledge to the world around you.

This will expose you to a wide variety of opinions and will also enhance the critical thinking process. 

Jot down your thoughts   

Another great way to declutter your mind and help it function better is by writing down your thoughts.

This will help you improve your self-esteem and self-awareness. By writing the things down you are gradually learning the process of thinking and communicating effectively. This is certain to raise your intelligence level. 


 It is a great and effective way to listen and absorb the things happening around you. Pay attention to the people who you might interact this will teach you how people usually think. 


 Intelligent people are always up for experimentation and adventure. You must be willing to leave your comfort zone and try new things out.

Until you try new things you will not know what works the best for you. Find out about courses that are from a different field but often catch your attention. 

Analyze the different possibilities 

There are different possibilities for one thing. Therefore, if you really want to be intelligent do not stop at the first possibility that you think is feasible and possible.

Always play with your brain. Even if the results are not what you thought them to be, your brain has an idea stored which can come out true one day and there might be different factors responsible for the same. 

Play with your brain 

There is nothing wrong in creating a world of your own. If you create a Universe of yours in your mind there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

Let your brain exercise and let it build its own world. Intelligent people never allow the outside surrounding to change their inner mental state. 

Hang out with smart people 

Intelligent people know the importance of the company. You need to hang out with people who are smarter than you and inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

You must hang out with people who teach you different things from different walks of life. 

Engage in educational content

 Rather than wasting time is engaging with useless content intelligent people always devote their time is learning and reading.

Even if you are using social media you must engage yourself in positive content and useful content. These contents add to their knowledge and help them become more intelligent. 

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