19 Habits that you must Quit Immediately

Every one of us has those specific days in our lives when we feel out of energy and super low. We might hog onto our favorite foods or cry in front of a friend. However, sometimes it is just about habits.

Certain habits make us feel low and tired and must be quit immediately for us to have a happier life. Here are the habits that you must quit you enjoy a successful and happy life.

Here are Habits that you must Quit Immediately

Saying yes 

It is a very bad habit to say yes when both your brain and heart are asking you to utter NO is something that must be avoided at all cost. This habit makes us feel exhausted and sad at the end of the day. 

Bad association with People 

We are the average of five people around us. Therefore, we feel the way how the people with whom we often hang around feel.

Thus, you must quit a bad and negative company at all cost and start hanging out with happy, talented and positive people. 

Inadequate sleep 

Sleeping makes the body go into the auto-repair mode and allows our body to gain enough strength to resume its next day work.

If we do not get adequate sleep we might end up staying irritated the entire day. Inadequate sleep leads to very poor quality of life and thus this habit must be quit immediately. 

Drunk driving 

Drunk driving is one of the worst habits to have. This habit just not puts your life at stake but also risks other people lives.

It should just not be a habit but must become a rule to avoid getting drunk before driving. 

Social Media addiction 

One must be very clear about the usage of social media and must manage their time effectively.

Social media addiction is a very bad habit that isolates you from the real world and harms the mindset of people. We must avoid such habits and must not waste our time. 

Extensive use of technology 

Technology has been made to make our work effortless. However, extensive use of technical gadgets soon makes us their slaves and this leads to excessive time wastage and makes our lives very mechanical.

This is another habit which must be avoided at all costs. You must try to do your chores manually. 

Not taking care of cleanliness 

When you have cleaner surroundings, you feel a lot better and more organized. When you have a messy house, you have a messed-up brain as well.

Thus, you must always keep your house clean and avoid the habit of staying dirty. 

Not giving importance to mental health 

Just like you visit a dentist when you have a toothache you must visit a therapist if you do not feel happy for a long span of time.

You must not develop a habit of not giving importance to your mental health. A healthy mind is of utmost importance for the well-being of the body. 

Not chewing food properly

Many people have the habit to eat fast which leads to the development of an unconscious habit where you do not chew your food properly.

This habit can harm your digestive system. This can lead to an outburst of many health diseases and is a habit that must be avoided. Thus, you must develop a habit of chewing food properly. 


There is no need enlighten people on this bad habit. Everyone is aware of the bad consequences of smoking.

However, very few can quit it. This is not only very harmful to your health but is a great danger for the health of your near and dear ones. One must quit this habit as quickly as possible. 

Eating junk food 

Eating junk food that is high on calories and have no nutritional value must be avoided at all costs. Eating a lot of junk food makes your body obese which leads to the onset of several diseases. One must develop a habit of eating freshly cooked food. 

Not drinking enough water 

It is very vital to keep the body hydrated all the time. Drinking water is very essential for a healthy gut and healthy skin.

When the body does not get enough water it reflects on your skin which turns dry and also there is a drop in the energy level. Therefore, it is extremely important to develop the habit of drinking water. 

Consuming soft drinks 

A lot of studies that are available on internet educate us about the ill-effects of consuming high sugar-loaded soft drinks.

Although the soda loaded with so much sugar can make you feel good for the time being but it is definitely not good for you in the long run. This is another drinking habit which must be avoided and quit immediately. 

Avoiding carbohydrates 

Many people think avoiding carbs is good for their body and have developed this habit to maintain the fitness of their body. However, this is very wrong.

One must not avoid carbs altogether. Our body needs all the nutrition in the right quantity. Thus, the habit of completely avoiding carbs is harmful to the body. 

Consumption of red meat 

There are numerous reasons due to which you must stop having red meat immediately. A lot of red meat can lead to many health conditions such as type-2 diabetes and can even lead to increased cholesterol along with ailments in the heart.

Red meat contains a lot of calories which cannot be digested in our body that easily and even leads to weight gain. 

Taking in a lot of caffeine

You must keep a check on your caffeine intake. If you have a habit of taking a lot of caffeine then you must stop immediately.

Too much caffeine can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. It leads to decay of the tooth enamel and can lead to many diseases such as insomnia, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Not having potion control 

Adults require fewer calories as compared to teenagers. Thus, the habit of portion control must be practised.

The metabolic rate slows down with age and thus it is extremely bad for adults to intake the same quantity of the food as they used to when teenagers. 

Fad diets 

Performing fad diets to lose weight is going to do you more harm than good. They can become a serious problem for your system. the best way to become fit and healthy is by taking nutritional food and exercising. 

Not visiting the doctor for an annual health check-up 

It is very vital to visit the doctor once a year for a full body check-up. This helps the doctor to identify the subtle problems in your body which can be cured at the initial stage.

If you have the habit of visiting the doctor only when you are sick, quit it immediately. Make it a note to visit the doctor once a year for a full-body check-up.

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