23 Habits of Effective Artists: Painting Your Way to Success

What is that is making an artist more successful than others? It’s just not the talent, hard work or luck but it’s something else that plays a subtler role in the making of wonderful artists. And that is the process of building wonderful and meaningful habits.

Did you always wish to be an amazing artist? Here are the habits that you must incorporate in your life to become the artist of your dreams.

habits of effective artists

Switch to Airplane mode 

You must be willing to shrink your world to yourself away from all sorts of distraction if you wish to become the master of your craft. So, try to turn your phone often and disconnect yourself from all the distractions in the world to become the master of your craft.

Have a passion for your art

 Great artists have a passion for their art and everything that is associated with it. They know that there shall be challenges, issues and obstacles on their way to become an artist. However, they remain passionate about their dream and art. 


 Another great habit of all the artists across the globe is their focus towards their passion. They are never distracted from their craft and remain committed to achieving their goals. It requires the singleness of purpose to achieve the dreams that one has seen. Their art is their priority in life. 


Successful artists have their vision clear and have it revolving around their art. They visualize themselves achieving the best things in their chosen path.

Despite all the hurdles and obstacles, they remain committed towards their work and create new ones when the previous ones have been achieved. 


Successful artists believe in the habit of staying persistent and consistent towards their goals. People who get past the obstacles are the ones who have been consistent towards what they are doing. The ones who quit lose the focus towards their vision.

Capture your ideas

 Every single day you get thousands and hundreds of ideas and it is not possible to remember them all. You must write down about those ideas and capture them. Build a second brain to capture your ideas and that can be a repository of any form.

This shall store all the information, ideas and everything else for you. This will help you come back to it whenever you need them. 

Deliberate consumption 

As a painter, you must be willing to have deliberate consumption of the artistic creations around you. Read books, watch the work of other artists and then take action. This is one of the habits that all the artists have in common. This habit shall prove beneficial for you in the long run. 

Have a focus on the process 

One of the great habits that you must inculcate as an artist is to focus on the process and not on the outcome.

The audacious and ambitious goals decrease your motivation. When you have massive goals there is a wide difference between when you are and where you need to be. The outcomes are out of control. Therefore, develop the habit of living in the process and not in the outcomes. 

Show up every day

 There is great power in consistency. It encourages you to do more and work less. Rather than doing ten things every day just focus on getting two things done for five days and repeat the same cycle. This also leads to the development of a virtuous cycle of creative momentum. 

Treat it like a job 

Some artists show up for their work like it’s a job. If they do not do the same, they shall not progress with their ideas and their work shall not be acknowledged. Therefore, if you are a painter and willing to leave your mark on the world, make sure to develop this habit. 


Reflection has a lot of creative work on it. Reflection allows you to turn down the enormous world around you. It allows you with the opportunity to listen to yourself and the music of your creative brain. Therefore, make it a habit to reflect regularly. 

Do not make the art 

Art is a natural phenomenon that flows very naturally through your ideas and it is the best when it is not restricted.

One should not force the brush strokes. Therefore, never force yourself to art and take breaks that are necessary to break the monotony. This will fuel your passion and will you make you fall in love with your work. 


 Keep your eyes, ears and soul open to inspiration. Inspiration can come to you at any place and at any time. You just need to be open to those inspirations and make sure to work on them.

Keep your notepad with yourself to make a note of everything that inspires you and might later be reflected in your work. This is a great habit to develop. 

Have other hobbies 

Every artists or painter has another hobby that they love to follow passionately be it music, writing, reading etc.

Few do it to support their artistic career while other believe that it is important to have other interests as this helps them to get focused about their work and appreciate the love that they have towards their art and painting.

This helps them appreciate their work and passion more. Therefore, you must inculcate this habit in your life.

Listen to feedback 

A good artist always takes care of what people have to say about their work. Although sometimes they do take the feedback personally, however, this should not be done.

The criticism should be taken in the form such that it helps them to improve their work. So, detach yourself from your work emotionally and take the criticism positively to become better at your work. This habit will take you a long way in your career. 

Learn and work in chunks

Good artists often include breaks while they are working or learning. If they work hard for 90 minutes, they tend to take a break of 15 minutes. This allows them to detach themselves from the work for a brief moment and then return to their work with increased energy and vigor. This is one of the best habits to incorporate in life. 

Create goals 

Successful artists always have the habit of setting goals for themselves. They tend to write their goals down and work hard until they become reality.

It does not matter if it is a certain amount of money or a certain position in their career, they believe in writing everything down and working hard until they get there. 

Challenge yourself 

If you wish to become a great artist you must be willing to come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. If you do not challenge yourself and do not work on complex projects you can never reach your full potential.

If you talk to successful artists, they would oft3en tell you that they have worked on projects that they never thought they could complete successfully. Therefore, keep trying and keep learning. 

Do not run after perfection 

Successful artists are not perfectionists. They constantly move from one project to the other rather than working on a project for a month. They try new things to hone their skills.

You must focus on being prolific rather than a perfectionist. Painters such as Picasso and DaVinci had this habit. Do, if you wish to create a mark for yourself develop this habit soon. 

Learn one thing at a time 

Effective artists are not dabblers. They do not wish to learn various forms of art at the same time. Stick to learn one thing at one time and have your complete focus over one thing. This habit is one of the very important habits for everyone who wishes to become an effective artist.

Learn from others

Effective artists are always keen on learning from others. You must be open to new ways and methods of achieving things. Learning from others is different from copying them. Therefore, you must look up to other artists for inspiration. 

Practice daily

 Practice makes a human perfect. Therefore, if you wish to become an effective artist make sure to practice your work daily even if you have no client to work for.

This habit will keep you in touch with your craft and will increase your passion for your work. This is a great habit to develop.

Put something out there every day 

There is a famous saying by Steve jobs that people who are real artist, ship. It is not enough to paint something and then keep it in your attic.

You must show it to the real world. You must share what you have created with the world. This is one of the most vital habits to build and create.


The habits of effective artists serve as a guiding light on the path to artistic success. These habits, such as regular practice, self-discipline, an open mind, and resilience, provide artists with the tools to constantly improve their skills and develop their creative expression. By adopting these practices, artists can overcome obstacles, push the boundaries of their craft, and create art that connects with others and leaves a lasting mark on the world of creativity.

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