19 Habits Of Unhappy People That You Should Not Cultivate

No one is inherently unhappy in their life. It is how you behave and how you react to every situation that determines how you find happiness and joy.

Some people sulk and create a sad mood by the way they think, and they think negatively of every situation, and thereby it affects their mood.

There are some habits that are followed by people who are unhappy, so it is better to look at those habits and be careful so that you stay away from them.

Common Habits of Unhappy People

Not being thankful for anything 

You tend to lose all the joy and vigor of your life when you stop being grateful for anything. It might be to a person or the nature of the environment around you. Unhappy people tend not to be thankful to anyone or anything whatsoever.

It tends to take all your blessings for granted and not make you aware of all the positive things around you. It changes your outlook to a negative side, and it hampers the way of your living. You tend to lose all the joy in this way and become a grumpy human being.

Living and glorifying the past 

People who are always unhappy tend to be living in the past and feel proud of all their past accomplishments. They seem to judge their present based on past incidents and forget to live in the present.

They do not focus on the present moments, which makes them difficult to deal with every hardship in their life.

They are so busy cursing and talking about past incidents that they do not get enough time to look in the present and work accordingly.

They seem to have a laid-back approach regarding everything, due to which they do not find zeal in anything.

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Having a fear of economic loss

Fear is sometimes good as it keeps you in check of all the things that can happen if the thing you are doing does not work out.

It keeps you motivated enough to give your best to work that out, but excessive fear is never good for anyone. They like to be on the same boring schedule of their lives.

They are selfish and greedy regarding money and do not think about the exposure, experience, or any other lesson that they would have accumulated in due time.

You should never have this fear as money is just a medium, the source it comes from is you, and no one can change that.

Blaming others and playing the victim 

People who are in a sulking mood never own up to their mistakes. They just pass on the blame to someone innocent and keep themselves busy by playing the victim.

A person not owning up their mistakes just shows how weak their personality is and how they are not at all confident regarding their selves.

You should always take the blame when you are making a mistake because realizing it and accepting it shows that you are the kind of person who is not afraid to make mistakes, and it also shows that you are growing and trying to learn which these mistakes arise.

Bring up a negative identity and staying with it

Unhappy people tend to suffer more as they are pessimistic regarding everything in their lives. For example, they focus more on the negativities in their life.

Life is a rocky path, and it has its ups and downs, so it is essential to be calm and enjoy it. People are always focussing on the negative they try to become a negative identity for real in their lives.

If someone is suffering from depression or anxiety, then they tend to focus on it so much that they keep discussing this and talking about this all the time. They take this as a part of their lives instead of getting out of it. You should always enjoy your life’s course no matter what.

Expecting the worst

People who are always unhappy do not look at the brighter side of things. Instead, they lose their hope from the beginning itself without even trying.

This is because their outlook is on the downside, and this just shows that they do not have enough self-confidence within them to complete or fulfill anything.

They tend to bring out and harp on the fact that the worst will happen, and you can sense this type of behavior from a distance.

You should always measure the pros and cons before doing anything new, and the fear of the worst should fuel you up to do it successfully.

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Becoming a critic regarding everything 

Nothing new, nothing exciting can make the people happy because it is their mindset that is doing the trick every time.

They look at everything that others are also doing with a negative approach and try to put their opinion on them. They are so selfish and greedy that they wish to not see anyone becoming more successful than them.

They voice their opinion no matter how harsh it may sound and also find a point to criticize their work, bringing their morale down. Keeping such people around you will affect your lifestyle deeply in a negative way, so be careful.

Envying other’s successes 

You may find this trait in every other person in today’s world because this world is full of traitors who just seem to be your friend but are masters in bringing you down at all times. People who are always with a gloomy face envy others’ happiness or success.

They don’t point it out, but they try to bring out the negatives and the downside of their achievements which makes the others feel less confident about themselves, and they start to question themselves and not be proud of their accomplishments.

Leading an unexciting and unadventurous life 

As you have already read above that life is a rocky path, and people who can stabilize themselves and go through it with a smiling face are the real winners. It is important to change the courses in due time and see if something else can turn out to be more feasible for you.

People who are in the negative zone tend to remain stuck in the same lives because they are so afraid of any negative outcome that they do not start anything new. They lose their confidence in themselves which affects their mood and behavior a lot.

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Doing things only for personal benefit

The people who are always drowned in grief tend to do things only for their benefit. Even if they try to help someone, they look at it, and they help only if they are benefitting from it.

This is how much greedy and selfish a person can be. They refuse the offers where they feel that they would be at risk and so on.

You should keep this in mind when you are making friends in your new office or anywhere else. It affects you so much that you slowly inculcate their habits without realizing the harm it would have on you.

Picking fights randomly 

People who remain unhappy usually pick up a fight in any given situation even though it has nothing to do with the current scenario whatsoever. They try to argue for a random, absurd reason with their close ones, thereby affecting their relationship with them.

These fights are mainly done by them so that the opposite person can show sympathy and kindness to them, and they can use it to exploit innocent people. These unhappy people do not forget to point out their mistakes if they fail to do and create chaos out of nowhere.

Thinking other people’s intentions to be bad or dishonest 

People who are always with gloomy faces think that other people’s intentions can never be to see their happiness or success of them.

These negative people take every opinion, remark, or constructive criticism as something which people use to degrade them down. They cannot take it as positive feedback to better at whatever they are doing.

They cannot even think in their wildest of dreams that someone can mean their opinion for the good of them, and they feel whenever the other people are telling them something, it is just to belittle themselves and nothing.

It will make you lose trust from other people, and you won’t be able to focus on the thing which you are doing.

Not minding their own business 

The people who like to interfere in other’s businesses are often finding annoying at the most.

People who are supposedly unhappy like to get involved in others’ drama as that makes them important enough to be a part of their lives and find a chance to come to the limelight.

They enjoy when other people are facing trouble and try to play an essential role in it and exaggerate the whole situation.

They try to make a fuss regarding everything. You will feel how they will be instigating you in making your life a mess, and so you should look into it.

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Focussing only on themselves 

People who are unhappy look for their gain only. Although they have their focus all over the place, their focus is only on themselves, which shows their selfish mentality and how they treat other people. These people lack the trait of kindness and empathy in their relationship.

Such people forget about others and only look at the way which is most feasible for them without worrying much about others.

They do not empathize with other people’s problems which makes them miserable human beings. You should remember that focussing on yourself is not bad but focussing only on yourself is a bad thing.

Worrying too much 

The people who seem to be unhappy worry too much about the consequences, which hinder them from doing or trying anything.

Every path is difficult at first, but it is patience and time that do the trick, and they lack patience a lot. They focus more on the worst things that could happen.

These people kill the mood by worrying too much. They seem to worry so much because they have lost all their confidence, and they do not even trust themselves, which makes them worrying a natural thing. You will be able to understand such kinds of people from afar.

Socializing with the negative people

You will notice that the people who are always pessimistic hang out with the negative people. They try not to budge from their pattern of behavior and socialize with the same people who have thought like them.

They hang out only with the people who have a pessimistic approach towards everything and could gossip and waste their respective time on bringing up the worst side of everything.

They are always busy thinking themselves to be right at every point and always look for opportunities to degrade others. You should always stay away from such groups.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle 

Research has shown that unhealthy junk and oily food aids in bad cholesterol levels and obesity, which naturally results in an unhappy as well as an unhealthy lifestyle.

Unhappy people are often seen as the ones who pay no attention to their health or lifestyle and are okay with whatever type of food they are having.

This behavior just shows that they do not want to follow a good or healthy structure in their life and has no control over themselves.

This lifestyle makes them fall into such traps which are too deep to ever get out from it. You should indulge in cheat days and not make the cheat days’ meals your everyday meals.

Becoming short-tempered

People who have trouble finding happiness in their lives often struggle a lot with their anger management, and this is one of the main issues for which they are not able to find happiness in their lives.

They seem to get triggered by the slightest of things and create a huge scene out of it. It may arise from childhood trauma, past incident, or any other thing which they had buried within themselves.

Getting angry is natural but getting angry or losing your calm at the shortest of the things affects you a lot in your life, harming your mental peace along with the relationships and also negatively affecting your work. They seem to have a hard time doing simple tasks because of this.

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Unable to grow in life 

Growth in your life comes only when you allow yourself to experience adventures and other new things when you face obstacle and other difficulties; you grow through it by the lessons you learn.

Unhappy people always refuse to try anything new as they are too caught up looking at the negative consequences of everything.

This hinders them from growth and development, and they seem to be stuck at a single thing for their whole life, and this makes them bored with their life as a whole and becomes more negative about it, thereby being a bad influence on all the people around them.


Unhappiness often results from personal choices. Life can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean you must remain negative forever. Life is full of opportunities. The key is to cherish each moment and embrace the flow. Recognizing the habits of unhappy people can guide you towards positivity and change. Avoid such habits or transform them to lead a happier life.

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