20 Powerful Friday Habits For Success And Growth

Most of us tend to dread Mondays. But what if we could reduce the series of blues that Monday gives us by planning our Friday’s right? Our weekdays are usually occupied but things tend to wind down on Friday afternoons.

We can effectively utilize this time so that we can enjoy weekends more carefree.

things you can do for a productive Friday

Making an action list

Every Monday should commence with a well-planned action schedule. This doesn’t imply that you note your impressions or opinions on Monday, sipping coffee.

Instead, you should get commenced whilst the mid-afternoon break on Friday. Make a list of all the activities you comprehend will not be accomplished by the time you run short on time.

Download your mind on paper

The assignments you are assigned must be in priority order. Segregate the urgent and non-urgent tasks based on deadline or importance. This list should be made on Friday to make your upcoming week run smoothly.

The urgent tasks should be allotted to Mondays, while the non-urgent tasks can be shifted to the latter half of the week. This will reduce the workload. You will be able to start your week with a smile. 

Finish the tasks you dreaded the entire week.

There are certain tasks that we tend to procrastinate on throughout the week. We keep on shifting it to the next day.

Friday is supposed to be the last day of the week to complete all your pending tasks. Do not keep the task lagging and shift it to the next week. This makes the next week feel a burden even before it starts. Friday is your chance to start your week fresh!

Plan to avoid Sunday night blues

Fridays are extremely unproductive day. Most of us tend to consider Friday as the end of all the work.

It is recommended to knock off a few of the assignments you are delaying the most. It might be surveying your financials, replying to emails or getting a head start on the particular report that you have kept on hold for ages now!

Doing all of it may take a slight of edge off of the Sunday night blues.

Keep yourself inspired

It is plausible that no matter how much you try some tasks will be as such that you will not be able to finish during the week.

It occurs to even the best ones. But instead of beating yourself around it and always pointing out your failures, take some time out on Friday to reflect on your achievements.

Some professionals advise maintaining a Done List, which offers you that feeling of making advancement which proves to be extra motivating.

Refresh yourself

Apart from enjoying your week, you must discover a means to refill yourself with some positive energy if you have time to do so.

Look for some quotes to hang by your computer to encourage you when you are back to your cubicle on Monday morning. If you have a lengthy break, listen to a podcast that enlightens you. 

Get hold of your schedule

Often experts directly start packing their calendars with meetings and tasks at the beginning of the week.

Rather than waiting for that to come to pass, take an assertive strategy on Friday afternoon by blocking off some time for yourself in the days ahead. So that when someone tries to plan something, you’ll be busy.

Make a list of things you skip for work.

There are a lot of things that we tend to miss because of work pressure. Include those things that are important to you as you plan the week. If you always miss the gym at lunchtime because of work meetings, give it some time.

Consider dispersing in a few hours off the office to get in that exercise. If you want to chat or hold an important conversation with your employees or a coworker, set aside half an hour to do that, as well.

Set a single goal.

Forget about how near you are to accomplishing your substantial objectives in life. Even the smallest of goals can be missed in procrastination.. As you make your to-do list, keep that goal at the lead of your mind and make sure your most significant tasks answer to that.

Review your Friday list every day.

Instead of postponing to the next Friday to check in with your achievements, analyze your list at the end of each day to ensure that your goals are on track. Reiterate the procedure again and again to take responsibility for your work and your life for the better!

The list you prepared on Friday should be kept in check throughout the week.

Go out for a walk.

Since the rest of the week must have been a  stressful one, it would be good if you spend a few minutes to loosen up and go for a walk.p. Ending it on a positive note is a great start to the weekend.

Say a proper goodbye to your co-workers.

Give yourself and your co-workers a taste of closure at the end of the week by saying a proper goodbye and wishing each other a great weekend. This helps you connect with others before everyone leaves for the weekend and also helps you share a positive bond.

Express gratefulness 

Be thankful on a Friday and let your colleagues know. It doesn’t have to be cheesy or over the top, but if someone’s been a source of great support or help over the past week, then use the frivolity of Friday to let them know that you appreciate them.

Do not hold feedback sessions on Friday

And by this, I do not mean ‘constructive feedback’ sessions. Friday is not the time for a passive-aggressive, colleague-on-colleague tense therapy session.

The last thing people want to do over the weekend is stew over the back-handed compliment they just received about their tea-making capabilities.

Talk about new ideas.

Use the usually slower pace of a Friday to get creative and think about the future.

As people are generally more relaxed and open-minded on a Friday, use this time to talk about blue-sky ideas and reach for the stars. You can then use the weekend to sleep on it and let the ideas take root ready for action on the coming Monday morning.

Try going minimal

Only 2% of the world’s population can successfully multitask. The rest of us are simply posers who act as seriously doing all the tasks whilst we are simply flitting from one task to another.

We often keep jabbing ourselves with each additional task instead of concentrating on one at a go. We should break this habit by selecting one thing on the to-do list at once, and let the other stay put until one is done..

Set the timing for your screen presence.

As the weekend would set in you would not want to suck the entire weekend on screen. One can be susceptible to an online world of updating status and posting videos.

This is particularly difficult for those whose work is mostly limited to the internet. One of the reasonable daily patterns that one can ascertain is not checking mails or social media accounts as first thing in the morning.

Establish specific windows of time for all the online tasks you need to perform throughout the day.  Friday can be the day to check your mails or pending online tasks.

Sleep early

After a long tiring week, you should make sure that you sleep early on Friday night so that you can make the best out of your weekend. Do not stay up late watching Netflix and ruin your schedule for the next day.

Spend some time with your friends or family.

Friday nights are usually relaxing because you are not worried about the next day. You can spend some time with your friends or family and talk to them about your life and vice versa. This will help you renew the bond that might fade away in the busy lifestyle.

Take out some time to read.

Make sure you take out some time to read a few pages of your favourite book or magazine you have been trying to complete for a long time. This will make you feel more productive about your week.


The Friday habit of dedicating time for self-reflection and planning is a valuable practice. It helps us assess our achievements and progress towards our goals, enhancing our time management skills. This dedicated day offers a chance to relax, reduce stress, and prepare for the week ahead, promoting personal and professional growth for a more organized and successful life.

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