20 Sunday Habits You Should Practice

Often we wish if only we could plan our week. We tend to see that the week goes by too fast. Even before we start taking over things or tasks and properly analysing them the week usually is already passed.

You keep on frantically and desperately pulling everything together to keep your Mondays on track and do not fall behind. But despite desperate attempts to do so you usually tend to miss on things. But here are certain things that you can do on Sundays to keep your week planned.

Powerful Habits to Practice on Sundays

  • 1 Plan your week
  • 2 Write your goals for the week
  • 3 Make a solid morning routine
  • 4 Fold and arrange your laundry
  • 5 Dust and clean all the surfaces
  • 6 Keep a check on your bank account
  • 7 Use a scheduler for social media.
  • 8 Try to prepare your week’s food
  • 9 Write a journal
  • 10 Go on a walk

Plan your week.

Review your meetings or deadlines for the coming week. Maintain a calendar for the same. Make a to-do list and update it every morning depending upon the additional tasks or the task you have already completed.

Once you have jotted down all your tasks. Give prominence to your priorities and plan your day around them. You can also use a planner which would make your process of segregation easier.

Write your goals for the week. 

If your goals are laid out and planned it makes the coming week even easier to deal with. We often tend to not get the exact representation of how we expect our coming week to be.

Setting our goals and having a vision board for the same makes it easier and more convenient. Having our goals written makes us more planned and determined to achieve them.

Divide your bigger tasks into smaller chunks.

A big set of assignments or projects usually seem a burden on the head which makes us postpone them more often. Bigger tasks make us get into a habit of procrastinating and delaying them.

This happens because we find it difficult to complete it in one go which makes it monotonous and boring. Dividing these tasks into smaller and doable chunks makes it easier. It feels a lot less overwhelming as small sections of these assignments could be done in one go. 

Make a solid morning routine.

Having a solid morning routine on Sunday energizes you to complete all the tasks you have cluttered for the weekend. You can start your day with a strong cup of coffee or any beverage that you prefer to start your day with.

Set some time to read something as you begin your day. Including some skincare on the weekend is essential to kick start your day more positively and fresh. Morning routines tend to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Fold and arrange your laundry. 

And organised laundry is a blessing in a lot of ways. Sundays are the best time to fold and arrange your laundry neatly and cleanly. Put your pyjamas or shirts or for that matter any of your clothing items in a proper manner.

You can use various methods available online to arrange your laundry effectively. These methods are life-saving hacks when it comes to finding your clothes on the working days.

Plan your outfit for the week. 

We often struggle in the morning over what to wear. This can be made easier and save a lot of time in the morning if we plan it a week ahead. Plan the look for your entire week on Sunday itself. This will make it more convenient and easy for you to deal with the mornings. 

Dust and clean all the surfaces.

A clean environment boosts your mood and is usually therapeutic. Clean countertops to the top of your fridge. This adds to your productivity. Working in a cleaner environment motivates you and keeps you charged. It has got a positive vibe.

Keep a check on your bank account 

Whilst you spend your entire week spending over things and forgetting to keep a check on your expenses it is essential to check them on weekends. This helps you to avoid overspending and land into debts. You do not want to land in a situation where your account balance is negative!

Get all the basic chores out of the way. 

Try finishing all the basic tasks like laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc done on your weekends. This will make your life easier for the weekdays. The working days are more hectic and consume a lot of time doing these tasks beforehand will make you proud of yourself. 

Use a scheduler for social media. 

In case you’re a blogger or business owner, it’s difficult to look for the time to frequently create and organize content for your blogs or any social media account. This is where owning a social media scheduler rescues you and comes in handy. You can free up your time for more important tasks with the help of these as most of your posts are planned.

Try to prepare your week’s food.

Do the basic preparation for your week’s food so that you only take up an hour to prepare food on weekdays. This will save you time and make you feel a lot less consumed on weekdays. 

Place the food into containers. 

Placing them or storing them into containers that are freezer, microwaveable and dishwasher safe makes life easy. They not only help with portion control but also saves time on weekdays.

Crockpot acts as a time saver.

Owning a crockpot can make cooking very easy. All you have to do is to add all the available ingredients or required ingredients and let it cook. You can also leave the food overnight in it without the fear of spoiling it.

Take a nice bubble bath.

A bubble bath with a soothing bath bomb can help you get relaxed. You can accompany your bubble bath with a good read of your choice. This combination makes for the perfect Sunday night.

This is the best way to settle down after a hard-working day. It’s extremely soothing and therapeutic.

Plan a fun outing for yourself.

A dinner date, road trip, staycation, hike, shopping day, etc can be the perfect habit trait on a Sunday. Get out there and do something exciting for yourself! You deserve it. You can plan any sort of outing which excites you and makes you feel relaxed after a hectic and stressful week. 

Write a journal. 

Journaling your day might sound overrated but it is the best way to efficiently describe your day.

It helps you make an account of all the things you have done throughout the day and how productive it has been for you. It releases all sorts of negative energy and boosts you to perform better.

Turn off the electronics before hitting the bed.

Before hitting the bed make sure you turn off the electronics or devices you spend your time on. This will assist you to have a more relaxed sleep.

Hit the bed at a decent time.

This is crucial. You will notice that when you are tired, your capacity to execute a task well is very poor. On top of that, you will not be able to focus. This is why getting 7-10 hours of sleep every night should be one of your top priorities.

Appreciate yourself 

Do not forget to appreciate yourself for effectively working through the last week and planning your weekend right. Self-affirmation is essential before you start with a new week.

Go on a walk. 

Going on a walk is a considerable habit to clear your puzzled head before the next week. You can choose to listen to Podcasts or create a special playlist with dings of your choice for your walk. These can be particularly the ones that you can relate to your personal growth.


In conclusion, adopting positive Sunday habits can significantly enhance one’s overall well-being and productivity. These habits, which may include planning the week ahead, engaging in self-care, or spending quality time with loved ones, set the tone for a successful week. By making Sunday a day of preparation, relaxation, and self-improvement, individuals can ensure a smoother and more fulfilling journey through the coming days.

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