21 Habits of Procrastination Avoidance

It often happens that we procrastinate an important project looming on our head. This often leads to a pile of work that needs to be sorted within a limited time period and leads to an increase in stress levels due to the same.

However, you can avoid procrastination by inculcating a few simple habits in your life. Here is a list of some habits that you must inculcate in your life to avoid procrastination.

Habits Help You Stop Procrastination for Good

Make use of 80/20 rule to make decisions

 It is scientifically proven that 80% of your result come from 20 % of your efforts. Therefore, make it a priority to find those tasks and get them done first which generate 80% of the results.

This way you are already done with the important tasks which you generally keep for the future. 

Divide the work into small steps 

If you have trouble completing your tasks in one complete go you can always try to break these large tasks into small ones.

One of the reasons we procrastinate tasks is because we are way too overwhelmed with the task. By diving the tasks into smaller units, we can lighten our work and overcome procrastination. 

Change the environment 

The productivity of an individual is greatly affected by the type of environment. Take a look at your environment and identify if that helps you complete your task. If that doesn’t it’s time that you make a change in your environment.

This habit of changing your environment from time to time can be great to overcome procrastination and will keep you productive over a long period of time. 

Creation of detailed timeline 

If you have just one deadline to complete a task you are surely inviting procrastination. one of the best habits to avoid procrastination is to have a detailed timeline and specific deadline for each part of the task.

This way you stay on track and never procrastinate your work and get the most done within time. 

Identify your procrastinate pit-stops 

The habit of identifying the pit-stops for procrastination can help you overcome procrastination to a great extent. If it’s easy for you to procrastinate then you are probably procrastinating way too much.

Therefore, mark up the tasks that take way too much of your time. Get rid of the distraction and stay focused on the task at hand. 

Hang out with positive people 

If you hang out with people who do not take their work seriously and often procrastinate you are sure to become like them.

You must hang out with people who inspire you to take action and stay focused on your task at hand. Therefore, try hanging out only with positive and inspirational people. 

Get a companion 

The entire process becomes very fun and easy if you have a companion to continue with the task. The person you accompany to do the task with must be prepared for his/her goals and must be dedicated to fulfilling the task.

This way you can hold each other accountable for the tasks at hand and this habit can surely help you overcome procrastination. 

Develop a habit of talking about your goals  

Tell all your friends, family and colleagues about the project you are undertaking. This way whenever you meet them, they are sure to ask you about the progress in the task or its status.

This way they keep you reminding about your work and you stay on track. They are going to act as reminders and will help you complete the work on time. 

Seek out a mentor 

You should always surround yourself with someone who has already achieved the tasks that you are trying to overcome.

This way their guidance will keep you motivated and will keep you aware of the pit holes that might make you want to quit the task. This helps to reduce procrastination and you stay on track. 

Review your goals 

Having clear goals and enhancing the clarity of those goals can protect you from procrastinating the important tasks.

Clear goals motivate you to take action and you are so delighted about the results your tasks would produce that you do not procrastinate. 

Do not over complicate things 

Another habit that enhances procrastination is when you over complicate things. Therefore, develop the habit of keeping your goal simple and hassle-free.

Remove the thoughts of perfect timing since there is nothing like that and take action. you should grab the opportunity whenever possible and make the most out of it. 

Get the grip and get it done

 One of the best habits that you can develop to avoid procrastinating and is not giving up on the tasks until it is complete.

You can set a reward for the same and this will keep you motivated. 


Humans are motivated when they are appreciated for anything. Create a habit of rewarding yourself whenever you have accomplished a task which you would have procrastinated for the other day.

this way you feed positive signals to your brain whenever you achieve something big. This is one of the best habits that you can develop.

Prepare your calendar 

Another great habit to avoid procrastination is to create a calendar of your tasks that need to completed by what time and what date and hang it in front of your working desk.

this way whenever you have time you can take a look at your calendar and remind yourself of the tasks that need to be completed. This way you are never out of track.

Set realistic goals 

You should always set realistic and achievable goals. If the goals seem impossible you are most likely to procrastinate it for some other day. therefore, you must develop the habit of creating realistic goals. 

Let go of the excuses

 One of the most important habits that you must develop is not falling prey to your excuses. You must not give in.

Be honest with yourself and get your task done with full dedication and determination. This will bring about a drastic change in your life. 

Practice forgiveness 

Do not beat yourself up because of your past. Do not think what you could have done in the past to get the work done, rather focus on the present and think about what you can do now to accomplish the task at hand. 

Accept imperfection 

One of the great habits that will help you in your goal of avoiding procrastination is by accepting the imperfect self that you are. you can never be perfect and achieve everything perfectly.

People with a perfectionist mentality often tend to wait for the perfect timing and get things done. there is nothing like perfect timing. Therefore, you must be willing to take action. 

Get up early 

One of the best habits that you can develop to overcome procrastination is by getting up early. When you get up early you have a lot of time in hand throughout the day and you can accomplish more tasks.

Set proper goals 

We can never exaggerate in how important it is set proper goals. It is very significant to set proper goals so that you know what you exactly need to accomplish.

People who do not have proper goals tend to procrastinate more often. 

Do it daily 

One of the things that you must practice daily is the creation of to-do list. Create tasks that need to be done daily such as self-care, journaling and talking to friends and family. This will keep you motivated to accomplish your tasks. 


To conclusion, avoiding procrastination through good habits is vital for getting things done. Setting clear goals, managing time wisely, and staying focused help overcome the habit of putting things off. This not only makes you more productive but also reduces stress and increases your chances of achieving your goals consistently.

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