19 Habits which the Happy people follow

Happiness is certainly a state of mind and each individual has the liability to choose this state of mind or not. Neuroscience believes that there are things that we can do to increase our happiness level on a day-to-day basis.

We can do so by getting rid of our old habits and making some new healthy habits which will boost this state of mind. Here is the list of few habits that happy people follow to maintain their state of mind.

Here are Habits which the Happy people follow

Get enough Sleep 

Without proper sleep, the body cannot function properly. Actually, happy people intend on getting a complete and adequate amount of sleep for better functioning of the body and keep themselves rejuvenated throughout the day.

Usage of food as a fuel 

Some people hog on to food when they feel high or low. However, people who are actually happy see food as a fuel rather than as an emotion. By using proper meals wisely, you can feel awake throughout the day. 

Begin the day with breakfast 

Happy people have the habit of never skipping their breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you believe that food is the fuel that you need then you must provide your body with what it needs.

There are several benefits to eating breakfast daily. It even results5 in better focus and memory. 

Regular exercising 

Exercise has a direct impact on your mood and impulses. Exercising just not keeps your body healthy but your mind as well. Exercise makes you feel less stressed and makes you feel positive. 

Practice gratitude 

people who are actually happy have the habit of practising gratitude. They choose to be kind and generous over the smallest of things in their lives.

You can start by giving gratitude for everything around you when you wish to adopt this habit. 

The habit of serving others

Happy people have a habit of giving and serving others. Serving to people around you can bring you immense joy and happiness. You must adopt this practice if you really want to be happy in life. 

Practice forgiveness 

People who wish to be happy tend to forgive people sooner. Studies show that people who forgive regularly lead a healthier and happier life than those who are full of unforgiveness and resentments. 

The habit of laughing and smiling

Happy people have a habit of smiling very often. Smiling is a habit for these people and research indicates that smile generates happiness and that happiness creates smiles which have great results in the long run. 

The habit of embracing adventure 

Happy people believe that these are the adventures that open you up to the world. These adventures allow you to meet new people whom you would have not met otherwise and they love to enjoy these experiences.

If you wish to be happy in life you must adopt the habit of embracing adventure. 

Focus on significant relationships 

Happy people give utmost importance to the relationships they think are important. They focus on others much more than themselves.

They always cater to the needs of the people who bring happiness in their lives. You must adopt this healthy habit to bring more happiness to your life. 

Have a company of happy people 

Happy people are often hardworking and love to hang around people who stay happy and carefree.

It is difficult if you surround yourself with people who are not happy and satisfied with their lives. Thus, you must surround yourself with people who are actually happy and make this a habit in your life. 

Enjoy the present and have a futuristic vision 

Happy people love to enjoy their present moment and do not focus on the dead past. they have the habit of enjoying each moment and visualizing their happy future.

They remain open to positive things in their present life and make the most out of it. 

Setting reasonable goals 

Happy people often set goals that they can achieve1 in their life within the limited time span.

Although they have the habit of living in the present it is also very important to be calculative about the future. Happy people have specific goals and try to achieve them.

The habit of holding oneself accountable 

Many people blame others for their failures however, happy people have the habit of self-accountability.

They know that the person responsible for their failure is they themselves and not others. This improves their sense of motivation and helps them to accomplish little things each day. 

Practice regular self-care

Focusing and giving to others plays a significant role in being happy but developing a habit of loving yourself and doing self-care is another major pillar for staying happy.

You must not get so caught in activities that you do not have time to care about your body and spirit. 


Happy people believe that there is much more to life than their physical bodies. They understand the importance of their soul and often practice meditation regularly.

This maintains their spiritual health and this breeds happiness in turn and various other positive qualities. 

Follow routines 

Happy people have the habit of following a proper routine. This helps them save time and manage it effectively. This way they take out time for themselves and their loves ones to spend more moments of happiness. 

Welcome to change 

Happy people have developed the habit of welcoming change with open arms. If you do not like change you get flusters with the events happening in your life and this stresses your system leading to unhappiness.

Therefore, if you really want to be happy you must welcome change. 

Habit of learning 

happy people are in a constant process of learning something or the other. If you do not have the habit of learning this will keep you back in your profession and may even hold you back in your relationships and hobbies.

Therefore, learning is very vital to staying happy.

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