21 Habits that will help you Quit Drugs Immediately

Having an addiction to drugs seems like a deep dark tunnel from where you can never return. But did you know, that you can quit drugs immediately by making a few changes in your lifestyle?

By incorporating these healthy habits, you can put a full stop to your addiction to drugs. Here is the list of those powerful and positive habits.

Here are Habits that will help you Quit Drugs Immediately

Create a goal 

Any journey begins with the will to decide. Therefore, one of the positive habits that you need to develop is the habit of goal setting to quit drugs.

Set the goal to quit the addiction of your and you are already half-way through. 

Create a list 

Write down all the harmful habits that drugs have on your life and make it a habit to read the list every day.

This way your brain will always remain informed about the side-effects of drugs and will not allow you to consume it no matter how strong the craving is. 

Write about your physical fitness 

After you decide to quit drugs write every day how you feel after quitting it. Read about your journey after a month.

This habit of writing about your well-being will act as a check on you. This will motivate you to continue with your agenda as you will realize how strong you feel. 

Evaluate your responsibilities 

Make it a habit to write down your responsibilities. A person who is addicted to drugs will tend to neglect his or her responsibilities.

But if you keep reminding yourself about the responsibilities you will never go back in the same direction. You must reflect on how attentive you are towards your responsibilities. 

Meet with your non-toxic friends and family 

If you spend a happy time with your friends and family you are most likely to recover quickly.

They can even help you abstain from drugs and their appreciation regarding your recovery will also motivate you to follow the path. therefore, make it a habit to meet them often and spend some good time. 

Admit to your mistakes 

To quit drugs immediately you must admit to your mistakes and it should be ingrained within you like a habit.

You must write down where you went wrong and this will give you a fair idea about your recovery and how much more effort you need to put in. 

Get a hobby 

Another great habit that you can develop to abstain from drugs is by getting busy with something else.

You can spend your time working out or engaging yourself in some sort of activity and hobby that keeps you pumped up and busy. This is one of the best habits that you can develop to quit drugs. 

Be honest with yourself 

You cannot quit drugs by lying to yourself. You must develop the habit of being honest to yourself and must realize the points where you are turning a blind eye towards this adduction.

You must seek out professional help in such times. This habit will make you mindful and help you overcome the addiction very quickly. 


 Meditation is one of the best things that you can do to become the best version of yourself. This habit will protect you from all sort negativity. 

Make a habit to read the positive outcomes

 Write down all the positive changes that you see in yourself after trying to abstain from drugs. 

Regularly visit the doctor 

Make it a habit to visit your doctor regularly. This way you will keep receiving a professional guide and will able to assess your progress in a better way. 

Visit the counsellor regularly 

Another great habit that you must develop is to visit a counsellor regularly. They will able to guide you better on how to take care of yourself and they will also help you to find the positive changes in you. Professional help is very much required in this case. 

Visit the peer group

 When you make it a habit to meet like-minded people who are determined to get away from this addiction your motivation to get over the addiction even gets stronger.

This will keep you motivated throughout the journey and you shall be able to find the solutions to your problems soon. 

Plan out your day 

One of the best habits that you can develop is to plan your day and break the old habits that you have built over time.

You can start a new life this way and by developing new routines which do not include drugs will give you a better perspective to what you actually want in life. 

Keep a record of your daily tasks

 Another useful habit that can help you quit drug immediately is keeping a track of daily tasks. This will help you to find what you wish to accomplish exactly in the entire day.

A simple day planner will make things clearer for you and this habit will take you a long way in your journey. 

Regular exercise 

One of the best activities and habits of handling stress is to get regular exercise. If you keep the body moving your mental health as well as physical health improves.

You stay engaged and do not think about drugs and other bad habits. 

Visit nutritionist 

Visiting a nutritionist regularly is a great habit to develop. The nutritionist will able to guide you through what you should be and should not be taking in the journey to overcome drugs. This will keep your health on track.

The nutritionist will also be able to suggest which food can make you feel good and happy which should be your prime concern in the entire journey. 


Another great habit to keep the body moving throughout the process of abstaining from drugs is through yoga. Yoga is one of the best habits to keep your mind calm and cool and also helps you to relax.

You can take our 15-30 minutes at least some times in a week to cope with the stress and the urge to use drugs or alcohol will also come under control. 

Get acupuncture

 Acupuncture is one of the ancient techniques in which some needles are placed at the pressure points of the body. This method is used to address the long-term withdrawal symptoms and also helps to overcome discomfort.

Get engaged in your job 

Make it a habit to give your best to your job. This habit will just not keep you engaged and not let you think about your addiction but will also help you flourish monetarily.

This will help you to build your self-esteem back and you shall be able to use your hard-earned money in something great.

Take regular breaks 

One of the other great habits that you can develop during your journey to overcome drugs is to take a regular break. These breaks are really important to help you rejuvenate.

You can spend these breaks in nature or spend time with your near and dear ones.

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