10+ Reasons Why Happy Crying Is Important?

Ideally, on a joyous occasion, a person should laugh or smile. On a sad occasion, it is believed that one can remain sad or cry. But, you might have come across happy crying. There are times when you are overly joyous, and you feel like crying. Is it normal? 

Yes, crying is normal when you are too charged with happiness or joy. No one exactly knows why this happens. 

Over the years, scientists have been finding an answer to why people show intense emotions when overwhelmed.

Reason Why Happy Tears Is Important?

It helps you to regulate your emotions.

At times, you might have experienced extreme emotions. Your brain would need clarification about how to express them. 

Also, you might have repressed some feelings before. Now, when you cannot manage your emotions, you would have tears in your eyes, even while facing a joyous event. But happy crying can be a good way to express and regulate emotions. 

Happy crying helps in releasing stress hormones.

Scientists believe that tears are a combination of lipids, metabolites, enzymes and electrolytes. 

Along with that, tears also contain some other hormones and proteins. Hence, when there is happy crying, stress hormones are released, which might make you feel better. 

There’s a hormone named prolactin, and it gets released when a person faces extreme emotions. 

Crying when overwhelmed or incredibly joyous would impart better comfort levels and provide a soothing effect to your body.

It helps to get empathy from your surroundings.

When there are tears in their eyes, people give empathy, and there is a better connection. 

This happens when a person is sad and crying or when there is a happy crying. Scientists believe that it is one way to establish or foster better connections. 

When there’s happy crying, it means that whatever is happening matters to the person. Thus, even people around understand the same and provide support or the much-needed balance for that situation.

It provides a way for repressed feelings.

People often have stress in mind, even while preparing for some happy event. When someone is getting married or while a mother gives birth to a child, all these events need patience. 

While one prepares for these events, tension, and stress will also arise. When there’s happy crying and tears, the feelings also get a way to come out.

 These might be repressed feelings that found their way.

The feelings are intense, and your mind gets confused.

Sometimes, the feelings you have in your mind would be so intense that you might not know how to handle them. 

Like, when you see a newborn baby or an infant, you would have various feelings. There might be slight aggression too, and you might say, I will eat you up. 

You mean you want to hug and cuddle the baby. But the feelings are so intense that the brain gets confused. 

The same thing happens when it’s happy crying. The brain doesn’t understand how to handle those emotions.

It helps to balance the mind.

You may want to sort out things when too many things are happening in your life. But, there’s an imbalance in your mind. 

All you need to do is balance your mind; for that, there will be a smile on your face but tears in your eyes. Happy crying in some way, helps to achieve a balance. 

Happy crying fosters a connection with others.

For human beings, crying is a social function, and when you can’t say much, you might want to tear up and bring out emotions.

 When there’s happy crying, there will be a better connection with others. You want support and comfort; hence, you will get it when you convey to people that you are overwhelmed.

 You want to share the wonderful moment with others and demand a connection with others.

The nervous system prepares to recover from intense emotions 

You have many emotions and feelings within you. Your nervous system already knows that it has to take some steps. 

It understands that it should recover from the intense emotions that you have been facing. It, therefore, releases tears and, in this way, releases tension from your system.

The hypothalamus understands emotional intensity. 

The hypothalamus in the brain can’t understand emotions. But, it understands only the intensity of the emotions. 

By releasing tears, it helps to balance the extreme emotions. Since the hypothalamus doesn’t know how a particular feeling needs to be addressed, it provides a vent for tears so that there is a perfect balance.

You are fetching the benefits of crying.

In your heart, you know that you feel good after a crying session. It lifts the moods and makes you mentally light. With a happy crying session, you are fetching the benefits, including stress relief, good sleep, a good mood and a clear mind.

It means that, like tears of sadness are common, tears of happiness are also not uncommon. 

In fact, they help manage, regulate and balance emotions. Since joy can be intense, it can also find its way of expression through tears. 


In Conclusion, happy crying is a healthy way to let out your feelings, reduce stress, and connect with others. It helps boost your mood, keep your emotions in balance, and celebrate the good moments in life. So, don’t be afraid to shed tears of joy—it’s a wonderful way to show you’re happy.

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