75+ Hawaii Words Of Wisdom

If you have ever been to Hawaii or searched about it any way you would know that the Hawaiin culture is rich in proverbs. Hawaii is a place that is profoundly inspired by its spiritual and religious roots. It is a treasure of wisdom that can bring great change to your life if you understand and implement it in your life. We have mentioned some Hawaii words of wisdom quotes.

Today we have brought you some of the most culturally well-known proverbs, sayings, thoughts, and quotes about Hawaii. It is about the beauty, the learnings, and wisdom written by inspired travelers from all over the world to Hawaii.

Hawaiian Words of wisdom Quotes To Inspire Yourself

-Hawaii is not a state of mind rather it is a state of smoothness, grace, and serenity.

-You can see the history of Hawaii as the saga of arrivals.

-Hawaii is the lovely fleet of islands that lies anchored in the Pacific Ocean.

-Hawaii is a paradise that was born out of fire.

-I believe that Hawaii is one of the most precious jewels in this world.

-Coming to Hawaii feels like going from a Black and white world to a colorful world.

-I feel so lucky and honored that Hawaiian spirits chose to contact me.

-Incredible isn’t it, Hawaii is like a giant raft that is drifting slowly with the centuries.

-One of the great things about leaving Hawaii is that you really appreciate and value the place, even more, when you come back to it again.

-You don’t need to live in Hawaii or be a Hawaiian to embrace the Aloha Spirit.

-Hawaii is a paradise on earth and I can never cease proclaiming this fact. But I must append one word of qualification for it that Hawaii is a paradise for the well to do.

-When you are in Hawaii, you are definitely going to be fit as it is almost impossible to be unfit and live in Hawaii.

-Hawaii is still the most frequent fantasy holiday destination and this fact is nowhere related to the stability of the politics there or the conveniences of the place. It happens because Hawaii seduces the imagination and is a perfect postcard with no requirement of props or filters.

-The island of Hawaii is a big dream for both the islanders and guests. This place is the living proof that the dreams born in the heavens can indeed be real.

-For me, the stillness, the stars, and the sea are the most magical and magnificent things in Hawaii.

-Hawaii is the only place of the 50 states where one can see the stars of the entire southern and the northern hemisphere.

-Hawaii is paradise. This line must seem a little bit cheesy but you will be able to feel the music in the air.

-Any person who is a frequent visitor of Hawaii remains fixated on mapping the changes in the island since his/her last visit.

-People should know the fact that Hawaii is a country and should be respected as such.

-If you open the history you will know that it was forcibly annexed to the United States and this does not mean that it is the US, except for the conquest.

-Hawaii is the only place on this earth where people lay flowers on themselves while they are alive.

-The Hawaiian people have been immemorial lovers of poetry and music. Thus they have been apt in improvising the historic poems, chants of worship, and the songs of love.

-Even the sweetness of a freshly cut pineapple from the land of Hawaii can be mentioned as a sermon.

-The heartbeat of the Hawaiian people is the Hula.

-Nature is the most precious treasure for the Hawaiians. In fact, in this land, they call themselves “Keiko o kaaina” which means “Children of the land”.

-The Hawaiian people claim their country and say that people who stay in a place born from the union of mother earth and sky father for over 100 generations will always have the right to the lands of Hawaii. It doesn’t matter what the court says not now and not forever.

-The Hawaiian word Ohana means family and in a family, no one gets left behind.

-Many people say that Hawaiian English is like kahiko which means the ancient dance that is the Kanaka dance of tradition. This dance has harsh moves, slaps and is full of pounding force.

-In Hawaiian’s land, there is something that we call ho’oponoopo nowhere people are called together to resolve all the crises and maintain the peace and balance

-Hawaiian music can be said as the roots of Hawaiian people. It tells the history of where they came from.

-Not having Hawaiian music in our lives seems like losing half of our bodies because Hawaiian music helps us to become better people.

-American President Barack Obama said that he has always been proud to be born in Hawaii.

-You can take Hula as the language of the heart and therefore it can also be said as the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people.

-We should be the Aloha that we wish to see in this world.

-Aloha is nothing but just the unconditional desire to promote true good thinking to other people all in a friendly spirit out of the sense of kinship.

-In Hawaii that is at the end of the world, the sunset is like a child smashing a pack of all colorful crayons in God’s face.

-At first, Mount Kilauea spilled a glowing lava-like cord of orange neon lighting suddenly out of nowhere.

-In the blackness that suddenly engulfed the night and the electric heat that lit up the glowing streams that all fell into the sea. They all disappeared in a cloud of steam with a sizzling splash.

-Hawaii looks like an isolated jewel set that has been set in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. And like the different facets of a gem, the islands also have different unique qualities in them.

-The travelers who take the time to look ahead of their beauty will be able to notice a chain of beautiful islands that is once lush and stark, both modern and ancient, and yes both simple thus far exotic.

-The people who live in Hawaii have always claimed that the trails and mountains in Hawaii are just magical.

-Anywhere you go in the wild corners of Hawaii you will notice that the biology is way more astonishing equivalent to the beauty of the island.

-The landscapes of Hawaii have more value beyond the enchantment of a waterfall or the surreal drama of an expansion of slick rocks with a bit of green life taking hold of them.

-Travelers say that exploring these lands intrigue the mind and stir its imagination as nature in Hawaii is at its best and inventive.

-Hawaii can be a heaven for some people and it can also be hell for some.

-A person also mentioned that his best vacation memory in Hawaii was barreled at the beach.

-Eventually, people want to move to Hawaii so that they can chill forever without any worries.

-Fresh seafood is a delicacy of Hawaii and eating raw ahi fish on the beach is also the best way to enjoy the seafood.

Hawaii Words Of Wisdom

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