How Relationship Affects Happiness Both Positively And Negatively

The relationship has its pros and cons. It needs to be maintained by you in a good manner so that you should get the maximum benefits of having a relationship.

You need to devote some of your time and effort to this bond so that it stays perfect in its way. It, too, comes with a lot of negative sides, which are just part and parcel of a relationship.

So, you should know beforehand the reasons which affect happiness in both positive and negative ways.

Effects relationships have on happiness.

Feeling valued 

When you are in a relationship with someone you feel valued, you feel that at least one person in this world has got your back and it necessarily need not have to be your partner always it can be your mother, your best friend or any other person with whom you share the closest relationship.

It is the human tendency to not realize one’s worth unless and until someone makes you believe it; the same things happen for you, which uplifts your mood automatically and helps you in being more confident regarding yourself and the things you do.

It increases your productivity rate to a significant level as you can focus more on the things you work on.

Reduces stress in your life 

Stress is something that makes you lose your trust in yourself and also makes you question your decision.

It makes you overthink to such a point where you have doubts regarding every step of your life, and it is very important to keep your stress levels in check. When you are in a relationship with someone, your stress levels decrease gradually.

This is because the relationship which you are having provides you peace and it takes away your stress whenever you are spending time with them.

This indeed helps you in managing your emotions and makes you feel good about yourself without overstressing yourself.

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It may harm your health.

Sometimes relationships aren’t as good as they seem to be, and they hurt your health. The toxic relationships make you think negatively about yourself and also harm your health. You grieve so much regarding this that it starts showing an effect on your health as well.

Not all relationships are true to you or mean the same to the other person, so you might go the wrong way and break your heart by just making your expectations higher.

These affect your health negatively as you fall sick often and have other problems as your immunity goes weak.

You heal quicker when in a healthy relationship.

In general, people having a healthy support system are often seen to be healing quicker than their counterparts, no matter how difficult the situation is to come out of.

That healthy relationship can be with your parents, or with your loved ones, your friends, or even animals like your pets or strays.

What a healthy relationship does is that it provides a support system to you, which alongside supporting you in every way possible, also leads to the demise of the stress-increasing hormones like cortisol.

effects of genuine and non-toxic relationships

You live longer 

Studies have proved that people usually live longer when they are in a healthy relationship or are married than people who are not.

People, especially men, are more impacted by this and live longer, as shown by experts when they are engaged in a healthy and happy relationship.

Experts have attributed this certain phenomenon to various factors like better support, more affection, reduced stress, and many more.

People often give up on their bad addictions when they are in a happy relationship, and as a result, they are healthier and live longer.

You excel in the many parts of your life.

People often fail in many of their ventures and attempts in life solely because of the lack of support and a shoulder.

They don’t have someone to count upon all the time, and as a result, even if they are very good at something, one failure brings their morale and confidence down.

When you have someone in your life, who loves you and supports you, you have someone who will never let you fall in life even after you fail; with that support, you can bounce back again.

You can share your deepest thoughts and feelings with someone

Who doesn’t want to share their deepest thoughts and incidences? The thoughts involve the emotions of fear, sadness, vulnerability, and anger, maybe even more.

Having someone you can open up to without the fear of being judged by is probably one of the best feelings in the world, and that gives you a beautiful kind of satisfaction.

With the one you are in love with, you can share and everything which you were always afraid of sharing, and the other person will be there to support you no matter what.

You have someone who will understand you and make you understand

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone fails, but when you have someone who will uphold you, no matter how much you have failed, and give you the courage to try again, that is what a genuine relationship brings to you.

There may be phases of your life wherein no one will understand you or even try to, except that one person. That person will understand you and make you understand where you went wrong, without thinking you are a burden to him/her.

benefits of love in relationship in general

Your immune system becomes stronger.

Your immune system becomes so strong that it seldom fails. People with heightened levels of anxiety, stress, depression are more likely to succumb to mental breakdowns, lower or higher blood pressure rates, and so on.

Studies have shown that people who are engaged in a healthy and supportive relationship produce greater levels of oxytocin and are less likely to catch a cold or any viral infection as such unless they are heavily affected by something.

Also, when in a healthy relationship, people do not usually succumb to the anxiety and stress-related effects.

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Keeps your blood pressure levels under check

When you feel a love connection, it can make your heart skip a beat, but the positive side of a healthy relationship is that it curbs the negative effects of anxiety and stress. What happens, in turn, is that your blood pressure levels are kept within normal levels.

Negative emotions and anxiety can lead to sensations that feel like a mini heart attack, but when you have someone who supports you and makes you feel good about yourself, you engage more in exercises that are good for your heart.

You can enjoy better heart health.

When you feel loved by someone special when you feel cared for and important, it makes your heart race, and that is a good and efficient workout for your heart. 

This kind of healthy workout is beneficial for your heart as it prevents your heart from aging quickly or being more prone to ailments.

The loving feelings command your brain to release adrenaline, dopamine, and norepinephrine, and all of these make your heart beat faster and become stronger than ever before.

It benefits your mental health.

Although everyone can suffer from certain mental health issues, no matter whether they are happily married or single, knowing the fact that they have someone to talk to and someone who will support them is a great boost for the happy hormones and also leads to lesser pressure on the mental health.

Studies have shown that people who are in a happy relationship after marriage not only age gracefully but are also less prone to anxiety and stress issues which are quite common with age.

benefits of good mental health

You gain more self-confidence and boost your morale.

Staying in a healthy relationship assures you better mental health and happiness most of the time, so this also means that there are very few, if any, issues to be worried about.

This, in turn, gives a drive to your self-confidence levels up the hill because you know there are no issues to be worried about, and that means you were able to nail each and everything.

This can be the biggest morale boost as well. You always know there is that one person who will understand you and guide you every time you fail.

A bad mental health

Just like a healthy and steady relationship guarantees you better mental health and confidence, an unhealthy and toxic relationship drains your mental health to its worst.

It can make you exhausted from within and not be able to concentrate on anything else in your life.

A caring and understanding partner can assure you all the good things you want in a relationship, but a toxic person will ensure they use you and your energy and then gift you with anxiety and stress issues.

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It can make you more insecure

Sticking to the negative side of relationships, not all but those toxic ones which can only assure you anxiety, trust issues, and most importantly, insecurity.

Once you can even move on from a toxic relationship, the insecurities and trust issues stay intact, and that affects your next relationships and other areas of your life, trying to pull you down and making you more afraid of trying something new or grabbing every opportunity that you get.

You become afraid of losing everything and everyone that are left in your life.

It might affect your academics.

This applies to the younger group of people who are still students. It is very easy to get carried away in the love of someone, so much so that you forget you have your academics you must take care of.

You must keep one thing in mind that you must learn how to balance every aspect of life, and this is the main downside of relationships at a very young age. Boys/girls find it difficult to focus on their studies, leaving aside their relationship.

Rushing into a relationship can bring problems for you

Many times, everything may turn out in your favor, and both of you may be able to work out all your misunderstandings and problems, sort them out and be all lovey-dovey again, but you can never be sure of the other person’s intentions unless you know them quite well and closely.

This is the sole reason you should never rush into a relationship because that is what you want till the end, but maybe the other person just wants to use you and take advantage of your nature and possessions. 

signs of toxic relationship

It can be another burden on your shoulders.

Maybe you are already going through a lot in your life and feel exhausted every moment. A toxic relationship would be the last thing you would want at such a time.

Not only will it increase the number of burdens and pressurize you even more, but it will also affect the other sectors of your life, like your work-life and your relationship with other people, and will also pull you backward instead of motivating you to move ahead in your life.

Allows you to age gracefully

Even though relationships allow you to live longer than others who are single or not in a healthy relationship, you will grow old, your age will increase, you cannot control these parameters, but you can, for sure, age gracefully.

Age gracefully means to age properly without having the excessive burden on your shoulders or a host of thoughts in your mind which is quite usual at an older age.

You will not suffer from the ailments others at your age are suffering and will stay fitter and have better skin.

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It keeps you physically more fit than the others.

Ending it on a good note, another positive you can take from healthy relationships is that you get motivated to work out and exercise regularly without fail.

Yes, if someone is serious about their physical development, then he/she will work out without motivation from someone, but if you are a bit lazy, a healthy relationship can work wonders on your physical health.

People usually get motivated and enthusiastic about working out, more so because they can work out together and spend quality time, which also benefits their physique.


From the above points, it can be concluded that being in a relationship comes with its positives as well as negatives.

If the relationship you are a part of is healthy, it will add to your happiness and wellbeing, whereas if it is toxic, it will consume all your joy and exhaust you and even become another burden on you.

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