How to Be Happy: 101+ Proven Tips to Follow

We all want to be happy in life, yet it can occasionally seem elusive. Yet, happiness is something we can actively cultivate and develop within ourselves; it is not just a matter of chance or external circumstances.

Building solid connections, caring for our physical health, pursuing our passions and interests, and finding ways to give back to others are all necessary for happiness. Positive thinking should also be a priority.

Making these things a priority in our lives can help us develop a sense of happiness and contentment that will help us get through tough times.

How to Be Happy?

Always be positive in your thinking pattern. Always think that everything will work out just fine. You can do it with flying colors.

Never take stress in any job. Be confident that you can do it perfectly. Stress is a silent killer. Please remember that. 

Get full sleep as required by an adult. An adult requires eight hours of sleep to remain fit and healthy. Strictly avoid late nights as lesser sleep invites indigestion and heartburn.

Smile heartily. A good smile is very good exercise for the heart. The blood circulation in your heart is improved. Stress also is reduced.

Take physical exercise regularly. Physical exercise is very good for health, physical fitness, and toning up your muscles, and acts as a good prevention for ailments.

Take food at regular intervals. One can develop serious diseases like colitis and gastritis if one does not take food on time. The pancreas will also start facing problems.

When taking food, don’t think of anything stressful. Take your meals with a free mind and enjoy your meal thoroughly.

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ways take care physical health to be happy

Take a deep breath whenever stressed. With a deep breath, your heart gets a fresh oxygen supply, and your stress level decreases considerably.

Give compliments to persons if it has to be given. The person will be very happy after getting your compliments and he will be grateful. The very idea will make you happier.

Be grateful to the person who has done something good for you. Gratefulness is a very big characteristic of humans. Be always thankful to the person who has done something good. 

Face the unhappy moments of life. Please note every cloud has a silver lining. Things will change for the better. 

Try to handle stress gracefully. Don’t be bogged down. After all, it is your life anyway.

Try to fulfill the tasks that you have committed. Unfinished tasks will always haunt you, and you cannot have a peaceful mind.

Never take rejection personally in your heart. Rejection is a part of life. You will come up with much better results; look it that way. 

Be honest in every job you do; Honesty is the essence of life. Mentally you will be at peace. You will know that you have tried to do the job honestly. 

Don’t run after money. Money can’t buy happiness. The money will indirectly increase the greed and insatiability in you.

Always, in case of any job, have a track 2 plan. Jobs are difficult to get if one loses the current one. Plan, therefore, for any eventuality. Maybe you can think of having a side business also. 

Be socially connected. Have friends both in the real world and the virtual domain so that they stand with you. 

Travel to set mind free. Traveling is necessary to keep you stress-free and diversion of mind. More often than not, traveling will help you develop new ideas if you are creative.

Try to do one job perfectly at a time. Taking up too many jobs simultaneously might leave you confused with utter despair.

Always look forward to growth in life; Past is past, no need to procrastinate. Look forward. The sky is the limit. Everything will change for the better.

Work and family life should be properly balanced. Keep the tension of office work in the office only. At home, you are a family man.

Bearing grudges against anybody is not good. The palpable tension within you rises, which is bad for your health.

Work hard to hold yourself up. After all, you have worked hard to reach this level and nothing beyond now. 

Always live for the moment. Don’t live in the past or dream what the future holds for you, Enjoy a peaceful life right now.

Before taking care of others take one’s care. Charity begins at home. If everyone took care of himself and his family, the world would be a happier place to live in. 

Utilize one’s energy positively. Thinking positively and behaving positively would add tons of happiness to you.

At times sit straight and take stock of the situation. Do nothing. Having a blank mind sometimes is good for your mental well-being.

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things consider before you think about

Love yourself sometimes. Adore yourself to the fullest extent possible. 

Be compassionate to people. When you are compassionate, your satisfaction level automatically rises to make you happier.

One is the best judge to know what will make one happy. You will know what activity will suit you the best, be it sports, movies, or time with friends. Accordingly, plan something on your weekends.

Set realistic and attainable goals. Don’t dream of going to the moon on a plane. Stick to ground reality.

Control negative emotions. Negativity kills and is detrimental to a peaceful life. Thinking and performing positive actions will be of immense help.

Be in the company of happy people. Once you are there, automatically positive energy will start flowing in. 

Always have a solution for a problem; remember, every problem has a solution, one has to find it. And also, problems do not get dragged everywhere.

Treat yourself to a hefty lunch sometimes. A lunch with various food items automatically raises your contentment level, especially when you decide to treat yourself.

Maintain proper health. A healthy body is like a sacred temple.

If need be, occasionally meditate to de-stress. Meditation for at least ten minutes a day is excellent for mental health.

Do not dwell in the past nor worry about the future. Live for the moment, live in the moment. Eventually, you will start getting things you have dreamt of, if you work hard enough.

Occasionally, use aromatherapy to enhance the mind and spirit. An enchanting aroma soothes your nerves. Aromatherapy has been proven to help you concentrate on your work by releasing all the unwanted stress.

Love nature. Nature is the best healer. You will find all your peace and happiness amidst nature only.

Take weekend breaks to go on long drives with your family. Spend quality time with your family. A happy family is a great energy booster for you. 

Chocolate consumption keeps one happy. It has been proven in medical terminology also. Hog on dark chocolate whenever you can; that way, you remain happy without catching diabetes.

Go for a morning walk in natural surroundings. It will refresh your mind and make you feel much happier and energized to work.

Take a gentle evening walk in the cool breeze. Walking in the evening is great exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can have an effect on your system, causing you to feel unhappy.

Listen to music you love. Music therapy is an excellent stress reliever. 

Go out for a family get-together, dinner, or a movie. Quality time is very essential. Get to know what others are doing, it can be a mind-changing refreshment for you.

Crack jokes with at least three friends each day. It will erase the monotony and freshen up your spirits.

Don’t react to what other people may think about you. It should hardly matter to you at all. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it for yourself, so do not think about what others care about.

Never gossip about petty things. Gossiping wastes time and energy and will also lead to a drop in your productivity.

 Close your eyes and sit for at least 10 minutes daily. It will enhance your concentration capabilities, as it works as a form of meditation.

Don’t take anything too seriously. After all, to err is human; the sky will not fall. Irrespective of the mistakes that you have made, learn to pardon yourself and move on. 

Try to spend at least some time daily with children. The children, their laughter, and happy state of mind are the best sources of happiness.  

Dream in the daytime. Dreaming de-stresses you. You can dream of all your unfulfilled wishes, like owning a plush apartment or having a swanky car. 

Never compare your life with other people. You never know what other people are going through. Moreover, this will bring a sense of deep unhappiness to you. 

In an argument, sometimes lose deliberately. Heavens would not fall. Do this for your own sake, your own peace.

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items make you happy

Stop hating. Love instead. It will increase your inner happiness. 

Engage yourself in your favorite childhood pastimes. Bring out the past fond memories. 

Try to read more and more about your favorite subjects. Please remember books are man’s best friends. 

Keep yourself active with school and college mates over social media or by personally meeting them. Nostalgia is a great booster. 

Invite old friends for a party or drop-down at friends’ places occasionally. The visit will remind you of the good old days.

Smile and laugh more than yesterday. It will keep your heart hale and healthy. 

Take junk foods sometimes that you loved as a child. Sweet memories are very good mind boosters. But take care that you are not doing it regularly, or it can affect your health. 

Take sufficient water daily. It cleanses your body system, keeping you disease-free. 

Forget issues of the past. Stay in the present moment. Bury the past, for it will bring only sorrow. 

Always note every cloud has a silver lining. Your good time is around the corner. Even if you are going through a bad time now, try remaining positive as possible. Remember, “What you think of becomes of You.”

Even if you feel remorse, dress up and show up; you are perfectly fine. A beautiful dress will immediately buttress your inner happiness.

Remember to stay with energy, enthusiasm, and empathy. These three are the main mental boosters for you. 

Eat more natural foods. Consumption of fewer pesticides and harmful chemicals is always better. 

Try new and weird things, and live every moment. This will give you ample scope for mind diversion. 

Engage in sports and pastime activities. Your mind needs an occasional break. 

Surround yourself with positive people. Negative people always emit negative energy, which can cause harm to your mental health as well. 

Be positive always. Positivity pays. Please note that staying positive is a great mental asset for any human being. 

Just get rid of things that have been upsetting you mentally and is destroying your inner peace. To be at peace with yourself, you need to do this as a top priority.

Forgive anyone and everyone. Never have grudges against anyone. 

Don’t try to overdo it; set up your limits. Overwork will tend to increase your fatigue mentally and physically. 

Enjoy your breakfast daily: think like a king and have a sumptuous breakfast. Also, play good and soothing music during your break helps you enjoy your entire day.

Always remember time is the best healer. With time, good times will return. 

Please note the best is still to come in your life. The thought of it is a great energy booster. 

Adopt pets to stay happy and enjoy a good pastime. Cuddling with pets is a great pastime and induces happiness.

Maintain a daily journal of activities to keep track of your work. Planning will keep you tension free. 

Try to rethink the approach to stress. After all, not all times the same stress reliever would work.

Be focused on positive relationships. A positive frame of mind is just great; being around toxic people will not be a great start to happiness.

Try to be an extrovert in attitude always. An extrovert person is happier psychologically also.

Watch your favorite sports on TV. It s a very good pastime to keep you mentally happy.

Have coffee with co-workers regularly and discuss anything except work. It will break the monotony at work, and as it is Coffee is a marvelous energy enhancer. 

Enjoy a family picnic. You get to mix up a lot with other family members, catch up with lost time, and enjoy the fun and frolic. 

Forget about mid-life blues. Please note mid-life blues is mainly psychological and nothing else.

Occasionally go to the rural surroundings. Natural beauty, natural surroundings, fresh air, and sunlight will make you happier. 

Take up gardening as a hobby and start adoring flowers. Gardening is a wonderful art of artistic creation. 

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how to stimulate happy thoughts

Walk the extra mile when returning home from the office. Brisk walking is extremely good for health as it will keep and tone up the muscles. This is also one sort of exercise. 

Practice mindfulness. This is very important to keep oneself happier. 

Do a SWOT Analysis of yourself. After all, you must know your strengths, weaknesses, and threats. You must also know what opportunities lie ahead of you. You can act accordingly, therefore. 

Always believe in yes you can. Remember how former US President Barack Obama motivated the Americans to vote for him once? 

Don’t be obsessed that you have to stay happy. Sorrow and sadness are as much a part of life as is happiness. You have to live with them also. 

Do not focus on the petty things of life. If you have to delve into everything, you will have no time for yourself. Some dirt will always be there. Never mind. 

Read children’s books; you have no idea how happy and light it can make you feel.

Always express your inner feeling. Never suppress them, as it will increase your mental happiness always. Talk to someone or write them down, but do not forget to express.

Go Shopping with family. Nothing is more enjoyable than a family outing and buying the choicest things. 

Think about your Ex-partner and the good moments you both had spent. Well, yes, think about the good moments only, the wonderful time both of you spent together, and candlelight dinners.  

Happiness is entirely dependent on you and what you are doing. To stay happy, cultivate habits, behaviors, and practices that will not allow grief to enter your heart.

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