How to De-Stress: 59+ Proven Ways to Implement

Stress is one of the biggest problems in modern society. This ailment has reached alarming proportions and medical practitioners say that stress leads to more complicated problems in the human body like blood pressure, heart ailments, hypertension, diabetes, and stomach ailments also.

Powerful Tips for De-stressing

1.     Go for a morning walk- A nice and beautiful walk in the early hours can prove to detoxify the mind and soul and help de-stress. It keeps the mind and the body fresh and instills energy to work the entire day ahead.

2.     Practice Yoga and meditation- yoga is proven to have healing properties. Yoga calms down the mind and the body and helps to direct energy in a proper path. It is also beneficial for relaxation and de-stressing.

3.     Exercise regularly- Regular workouts can keep the metabolism rate and toxic levels in check. It helps in toning the body and increases self-satisfaction which helps to de-stress.

4.     Practice deep breathing- Deep breathing ensures that the lung gets more oxygen which in return adds to more efficient body functioning. it relaxes the brain and helps a person to calm the nerves. 

5.     Make a congenial working or home atmosphere- A congenial workspace enables the proper functioning of the brain. It helps one to stay focused and organized and work efficiently to meet the deadlines, ultimately de-stressing the mind.

6.     Join prayer meetings- Prayer meetings are often found helpful to de-stress because they enable a calm and systematic way to offer prayers and release anxiety. When a person gets a chance to share the problems with similar circumstances it becomes easier to open up and find solutions.

7.     Practice rhythmic exercises- Rhythmic exercises help the body to function properly and restore breathing patterns. They enable peace of mind and proper health.

8.     Engage yourself in creative activities- Often; the mind needs a break from the mundane chores. Engaging in creative activities helps us de-stress and relives childhood memories. One can enjoy freely and get over a mental block if any.

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9.     Do away with unhealthy habits- unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking often provides relaxation in the short run but have serious consequences in the long run. Doing away with them can relieve our minds and body and help us lead a balanced and non-toxic life.

10.   Take healthy foods and avoid junk foods- Healthy foods ensure proper nutrition and a balanced diet goes a long way to keep minds sane. Proper nutrient and calorie intake lead us to lead a healthy lifestyle, which ensures proper working and resting abilities.

11.   Always be in a positive frame of mind- An optimistic mindset ensures one can tackle every obstacle and learn from it. Despite difficulties, one can emerge victorious if the person has a positive mindset. Stress can come from negative thoughts too.

12.   Take long breaks occasionally- Overworking always exhausts the mental and physical capacity of a person. it is never advised to burn the last drop just to meet deadlines. This can be stressful and a long break or a holiday is very much needed to rejuvenate oneself.

13.   Try to reduce caffeine intake- Caffeine is said to energize the mind but not always. Drinking it at odd hours may disrupt the sleep patterns and induce stressful conditions. Reducing excessive caffeine intake can help us stay calm and relaxed and rest properly.

14.   Take proper sleep for eight hours- Sleep is the primary agent to live a healthy life with minimum stress. Eight hours is the benchmark which we should try and reach every day. Adequate sleep will help us function properly and keep our body and mind fit.

15.   Increase your confidence level- Confidence is the key to a not-so-perfect life. When situations are tense and stressful, a confident person can make or break the day. With confidence comes the ability to handle situations without getting stressed.

16.   Occasionally take herbal stress supplements- Herbal stress supplements should be taken under supervision and are often found to cure stress. These supplements balance the hormonal imbalances and make us feel better.

17.   Use aromatherapy with calming oils and stress relieving agents- Essential oils are very soothing and aromatherapy can be therapeutic to release anxiety and stress. Using a few drops before bedtime can initiate good sleep and health.

18.   Maintain a diary- There are certain things that one cannot share with any close person. They need to vent out to let go of that uneasy feeling and a diary comes in handy. we can scribble anything we like and not get judged which reduces stress.

19.   Have chewing gum sometimes– Chewing gum, sometimes can help us control our words and actions and makes us introspect into the matter. So we do not end up in dicey and stressful situations.   It gives us some time required to figure things out properly.

20.   Try to spend quality time with friends and family- Friends and family will never judge or make fun of them and thus we can open up in front of them and reduce our mental burden. This helps us de-stress and start with a new zeal.

21.   Practice laughing heartily- If we can laugh heartily, it always reduces stress and makes us feel light. We can recollect the good memories and laugh at them and cherish them. Laughing is good for the mind as well as the body.

22.   Sometimes learn to say no– politely but firmly- We should judge and evaluate situations and learn to say no, as and when required. We should be solely responsible for saying no and be subtle but stern about it.

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23.   Do not procrastinate- Procrastination leads to delay of work, piling jobs, and eventually increasing stress levels. It is better to finish the due work than procrastinating. Lazing around yields no results but only builds up stress.

24.   Always practice mindfulness- Mindfulness can improve efficiency and reduce stress. When we hear properly, we do the job as assigned and finish it on or before time. The concentration we put in shows in our results and we get paid for it. This boosts confidence and reduces stress.

25.   Hug your close relatives and friends- Hugging is a feel-good thing and a tight hug can make us forget all the worries. It is warm, cozy, and provides a comfort zone for all of us. Stress may be caused due to a lot of reasons but a nice warm hug can cure most of it.

26.   Spend a good amount of time with children daily- Children are gifts of God. Their innocence is something that lightens up our mood after a hectic day. Children can gift us some amazing times and take away our stress and we feel rejuvenated after the meet.

27.   Listen to your favorite music- Music heals. There is always a playlist that soothes and calms our minds. Music heals and releases feel-good hormones. It reminds us of good times and often we hum to our favorite tune forgetting all worries. 

28.   Have a pet and cuddle him- A pet is an ultimate stress buster. A pet will provide us with endless love and companionship and to cuddle a fluffy animal can be the best possible way to de-stress. It gives us nothing but pure joy and good memories.

29.   Explore newer calming techniques- Calming techniques can relax the mind and take out the stress. We can have a clearer picture and can evaluate the causes behind the stress. Calming techniques make us feel safe and cozy and soothe our minds.

30.   Identify the issues that give you stress- Identifying the root causes behind our stress is essential because only then can we find a solution that will be the most effective. The root may be completely different from what we perceive so professional help is advised and we can de-stress much more easily and quickly.

31.   Early to bed and early to rise- Maintaining a proper sleep cycle is very much necessary to relieve stress and promote a healthy lifestyle. Early to bed ensures we sleep for adequate hours and thus we get enough energy to work the whole day.

32.   Eat proper wholesome food at the proper time- A proper, nutritional diet helps de-stress since we get adequate nutrients in proper proportions, and thus our body functions properly and we maintain a balanced state of mind. A balanced diet ensures proper proportions of food and a healthy lifestyle.

33.   Try to visualize what is in the offing- Visualise and foresee problems so that it becomes easier to control the damage and get hold of the situation. This will reduce stress in the upcoming times.

34.   Practice dry skin brushing– Dry skin brushing is said to reduce stress and anxiety. We feel soft and supple which somehow makes us feel pampered and we try to start with a new zeal.

35.   Go out to a movie or theatre with family or friends- A movie starring our favorite hero or a Favourite play being played at the theatre always cheers our mood and we find solace in the characters. Watching it with friends and family doubles the joy and shoo away stress.

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36.   Take up gardening as a hobby- Gardening is like nurturing our babies and the process calms us and imbibes patience within us. it helps us discard any discomfort and sorrow and fills our minds with joy and happiness. 

37.   Go out to the rural belts on weekends- Rural belts are pollution-free and there is greenery all around. It soothes our minds and makes us feel refreshed. Rural areas provide scenic beauty and an aura that can help us de-stress.

38.   Drop down at a friend’s place occasionally – A comforting friend is always very helpful and what is better than crashing at his/her den after a stressful day. The time spent there will be precious over some great food and music.

39.   Join a recreation club- A recreational laugh can make us laugh even at grave situations and lightens up the mood. Joining a recreation club will take away our stress for a temporary period and we will feel at home and laugh our hearts out.

40.   Watch your favorite sports on TV- Sports uplifts our mood and energizes our body. Our favorite sports uplifts our fighting spirits and makes us believe in ourselves. This removes the stress from our heads and we start afresh.

41.   Join your school or college alumni association- School is everybody’s favorite place. Being a part of the alumni association helps us relive our school days. We recollect the good times and feel relaxed at work. We interact with young minds and feel better.

42.   Say thank you when needed- Being kind and courteous costs nothing. Saying thank you can brighten up one’s day and their smile can change ours too. Thanking people for small deeds makes us a better human being and calms our nerves.

43.   Throw away unnecessary clutter- A disorganized workspace can lead to stress. We should de-clutter our personal space for our benefit and save time in the future. Unnecessary clutter can distract us and we cannot concentrate on the actual work.

44.   Get yourself organized- If we keep ourselves organized, it becomes easier for us to work and meet our deadlines which eventually reduces our stress levels. We can find things on time and put in our best with limited resources and time. So this is a key thing to de-stress.

45.   In case of an overstress situation, use a punching bag- A punching can come to use when stress levels hit the roof. We can vent out as much as we like on that bag and it will not even react. This reduces our stress and we do not lose our reputation by speaking ill of others.

46.   Use mood-enhancing techniques- Mood enhancing techniques can lift our moods and turn sorrow into grace. We can shift from a negative sphere to a happy cheerful position with the help of these techniques and keep our stress in check.

47.   Try to do your best always- We should promise ourselves to put in 100% in every work we do. We will leave no stones unturned and do our best, always. This will help us not to repent and stress about our abilities later on.

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48.   When in stress count 1 to 20 and then reverse- This is a helpful way to immediately control stress and calm the mind. When we are not in a space to vent out but we are feeling too stressed out, counting numerical helps our mind to take some time out to think and analyze. This often reduces the stress level and calms the mind for a while.

49.   Always give complete effort to a job- We should always give our best in every task possible. Regret can cause stress and doing a half-hearted job makes us regret it later. So doing a job with full mindfulness and zeal makes it perfect and us satisfied. This creates a sense of accomplishment and reduces stress.

50.   Take everything in your stride- We should treat both success and failure similarly and should not let anything overpower us and dictate our mind. This will result in excessive stress and we will push ourselves. So we must take whatever healthily comes in our way and learn from it. 

51.   Distract yourself from mundane jobs- Jobs can be mundane after a certain period or can be boring throughout. But, if we do not enjoy the work which we invest in, stress hormones will take over and we will feel out of place. So, it is important to distract us for a short time, sit back, and think about the pros and cons and decide for ourselves.

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