How to Help the Poor?: 63+ Proven Ways

Helping the poor is an important thing to do. There are many ways to do it, whether you want to help in your community or around the world. In this article, we will talk about how to help people who don’t have a lot of money.

We’ll discuss things like volunteering, giving to good charities, and helping people learn new things.

We’ll also talk about why it’s important to find long-term solutions to poverty. By the end of this article, you’ll know how you can make a difference and make the world more fair for everyone.

How to Help Poverty?

Donate to charity: “Donate to charity” means giving money, things, or help to groups that help people who need it or work for good causes. When you give to a charity, you’re helping them have the money they need to do their important work. They might use the money to give food, clean water, education, or medical care to people who don’t have enough. So, donating to charity is a way to share and help make the world better for those who need it.

Keep a tab on the news on donations. Many times many charitable organizations or social service organizations do go in for drive in the collection of charity. Keep a tab of that

Raise awareness: “Raising awareness” means telling more people about something important. It’s like making sure everyone knows about a problem or a good cause. We do this to help people understand the issue and maybe get them to do something to help, like donating money or volunteering. We share information in different ways, like on social media or by talking to others, so that more people know about it and can make a difference.

Communicate through social media as it is very strong today. Even the response from a small percentage of people will do wonders. 

Fundraising is another novel way to help the poor. One can use sites like Crowdrise. Alternatively, charity or sporting events can be organized.

Organizing cultural events: Organizing cultural events means arranging special occasions where people can learn about and enjoy the customs, art, and history of a specific group. These events have music, dancing, food, and displays to help everyone appreciate different cultures and come together to learn and have fun.

things can be donated to poor

Personal financial help is another way whereby help can be given directly to any marginalized group. Alternatively, financial help comes in handy for educational, and medical expenses and uncertainties.

Moral Support is also a great mind booster. Even the consolation that somebody is firmly behind you in case of any hassle is great support. 

Donation of eatables and food items: Donating food means giving food to people who don’t have enough to eat. This food can be things that last a long time, like canned goods, or fresh fruits and vegetables. Donating food helps hungry people get the nourishment they need.

Collection drive keeping in mind certain important social events is of great help. Lots of families donate items like a blanket for the winter. 

Volunteering teams: Volunteering teams are like groups of people who work together for free to help others. They do things like cleaning up parks, collecting food for those in need, or helping at events. By working together, they can make a big difference and make the world better.

Donation of old items is a common way of helping the poor. One can get immense mental satisfaction. Items of clothing and blankets along with eatables are the best choice.

Proper understanding of the needs and requirements is also important. One should have a clear idea of what are the requirements of the marginalized people. They should also be treated with respect and dignity

Start a team exclusively for slums and newborns in the first few weeks which is of utmost importance. One can look after both the mother and the child.  

Organize a mobile health unit in the slums to look after the elderly, womenfolk, and children. These people cannot afford the hefty fees of the doctors. 

how to educate poor on hygiene


Programs like Stop Diarrhoea are very effective for the marginalized people as they cannot buy the best quality and fresh food. They suffer from indigestion and bad quality eatables lead to this health disaster.

Collaboration with the Government nodal bodies for working with malnourished children and government schools are an excellent opportunity. Explaining health and personal hygiene to the poor forms a part of a collaboration. 

Corporate sponsorship as a part of CSR provides scope for the upliftment of the poor. One can coordinate with Government organizations for the improvement of dwellings and street lights. 

Buying Androids for needy children means getting special phones or tablets and giving them to kids who don’t have much. This helps these kids learn, talk to others, and have fun with technology, even if their families don’t have a lot of money.

Helping poor children to flourish their creativity is a great boon for them. They cannot afford to attend drawing or dance classes, Free training from senior teachers will help them immensely.

how solar panels be beneficial for poor people

Helping in organizing urban health missions goes a long way in helping the marginalized. During this pandemic period, poor people should rightly take advantage

Organizing sanitization programs, providing masks, etc are of great help during this pandemic time. Helping the poor during this trying time will be of immense help

Organizing children’s groups amongst street children and the children of beggars help in sourcing hidden talent from them. These kids will never get formal training.

Encourage your kids to save a substantial amount from their pocket and donate it to the poor. In this way, at least one poor kid will be directly affected by his gesture.  

Many a time Rotary International, Lions club organize health camps for free in the underdeveloped part of the city. Poor people should be encouraged to take full benefit of the scheme.

Donating generously to an NGO of repute, the money lands in the right and needy hands. The NGOs have many suitable programs to help allocate the funds

You can become a voluntary teacher yourself in your neighborhood where you can educate the street children and the not so fortunate ones. One can take exams too for evaluation.

how to make poor people aware of education

How Can We Help Poor People

Be actively involved in a community kitchen where meals are supplied at extremely nominal cost to the poor. You can do the cooking or involve in supplies.

Acting as a voluntary campaigner in the vicinity of your neighborhood is also a novel way of helping the poor as mass awareness is always required to let the public know their plight.

You can at least for a month sponsor two square meals for a poor family which will of great help. The family can at least be assured of the meals which will ease their tension.

You can also sponsor school fees for the kids of a slum and look after the education in that area. A lot of street children become school dropouts because they cannot afford the fees.

You can also adopt a village or a slum and pay for their monthly medical expenses. It is seen that the lower your income bracket the more is your medical and allied expenses.

Distribution of masks and sanitizers in this time of pandemic can be of immense help. Costs of these two are regular now which the poor cannot afford.

Delivering to poor personal care products like toothpaste, soap, and hair oil can also be of great help. The poor can be assured of the health and hygiene costs that way.

Create a self-help group or generate sources of business income for the poor either a joint carpenter shop etc. The poor will be happier that they are doing something for their own.

how to help poor on xmas

Donate your old mobile phones or other electronic gadgets to the poor. Mobile phones today are a sheer necessity apart from small cabin fans and bulbs. 

Getting old textbooks from your friends means you can borrow their books to study without buying new ones. It’s a smart way to save money and use books again instead of throwing them away, which is good for the environment. Sharing with friends helps everyone learn and is good for the planet too.

Adopt a sporting club or a gym where the poor people go. The cost of equipment for sports training and gym are abnormally high. Saving the cost can ease their tension. 

Adopt an orphanage means helping a place where kids who don’t have parents live. It’s like becoming their family, giving them money, things they need, and showing them love to make their lives better and happier.

Donate generously to old age homes where the elderly stay in their twilight years and who have no family of their own. Your donation can help these people become mentally stronger.

Buy veggies from poor sellers means getting your vegetables from people who don’t have much money. This helps them make a living and have more money, which is good for them and their community.

Buy items from companies that extensively donate and help the poor and the needy. The amount that they earn is spent extensively on the downtrodden and the poor.

Give moral and financial support to local small businesses that are relatively poor. They employ very little capital to make two ends meet and to sustain their families.

If you are a self-employed professional give your service for free to the poor. If you are a doctor, CA, or an engineer do not charge professional fees. 

why you should help the poor

You can help someone in drafting a proper biodata or a proper job application for free instead of charging. This is mainly for poor job applicants to fulfill their dreams

Catch young children from poor families through talent hunt competitions of singing, dancing, painting, and other extracurricular activities. You are helping a budding young talent to achieve his dream. 

One can provide the cost of pesticides, fertilizers, saplings, or fishing nets for the rural poor. This gesture will help them in having a better livelihood.

Try to donate to the poor in the nearby vicinity when you visit any resort or picnic spot because for these poor earning an extra tip from us the urban elite is a boon in disguise. 

Try to organize a workshop for the poor where you can teach them proper financial planning, family planning, and values as well as parental values.

One can create awareness of having Government hospitals clean and tidy where the poor throng. This is especially during the times of pandemic 

Once in a while, you can lend money for a genuine cause or help a poor in his capacity to pay off his debt. This noble gesture will help him to reduce the already financial burden that he is facing.

how to respect poor

How Can I Help the Poor

Help the poor or slum dwellers by providing financial help in case they require it to build a place of worship for them. These people have none to listen to their grievances except GOD. 

Donate a birthday cake to the child of a poor family that you have adopted, This will give you immense satisfaction and the family will also be overjoyed.

Pool in resources from your peers and donate all educational equipment to an underdeveloped school. The poor kids who cannot afford costly equipment.

Water wastage and scarcity of water both are very serious issues. One can train these people  for better water management systems in local areas

Train the poor slum dwellers in better waste management systems and processes as these people without proper training are more vulnerable to diseases and virus

Train the poor against the ill effects of dreaded diseases like dengue, chicken guinea, etc., so that they are safe as also against the current pandemic situation that we are observing.

why you should organize workshops for poor

If you are active in social media please vociferously speak for the downtrodden so that more and more people know about them. 

Take out the street children and the underprivileged for a picnic at the zoo or places of interest. They will be elated.

Alternatively, you can take the children to watch a cinema, circus or arrange funs and games.

In times of natural calamities organize a camp in the affected areas and provide food, shelter, water, and medicines

Tel your child to have compassion for a poor fellow student in the class and to provide whatever assistance he might need for studies.

If you are an employer never hesitate to pay in time the wages, bonus, and other allowances. After all the poor struggle harder to survive on these benefits only.

how can poor children be helped

In case you have a poor friend or relative go the extra mile to help them. He will never tell about the crisis that he is facing

Donate a laptop or a computer to any institution that teaches marginalized children. Others may not be so lucky as you are

“To begin selling fruits as a startup, you need to find the money to pay for things like buying the fruits, renting a space, and getting the things you need. This money helps you start and keep your fruit-selling business going.

Adopt a fishing village or a fishing community so that they start earning decent profits. Tell them the ways of better marketing

Sponsor solar panels in those villages which do not have electricity. In this way, great service will be done for the poor.

A subsidized rationing system is a novel way of helping the poor. The below poverty line people can not afford to buy always due to tightened economic situations

Providing shelter and food to beggars will help them immensely during this trying time as the economic situation worldwide is in the doldrums.

how to raise awareness of poverty

Many poor working women have to carry their children to their workplace. One can organize free crèche for these underprivileged,

One can donate construction materials for building up of houses for the poor like bricks timber etc. Construction costa is very high

During winter items like blankets, sweaters, mufflers can be donated for the poor. This will be extremely helpful for them

If you are a manufacturer of food items, you can donate every month for the underprivileged and the destitute. Procuring food is very difficult these days. 

Volunteer your services and talk to the government agencies so that funds for all-around development can be arranged for a local community. 

Blood donation camps are places where people give their blood to help others. They do it because they want to, not because they get paid. This blood is then used in hospitals to treat sick people or during surgeries when someone needs it. It’s a way of sharing and saving lives.

how to provide medical help to needy

Try to help a part-time job as a passive income for the poor. After all many do not earn that much to meet both ends.

Help a poor lady Cloth seller who toils throughout the day in marketing her sari

 Try to arrange for the passage money of a meritorious poor student who wants to study abroad. 

Coordinate for the scholarship of a poor student which can help him in his higher studies and fulfill his dream.

English tutorial classes and coaching classes for the poor meritorious students can be organized.

Help the poor in getting them enrolled for statutory items like an Election card, ration card, or driving license.

Organize a musical soiree for raising charity for the poor. The artists will love to do it free of cost.

what can donate to old age homes

Organize a sports competition or a talent search competition for poor children. You never know what talents they have.

“Give away personal care items for free” means sharing things like soap, toothpaste, and shampoo without asking for money. This helps people who can’t buy these things stay clean and healthy. It’s a kind way to help those who need it.

Creating a toy library for kids in need means making a special place where they can borrow toys to play with. This helps them have fun and learn, even if they don’t have many toys of their own.”

Organize a book lending library and a textbook library for the underprivileged. This will help them try to be on par with the privileged ones. 

Prevail upon the Government to have winter shelters for the street dwellers in the ensuing winter. 

Give your old eyeglasses and sunglasses to those who need them. These glasses can be fixed and given to people who can’t buy new ones. It helps them see better and have a better life.

A better understanding of the conditions of the poor is very important.

how to prevent Child Abuse

Prevention of child abuse is an important way to help the poor girl child.

Waive interest on loans for any borrowings if that is possible for you.

Prevent child marriage at any cost. It is a grave offense.

Never speak rudely to the poor: Always be nice to people who don’t have a lot. Being rude to them is unkind and unfair. Treat everyone with respect and kindness, no matter how much money they have. It helps create a nicer and fairer world for everyone.

While talking to a poor man give him self-respect just as you would have given to others.

Be nice and fair to the people who help at home. Treat them well, pay them fairly, and talk to them nicely. When you do this, it makes your home a happier place for everyone.”

Never show any disrespect to a poor man if he is invited to your house.

Wish a poor man sincerely all the very best in all his endeavors.

Please note that helping the poor is one of the best sources of mental satisfaction and serving , humanity 


To assist the poor, showing kindness and taking real actions is essential. You can help by giving to charities, offering your time to volunteer, or speaking up for better policies. Even small efforts can make a big difference. By joining hands, we can make a world where poverty is reduced, and everyone has a chance for a better life.

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